BRAN 2019      

BRAN 2019

Event dates: Saturday, June 1st, 2019 to Saturday, June 8th, 2019

Event Registration period: Tuesday, November 14th, 2017 to Saturday, June 8th, 2019

In its 37 years, BRAN has visited 93 Nebraska counties, developing a fine reputation and a broad base of support throughout Nebraska. Riders have had the wonderful opportunity to meet some great folks on the ride and across the state. Rural and urban peoples often don’t get a chance to interact with each other.  BRAN riders often remark about the beauty of Nebraska – both its countryside and its people.



Pork Belly Ventures has gradually become part of BRAN, mostly due to our hot and private portable showers, now included for all registered riders.  We never run out of hot water, and our trailer is air-conditioned.  Each stall has liquid soap and shampoo dispensers.  Our friendly crew will have showers set up by late morning, and they run into the early evening.

For the next level of comfort and convenience on BRAN, riders may sign up for additional PBV services.


Take the labor out of your cycling vacation.  For only $400, we will put your name on a 63 sq ft rental tent, complete with ground cloth and rain fly.  The PBV crew does all the labor of set-up, take-down, and moving of bags (two bags per person) to and from the tent each day.  Each morning, you pack up your bags and leave them inside your tent.  When you ride into our next campsite, you'll find your bags inside your tent.  We can place friends' rental tents next to each other, no problem.  (The maximum number of tent occupants is two.  Two occupants may share the tent and split the $400 price.)


Air-conditioned PHAT Rooms are the most luxurious accommodations offered by Pork Belly Ventures, allowing riders to enjoy hotel-style amenities without leaving the ride atmosphere.  Each room is 8' X 10', with 9' ceilings, a window, and a door.  Trailers are plugged into generators, so that a/c and electricity are available day and night.  Each room has two upper twin bunks, one lower twin bunk, a sofa which can convert to a bed, and an optional twin trundle on the floor.  The rooms are carpeted and clad in knotty pine.  Mattresses, linens, pillows, and extra blankets are provided.  At the foot of each bunk, there's space for a duffel.  Fans circulate cold air around the rooms. Switched lights are located in the ceiling and at the head of each bunk, and electrical outlets are conveniently located around the room for charging electronic devices.  Each room sleeps up to five people.  The room rate of $1500 can be divided among the room occupants.  

Cancellation Policy/Refund Deadline: Prior to May 1st, in the event of cancellation, PBV will refund 90% of the amount of services reserved.  On or after May 1st, PBV will make no refunds.

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