RAGBRAI 2018      

2017 RAGBRAI Invitation Letter

January 21, 2017
Dear Porkers,
A hundred-plus years ago, a humble invention, the bicycle, changed everything. With its new crank/sprocket/chain technology, a pedal stroke suddenly translated into multiple revolutions of the rear wheel.  Wow, distance.  In other words, pedaling could get you way down the road, and many Americans began to experience their bikes as their tickets to the world. Even Mark Twain climbed aboard, though he tended to fall off. "Get a bicycle," he quipped. "You will not regret it, if you live."
In her New York Times article, Natalie Angier says the bicycle is now seen as a solution to big problems: traffic jams, obesity, pollution. We're willing to bet that your bike has solved all kinds of problems. The act of riding scours out a cluttered mind, flushes capillaries, and glides you back forty years. While some of us test ourselves with speed and endurance, others prefer to cruise and converse, stop for pancakes, take in the view.  But all of us share that thing that happens when we swing a leg over the saddle and start rolling.  Wow, distance.  Distance from obligations.  Distance from cares.  Oh, the pesky stuff that disappears in that little rear-view mirror.
Every year about this time, we invite bike-lovers to string together eight warm, adventurous July days for some quality time in the saddle. It goes something like this. On Day Zero, Saturday, you witness an Iowa river town filling up with bikes and riders, ten thousand of each. You crowd into the legendary bike expo, gaping at cool gear, techy clothes, and the shiniest new inventions.  For supper, you graze the vendors, sampling Iowa chops, buttery sweet corn, funnel cakes, a burrito, a little bag of popcorn, and a slice of strawberry/rhubarb pie a la mode.  As you stand at a spigot brushing your teeth, fireflies flicker in the trees.  The distant sound of the street dance wafts in on the breeze and finds you in your sleeping bag, staring up at the dome of your tent, wondering what tomorrow will bring. 

On Days One through Six, you coast and climb, draft and pull, slipping into the ride/eat/sleep rhythm of RAGBRAI.  Sore muscles grow strong.  Cornfields go by, as do beanfields, red barns and silos, town squares and water towers, rain and sunshine. The wind colors your cheeks, and the sun turns your hair to straw. You burn calories like a furnace, and food never tasted so good.  You dance in your cleats, sleep in a tent, wake up and do it again. And on Day Seven, you look down on the wide Mississippi, just a little distance left to go.  The lump in your throat surprises you.
A 2016 campsite takes shape,
as trailers and canopies are set in place.
Like RAGBRAI itself, we're a moving carnival, striking camp every morning and getting our operation down the road and ready for our riders' daily arrival.  Shower trailers, phone-charging trailers, baggage trailers, bike trailers, coffee trailer, restroom trailer, band-stage trailer, misting trailer:  Pork Camp is about setting trailers, erecting canopies, gassing up generators, hooking up showers, unloading baggage, welcoming food vendors, assisting the caterers, and sound-checking the band.  Our friendly mechanics will adjust your bike.  Our skilled therapists will rub your sore muscles. The rest of us, about 90 strong, will help you however we can.  Pork Belly Ventures has twenty-three RAGBRAIs under our belts, and it would be our pleasure to spend this one with you.  Come July, we'd love to be your happy home base. 
This invitation letter is a rather long Pork Reference Document, and it's organized with the more urgent stuff up front: 
1) The Latest Info:  Dates, Route, and PBV Prices 
2) How to Register with PBV and with RAGBRAI 
3) Air Transportation, Hotels, Parking, and Bike Shipping  
4) Other Important Questions   
Find a place to keep this letter. Today you might scroll and see what's here.  Later, you can find the details when you need them. If you're ready to sign up for our services today, our online application has been activated for the season.  We hope you can join us.
Iowa owns a part of American bicycle history. For forty-five years, people have gathered at the Missouri River when the corn is tall and the prevailing winds blow from the west.  They start early, pedaling east through misty fields and tiny towns.  Ahead and behind, as far as the eye can see--bicycles.  First-timers and long-timers, old friends and new ones, we cordially invite you:  Let's cover this distance together, shall we?

Keep reading, and stay tuned for more in about a week: shuttle details and departure times.  Until then, Porkers, we remain,
Your Friends,
Tammy (Phillips) Pavich
Pete Phillips
T: 712-328-0161 h 808-375-8921 c
P: 712-328-6836 h 402-681-2613 c
What are the ride dates?  The ride begins before dawn on Sunday, July 23rd, and ends on Saturday, July 29th.  That means that we'll meet up with most of you on Saturday, the 22nd, either at the Omaha or Des Moines airport, the end-town long-term parking area, or at the PBV campground in the start town.  A considerable number of you will fly or drive into Omaha on Friday, July 21st, and stay in one of our designated airport hotels.  Most of those using our East/West Shuttle will drive to the end town on Friday, the 21st. We have included details on these options in the FAQs below.   
What's this year's route?  RAGBRAI officials seem to like a little contrast from route to route.  While last year was southern and relatively hilly, this year is far north and the third easiest and flattest on record. Here are the overnight towns and the daily mileage: Orange City to Spencer (59.5 miles), to Algona (73.8 miles), to Clear Lake (51.4 miles), to Charles City (57.5 miles), to Cresco (64.3 miles), to Waukon (60.1 miles). The ride ends in Lansing, with 44.8 miles to ride on the final day.
Total mileage is 411.  You can find out more about the route here:  Take It Easy, Go North.
We'll publish more about our overnight host towns in future updates.     
What recent improvements has PBV made?  Every year we have added significant services or amenities or improved certain aspects of our charter. As the decades go by, it gets tricky to invent new Thingys or imagine new amenities. But we keep trying. Here's a loose list of recent additions or improvements to our services, as well as our goals for the 2017 version of PBV:
"Half Hog" Options, or Doing Half of RAGBRAI  We now offer the only Half Hog option on RAGBRAI for those who can't go Whole Hog this year. If you want to ride either the first half or last half of RAGBRAI, we prorate our daily support services, and most importantly, we offer a convenient way to exit after riding the first half of the week or to enter RAGBRAI midweek and ride the last four days. The Des Moines airport with hotels, flights, long-term parking, and car rental, is roughly in the middle of Iowa, south of center. An airport hotel parking lot is our Tuesday late afternoon drop-off and pick-up point.  Once the route has been out for a week or ten days, we'll offer a fuller explanation of all shuttles, including the Half Hog options.

TWO Phone-Charging Trailers PBV has taken the worry out of charging your devices on RAGBRAI by building two trailers for this purpose. When you step on board a charging trailer, it feels like a little post office, with walls of charging compartments. Most of our locking compartments can charge two smaller devices, while our latest trailer can accommodate laptops and tablets in larger compartments. The trailers are locked overnight, but they continue to charge. Bring your own little padlock, please.
MORE Kybos in Camp   Although the toilet standard on RAGBRAI has been about 1:100, PBV goes well beyond by contracting for porta-toilets in our campsites each day and providing our custom-built restroom trailer with twelve flushing fixtures, lighting, ventilation, and sinks.  We'll have even more kybos in camp each this year.
MORE Hand Sanitizing Stations The guys are building several new PBV-owned handwashing stations with hand sanitizer, to be placed near the kybos and refilled by our crew throughout the day.
Live Music  Around 5:00 in Pork Camp, you'll smell supper coming from the catering tents and hear the sound check on stage. In a little while, you'll sit down with your full plate and enjoy the show. Some musicians will be your old favorites, and others will be new to us all. Prepare to be surprised.  
Massage Appointments With 10 therapists working all afternoon and evening, we needed an appointment desk---and now we have one. During peak hours at the massage recovery tent, we'll continue to staff the appointment book for your convenience, and prior to RAGBRAI, you'll be able to book appointments in advance.   Please watch our updates in June for these opportunities.
Rental Tent Replacement  Last year, PBV made a significant investment in replacing 30% of our rental tents and virtually all of our tent poles with a new pole of superior design. After RAGBRAI 2016, we have replaced nearly all of the remaining tents.
Payment by Credit Card  Last year we began accepting credit card payments at the site. While many of you appreciated the convenience, others preferred to pay by check as usual. You'll find a full explanation below, but Porkers have the choice of paying your complete balance by credit card or paying a 10% deposit by credit card and following up with a check in the mail.
Shipped Bike Pre-Assembly   We'll continue to offer the popular option of having your shipped bike assembled before you arrive.
When You're Sweaty   When the shower trailers are air-conditioned, you can count on some non-sticky time every afternoon. Private dressing rooms, 56 stalls in camp, endless hot water, a clean towel, soap and shampoo dispensers, more than one shower per day if you want it: on RAGBRAI, it just doesn't get any better than that.
When You're Hungry   PBV continues to invite local lunch and breakfast vendors to our campsites, because our riders are calorie-burning machines and who wants to ride a shuttle bus to your snack?  We managed every day last year to line up food vendors for a crack-of-dawn breakfast items beside our coffee trailer and all-afternoon lunch.  That will be our goal for this year, too.
Hotel Stays  Once the route is announced, there's a race for rooms--all the hotel rooms within driving distance of RAGBRAI. We'll be in that competition this year, so wish us luck! Last year, we got big blocks of rooms on a few nights and small blocks of rooms on the others.  Our motorcoach will transfer Porkers to/from camp.  These options will be published to all Porkers in June. 
Indoor Camping  We make these inexpensive arrangements wherever we can, sometimes inside a church, a service organization, a business. Our record was four opportunities for indoor camping during the week--back in 2014. Last year, we arranged indoor camping in a community theater, the academic wing of a high school, and a Knights of Columbus Hall. Every year, it's a new ballgame, but we'll try our best for a roof over your heads on two or more nights.
We will continue to imagine new Pork Perks and better Pork Pleasures. Pete and the guys keep coming up with ideas, but it comes down to how many we can implement in a year.  Anyhow, scroll on down to the full description of our 2017 support.  
What are Pork Belly's services and prices?     
Our prices never change too much from year to year, Porkers.  Our Weeklong Support stayed the same, while some shuttle prices went up a little or stayed put.  Here are our services, mainly in chronological order.  Scroll for our round-trip Des Moines Shuttle at the end. 
Bus from Omaha Airport to the Start Town
On Saturday, the 22nd, we'll meet you at Omaha's Eppley Airport and transport you, your baggage, and your bike to our campsite in the RAGBRAI start town. (Last bus will depart by 4:00 p.m.)  
 $80 per person
East/West Shuttle
If you want to park your car in the end town before the ride, we'll meet you there either on Friday afternoon (the 21st) or early on Saturday (the 22nd) and transport you, your baggage, and your bike to the start town.
 $160 per person 
Weeklong Support for Rider
While you bicycle from host town to host town, we can transport your baggage across Iowa for the week, from west to east, providing meals, entertainment, your daily shower and towel fee, and many amenities and support services, described more fully below.
 $415 per person for the full week. 
We can prorate this price for partial-week clients at $65 per person per day.
Weeklong Support for Non-riders is available for $540 per person, but please contact us for a visit about your week.
Partial Week with Pork Belly Ventures is $65 per person per day.  Consecutive days only.
Child Price for Weeklong Support is $200 for kids under 13 years of age, and they must be accompanied by an adult, of course.  
Return Bus to Omaha  On Saturday, the 29th, we'll transport you, your baggage, and your bike from the end town to an Omaha Airport hotel (see Hotel section below), so you can fly or drive home on Sunday.   
 $170 per person   
Shuttle to Airport Near End-Town  On Saturday, the 29th, we'll transport you and your baggage (let us know if you'll have a bike) from the end town to the nearest Iowa airport in Cedar Rapids.  This is the Eastern Iowa Airport (CID).  We will soon publish two early-afternoon departure times, and the ride will be over two hours.  Please stand by as we complete our planning, and watch for our next update on shuttle details and departure times.
$75 per person
Optional Tent Rental and Daily Set-up   See fuller description and details below. Available only to those on our Weeklong Support.  
$470 per tent - price is the same for one or two tent occupants.   
Add $100 for a third tent occupant (We don't recommend this tent for three people unless one or more people are children.)
Round-trip Des Moines Bus Transportation
Bus service from Des Moines to the start town is $156 per person.
The return from the end town to Des Moines is $154. 
The round trip Des Moines bus service is $310.  We'll depart from and return to an Airport Hotel at the Des Moines airport.
Half-Hog Shuttle exit on Tuesday afternoon, from our campsite in Clear Lake to a Des Moines airport hotel.  This is for those who ride the first three days, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.  We'll publish complete details in our next update.
$70 per person
Half-Hog Shuttle enter Tuesday afternoon, from a Des Moines airport hotel to our campsite in Clear Lake.  This shuttle is for those who enter the ride late and cycle Wednesday through Saturday.  We'll publish complete details in our next update.
$71 per person
With this RAGBRAI starting and ending in the northern corners of our state, the distances of shuttles is longer this year, and consequently shuttle prices are higher than last year. 

Our services are available on an ala carte basis. You may use any combination of these services (except that the optional Tent Rental and Daily Set-up is available only to those on our Weeklong Support).  
For all shuttles, we use comfortable, quality motor coaches, restroom-equipped and air-conditioned.
What all is included in PBV's Weeklong Support in 2017? 
Please see our list of inclusions below. A few services like massage and laundry are optional, reasonably priced, and extremely convenient to have available right in your campsite.  Most of the features below are simply included.  Here's what you can expect with Pork Belly's Weeklong Support:
Transport of two bags per person from host town to host town 
Excellent, well-appointed, spacious RESERVED campsites
Your Daily Shower and Towel  Three air-conditioned shower trailers in camp with a total of 56 stalls, private dressing areas for every stall, endless hot water, soap and shampoo dispensers, a fresh towel with every shower, and more than one shower a day if you like.  Your PBV wristband admits you to the shower.
A Bank of Kybos (porta-toilets) contracted by PBV, and PBV Hand-washing stations. We contract for our own kybos to have more control over their placement in our campsites. We'll increase the number this year.  The guys are building several new hand-washing stations, too. 
Our Royal Flush, the restroom trailer, with flushing toilets and urinals, sinks and soap-dispensers, mirrors, ventilation fans, and lighting.   Much cleaner than kybos, and well-lit at night. 
Three of Your Evening Meals in Camp Included  Hearty menus provided by local caterers in each host town, menus arranged by PBV.  After our May scouting trips, we'll give you this year's menus. (On the other nights, you can purchase dinner in Pork Camp if you like. In future updates, we'll explain how to sign up in advance for optional suppers.)
Evening Entertainment  From Sunday night to Friday night, we'll have talented musicians on stage.  Music through dinner till the fireflies come out.
The Social Zone with Misting Fans Our huge shady circus tents with chairs provide a place to sit down and join a conversation. You'll also find a misting system to refresh you.   
A New Team Shirt, poly-dri, design to be announced.  Be sure to include your shirt size when you apply online for our Weeklong Support. 
This was our 2016 PBV souvenir polydri shirt, included with weeklong support.
Phone-Charging Trailers with locking compartments for charging electronic devices. Both trailers will be locked overnight, but charging continues until the trailers are unlocked in the morning about 5:00. 
Our friendly Front Desk crew, ready to direct you to showers, kybos, and local amenities 
Ice-cold beverages at the Front Desk, about 90 cents each, plus free lemonade in the afternoon and through dinner. 
PBV Locations Card  You'll get your laminated card at check-in, with our campsite locations in each overnight town.  
Hot Coffee  Kim and Dave start brewing at 4:30 a.m., three gallons of Dunkin' Donuts every eight minutes. Hot tea, too.
Massage Therapy  Ten or more therapists this year, strong and nurturing, working in our massage recovery tent (additional charge).  Book 15, 30, or 60 minutes (or longer) of restorative massage. They'll get your muscles ready for tomorrow's ride.
Professional Bike Mechanics, great guys and girls, set up in camp daily from 3:00 p.m. on to help you with minor repairs.
PBV's Midweek Laundry Service (optional, extra charge of $20)  We'll take your stuff from wet and smelly to dry, fresh, and folded.  Take the stink out of your duffel---for at least little while. 
Our original Thingy is still very useful, available afternoons, evenings, and mornings in camp.  This cold-water Thingy can lower your core temp in a matter of seconds.
Pete's Shower Thingy  A RAGBRAI classic, our original first-ever Thingy is a table, plumbed with five spigots. It's equipped with a mirror on both sides. Fill water bottles, shave, brush your teeth, or just cool off.  This Thingy is available in the morning until 7:00 a.m.
Pump Thingy, a special compressor and pressure regulator to make pumping your tires a breeze.  
Free weeklong storage of your hard-shell bike case or bike box (for those who bring a case on the plane or ship the bike to Iowa, free to weeklong Porkers.  
Luxury SAG Service  A day off the bike, and a ride from overnight town to overnight town. Details below, additional charge of $25 per use.
Upwards of ninety friendly, able-bodied, can-do crew members (not including bike mechanics or massage therapists) to help, comfort, and revive you.   
Other Needs: During the waking hours, there is always an available crew member or crew chief to answer your questions or help you.  We always have three or more paramedics on our crew.  If you don't know who to ask, start at the front desk.  They have band aids, a hammer for your stakes, a ziplock bag, whatever you need.   
Before RAGBRAI:   
Around 20 informative email updates to help you plan and prepare
PBV Host-Town Maps sent to you in PDF format, showing our campsites in relationship to other amenities, with GeoBike Elevation Statistics for each RAGBRAI day   
Prompt answers to your questions on email and by phone   
Our comprehensive June Letter with virtually all the info you need in one document
The Pork Belly App for Smartphones, to help you learn more about our charter and RAGBRAI before the ride, with useful tools like route maps and host-town maps during the ride. Throughout the season, our updates are published on the App.  It's FREE--get it now at your App Store.    
Bike-shipping to and from Iowa (additional charge), using sendmybike.com.  (We plan to open in mid-February; please watch updates from PBV.)
Upon arrival, mechanical assistance with uncrating your bike and getting it road ready
Packaging of your bike to ship home--just hand it over (additional charge)   
A special FedEx receiving area right in our camp at the end town for shipped bikes
A fond-farewell letter that recounts the week's highlights   
An audio-visual memento of our week together 
*Each town's host committee has the final say on shower venders.  Most towns appreciate us bringing our shower trailers, and this has never happened, BUT it's possible that a town may prefer that we use their showers instead of ours.  When we scout in early May, we'll make arrangements in each town, and in any case, every Porker will receive a daily shower from PBV. 
Can I ride RAGBRAI without the support of a charter?  Yes, but there's a charter for just about every budget, and it only makes sense to have a home base within the throng of RAGBRAI. If our prices don't suit your budget, by all means call us so we can recommend another charter. A basic service to carry your baggage and hold a campsite is in the neighborhood of $200, but it will not include amenities in camp like those we provide. After you find your campsite each day, be prepared to set off in search of your shower, snacks and meals, bike mechanics, beverages, phone-charging, and so on. After a 70-mile ride, this can be discouraging.
Our Weeklong Support could mean the difference between a complicated, exhausting bike trip and a carefree athletic adventure.  This is your vacation after all, and we hope we don't seem immodest when we say that the extra $200 you spend for our Weeklong Support (as opposed to the price of a typical baggage service, which costs about $200 less than our support) could be the best money you spend all week.
Most of our riders like to focus on riding their miles and enjoying their Week in the Corn. They depend on us for the lively little Pork village that they can call home.  They may explore the overnight towns, but in case they are tuckered out at the end of a long, hot road, they can find their shower, snacks and meals, cold drinks, an electrical outlet, a shady social area, friendly bike mechanics, restorative massage therapy, and some happy live music right in camp. 
Some of our riders are dealing with a medical issue and appreciate an extra level of support.  We can refrigerate medication.  We have three licensed paramedics on our crew.  We provide a comfortable (and legal) option for sagging on any given day of RAGBRAI.    
What's included in Pork Belly Ventures' Tent Rental and Daily Set-up?  PBV has made a significant investment in our rental tents these last two years, replacing virtually all of our tents and poles.  Our quality rental tents are 63 square feet (8.5' X 7.5').  With duffels inside, we consider our tent a roomy two-man.  You can share, or you can occupy it alone. Tent-renters simply pack up their bags in the morning, leave them inside the tent, and pedal away.  Enjoy your ride, and in the next host town you'll find your chores are already done--tent up with bags inside--so you can catch your breath under canopies or head off to the shower immediately.  We'll set up Tent City on the same grid every day.  Address cards will help you locate yours.  We're happy to arrange the grid so that friends are next door to each other.  This service has sold out in the past, so it might be wise to claim your tent early in the season.
We have limitations:  We'll aim for set-up by noon each day, but host town traffic or inclement weather might put our crew a bit behind.  If you pride yourself on arriving very early in camp, we don't recommend using the tent service--you'll be happier if you just set up your own tent on your own schedule. 
We don't recommend three to a tent unless one occupant is a child, and there's an extra charge of $100 for handling the third person's baggage.  
Suppose I want to bring my own tent?  Hey, over half of our Porkers do that. It's perfectly fine, and you'll have choices of where to camp (versus your spot on our large grid of rental tents). We'll carry your tent and other gear (two-bag-per-person limit) from town to town, and we'll have plenty of camping space for everyone. Those who bring their own tents do their own set-up and take-down, bringing their bags to the baggage truck each morning.
What's the daily Pork Shower like?  In a word, heaven. It's hot--we never run out of hot water. It's cool--the trailers are air-conditioned. It's private--your dressing area is adjacent to your shower stall. It's convenient--located right in camp, and your towel is included. Each stall has soap and shampoo dispensers. It's accessible--we have 56 stalls on three trailers, so even at peak times the waits are relatively short in the context of RAGBRAI. One of our trailers will stay open until about 8:30 pm. It's included--with your PBV wristband, you can take more than one shower a day if you like.
Special Note:  On an event like RAGBRAI, waiting in line is normal.  At peak times of the day, usually late afternoon, lines may form for our showers, even though we have 56 stalls in camp (up from 36 stalls in 2014).  Remember, please, that many RAGBRAIers will walk or take a shuttle to a shower facility and wait in line for cold water and no privacy.  You, on the other hand, will be surrounded by amenities in Pork Camp, and any waiting will result in your hot and private shower on an air-conditioned trailer right in our campsite.      
This comfy coach with a friendly driver is with PBV all week long.
What if I want to SAG, take a day off the bike?  We offer a very comfortable and secure way for you and your bike to get to the next overnight town for $25 per day.  We hire a cushy 56-passenger motorcoach and driver for the purpose of sagging riders who do not choose to cycle on a given day. We'll transport bikes by hanging them by a wheel on a specially outfitted trailer. You're welcome to place bags under the bus for immediate access to them in the next campsite. You'll depart each day at 7:00 a.m., and you'll be in our new camp by about 9:30 a.m.  The bus has AC and a restroom, the seats are soft, and you can snooze all the way to the next host town.  (There's a special price for non-cyclists spending the full week with us. If you don't bring a bike at all, the price is $540 for the week including our Weeklong Support and your daily town-to-town transfer.)
Suppose I can only ride half the week?  PBV has always prorated our Weeklong Support.  Our day rate is $65 per person per day.
We'll publish more about the Half Hog Shuttles in our next update.
What's the advantage of booking a round trip into and out of Omaha? Omaha is our most popular airport shuttle, convenient for those who drive in from the west and for those who fly to Iowa. 
When you use our round-trip Omaha service, basically we take care of you from the time you reach baggage claim in Omaha to the time you step off our bus at your Omaha airport hotel on the evening of the 29th.  You simply make air and hotel reservations and register with us. (See below for Pork Hotels.)  We'll meet you at the Omaha airport and deliver you to the start town on a comfy coach.  You're ours for eight days.  At the end of the ride, climb aboard our Omaha-bound coach and doze off.  After a meal stop, we'll drop you at our side-by-side airport hotels.  On Sunday, the free hotel shuttle will take you to the airport.
Omaha airport parking is extremely convenient, secure, and inexpensive. You'll find details below under "Airline Reservations, Hotels, Parking, and Bike Shipping."
Will Pork Belly offer a shuttle from the end town to the nearest airport?  We will, and this year, the nearest is the Cedar Rapids Airport (CID).  Soon we will publish details and departure times for all shuttles.  With only 45 miles to ride on the last day of RAGBRAI, we plan to offer two early afternoon departure times from the end town to the Cedar Rapids Airport.  This shuttle takes over two hours.
At the end of RAGBRAI, what are my transportation options with PBV?  We can take you to the Des Moines Airport Holiday Inn, or we can take you to our side-by-side hotels at the Omaha airport.  Or we can take you to the Cedar Rapids airport as explained above.  We will publish all shuttle details and departure times in our next update.
What are the shuttle departure times? At this writing, we have only known the route for a matter of hours, but we'll publish an update soon with estimated departure times on all shuttles.  On the 22nd, our last shuttle from Omaha airport is likely to be at 4:00.  It's wise not to make airline reservations until we have published shuttle departure times.  On the last day of RAGBRAI, it's likely that most shuttle departures will be between the hours of 12:30 and 3:30. 
What is the advantage of using the PBV East/West Shuttle?  It's ideal for people who live within driving distance of RAGBRAI's end town on the east side of Iowa.  You drive to the end town on Friday the 21st (or earlier) and park your car in the designated long-term parking (the host committee will charge a parking fee; see their website after May 1).  You may also drive into the end town very early on Saturday--but plan for traffic congestion.  Our crew will meet you there for bike loading on Friday around noon and/or early on Saturday, the 22nd.  By mid to late afternoon on Saturday, we'll have you and your bike in the start town.  You bike for seven days, back to your car.
Will PBV Run the East/West Shuttle on Friday as well as on Saturday Morning?  Yes.   You'll have a chance to think about it and talk to your friends.  Later on in the season, we'll ask you for your preferred departure day, Friday afternoon or Saturday morning, probably with two Friday afternoon departure times.
What if I don't know which shuttle would be best for me?  We don't expect you to know Iowa geography!  Just write or call, and we'll talk through your options.  You won't have to drive all the way across Iowa twice:  we'll have a shuttle for you!  Contact us before you make airline reservations, please.  We could tell you stories about folks who booked a non-refundable ticket to an Iowa airport that was, um, no where near the route of RAGBRAI.  Oops.  Let's talk. 
What if I don't even bike but want to experience RAGBRAI?  No problem. A handful of people participate as non-riders with our charter every year.  Often they have a son, daughter, or spouse who is cycling with our charter.  We'll carry you on our 56-passenger motorcoach from overnight town to overnight town. You can wander our host town, get a nice massage, or hang out and talk to other non-riders until your loved one comes in from the road.
To arrange to join PBV as a non-rider, please contact us.  I, Tammy, will visit with you about your week and what to expect.  (Please note that non-riders traveling with charters may NOT bring their own vehicles, whether or not they have secured the RAGBRAI vehicle pass. We're sorry.  This is a RAGBRAI rule, by which we must abide. If you're with a charter, you must leave the vehicle passes for self-supporting smaller families and groups.)
How Can I Get the Pork Belly Smartphone App? We continue to have record numbers of downloads on the free Pork Belly App.   If you haven't done it yet, search 'Pork Belly Ventures' to find it at the Apple App Store or the Android Google Play Store.  Our app includes daily ride maps, custom maps of host towns and PBV Campsites, Pork Camp Orientation showing trailers and equipment, Pork Crew photos and bios, and much more.
On RAGBRAI, cell towers get overwhelmed when more than ten thousand data-hungry riders pedal into an area where the population is a fraction of that. Our app expert Dave Kennedy, and Katy Fletcher our app developer, have set up the app to download both the PBV Host Town Maps and RAGBRAI Route Maps directly to your phone prior to the ride. This has made it possible to enjoy the intended benefits of the app throughout your favorite week of the year.
We're always trying to make the app better.  If you have questions or need help with our app, feel free to email dave.kennedy@cox.net.
One thing that has changed about registering with Pork Belly Ventures is that now we accept credit cards. Last year was our roll out, not without a few bumps. But this year, everything should be smooth from the get go, knock on wood. Here we go with the explanation of options for signing up with PBV.
How to Sign Up for the First Time with PBV
To create a new application, please hit "Apply" in the center of your screen and follow the prompts, creating your profile and clicking "Submit" at the end.
How to Access My Former Application
To login in with your username and password, use the LOGIN tab in the upper right corner of our homepage at www.pkbelly.com. You'll find password recovery there also.
Also, on any confirmation email from pkbelly.com, you'll find a link directly to your application. If you saved confirmations from last year, or if you save your confirmation email this year, you will always have that link to your application page.
Deposit of Ten Percent on the Credit Card
Everyone who signs up for services pays at least ten percent of the balance by credit card.  No convenience fee for the ten percent deposit that holds your reservation for services. You may still choose to mail a check for your remaining balance; see the explanation below. Your balance will not be due until May 15th. 
PBV Cancellation Policy
Please note that if you select our Cancellation Protection, 15% is charged to your credit card when you initially apply. That includes the 10% deposit and 5% for the cancellation protection. Both the deposit and the protection are non-refundable. This has always been the case, but we state it explicitly so there's no misunderstanding. Our Cancellation Policy and Cancellation Protection are explained more fully below. Neither the policy nor the protection has changed.
Two Methods of Paying Your Remaining Balance
Some folks prefer to use the card, incurring a 3% convenience fee, and others prefer to mail a check, avoiding the convenience fee. Here are explanations of your options:
1) Pay in Full, One Transaction, on Your Card
At the initial time of application, you may pay the whole thing by credit card in a single transaction. For this convenience, a 3% processing fee will be assessed.
2) Mail a Check for Remaining Balance
For folks like us who would want to save that 3% service charge, feel free to use the option of mailing a check for your 90% balance.  No hurry. Please send it by May 15th.
PBV Cancellation Policy
Before June 15th, you can still cancel part or all of your PBV services and receive a 90% refund on the amount of services reserved. You can drop services or cancel entirely by phone or email, and we'll process your refund quickly. We'll also try to find you a buyer for your official RAGBRAI wristband. On or after June 15th, we make no refunds. More on Cancellation below. 
Cancellation Protection
Pork Belly Ventures offers Cancellation Protection for an additional five percent (5%). Cancellation Protection extends your refund deadline from June 15th to Wednesday, July 19th at 10:00 p.m. July 19th is the Wednesday before RAGBRAI. The additional 5% for protection is due at the time of registration. Our Cancellation Protection is explained more fully at pkbelly.com.  More on Cancellation Protection below. 
Non-Refundable Fees
The first ten percent (10%) must be paid by credit card, and is non-refundable as stated in our cancellation policy.
The five-percent (5%) charge for our optional cancellation protection extends the 90% refund deadline from June 15 to July 19th.  It is non-refundable. 
Firm Reservations
Everyone who completes an application and pays his/her ten percent by credit card will have a firm reservation with PBV. Completing an application without paying the deposit doesn't give you a reservation, even though the information is retained on your application.
When you submit the registration online, you will receive an auto-generated email confirmation, showing your payment and any remaining balance.
Here are some implications of the recent change to credit card payment:
The Number of Riders on One PBV Application
In the past, a group leader might sign up several group members on one application, and each group member was able to mail in payment for his/her part of the fees. But given the change in method of payment, such a group leader would be on the hook for ten percent of all services on the application.  Around May 15th, he/she would be faced with a large balance due for everybody on the application.  If a group leader is willing to pay for everyone and settle up later, it's fine with us. But chances are that most group leaders will prefer that members take care of their own payments.
Therefore, we recommend that group members complete their own applications and pay their own fees. Please see "Common Group Name" below. 
Family members, for whom one person is paying the expenses of all, may continue to put everyone on the same application.  
Common Group Name for Two or More People
There is a "group name" field on the PBV application. If two or more friends are joining Pork Belly, you should put a common group name on your application forms, like "Jones Group" or "Lucy's Friends" or "Dingbats" or "Misfits." Now is the time to choose your group name and communicate it to all members. If you want to be assigned to the same bus or be rental-tent neighbors, the group name allows us to meet your needs. We can serve you better when we know who is with whom.
No Group Name for Individuals 
Individuals coming to PBV by themselves should leave the group-name field blank. Please don't even type "just me" or "none." When we do bus rosters, it makes it far easier to find you if there's no group name.
MORE on Cancellation
Please read this section and the next section on Cancellation Protection carefully and contact us to make sure you understand before you register.
Before Thursday, June 15th, you can still cancel part or all of your PBV services and receive a 90% refund for the services you have reserved. You can drop services or cancel entirely by phone or email, and we'll send you a refund check quickly. We'll also try to find you a buyer for your wristband.
We will include our written cancellation policy in several email updates prior to the deadline of June 15th: on or after the 15th of June, we will make no refund.
The Whole Scoop on Cancellation Protection 
First of all, if you have any trouble understanding this option, you should call or email us for an explanation. You have only one opportunity to purchase this protection, at the time of your original registration.
Here are some of the things that have happened to our RAGBRAIers during the last month before RAGBRAI. The boss decided they couldn't be spared at work. They have been diagnosed with an illness. A member of their family has needed support through a crisis. People have been struck by a car while training for the ride. Their plans for childcare have fallen through. They have lost a loved one. Although we-and every other tour operator-must have a refund deadline and cancellation policy, and although ours is quite liberal, and even though we publish our cancellation policy several times prior to the deadline every year, we can't help but feel for those people who cancelled out of necessity after the June deadline. After attending a conference of bicycle tour directors and discussing this issue with other tour operators, we offer this solution.
If you want to extend your 90% refund from June 15th all the way through until Friday, July 19th, you can select "Cancellation Protection" on the online application form. The non-refundable fee for this protection is five percent of the value of services you have reserved with PBV. (One exception: check with us please for cancellation protection on the PHAT Trailer Accommodations.)
This protection covers only the period from June 15 to July 19 at 10:00 p.m. This protection is not applicable to people who travel to Iowa for RAGBRAI and leave the ride early for any reason. This protection applies only to fees paid to Pork Belly Ventures, not your RAGBRAI registration fee or other travel expenses. To use this protection, you must contact us by time-stamped email by 10:00 p.m. on Wednesday, July 19. Your refund will be processed at our earliest convenience, possibly in the early days of August, if your cancellation comes at the last moment.
In short, without protection, you stand to lose 100% of your fees paid to PBV. But by spending 5% up front on a non-refundable fee, you receive a 90% refund if you cancel for any reason all the way through July 19 at 10:00 p.m. You may purchase this protection at the original time of registration ONLY.
Signing Up for RAGBRAI
Although some bike clubs can register their riders for RAGBRAI, charters may not do so.  Therefore, every Porker will go to ragbrai.com and sign up between mid-November and the deadline of April 1.

Registering at RAGBRAI.com should be done at a desktop or laptop computer.  We have learned at the Charter Meeting that you can't sign up with your phone or tablet.
By May 1, RAGBRAI will send out confirmations to registered RAGBRAI riders of 2017.
We hear this question so often that we want to address it for you here. Many newbies ask us if they should delay registering with PBV until they learn around May 1 whether they have been drawn in the RAGBRAI "lottery."
Delay registering if you want to, but the lottery is not a reason to do so.  In recent years---actually, for a long time now---virtually everyone who completed their RAGBRAI application properly and on time has gotten into the ride. We don't know all the ins and outs, but when we and other charters have asked RAGBRAI officials about this, they've told us, "Tell your folks not to worry."
Buying a Wristband on the After-Market
If you learn after April 1 that you can come to Iowa after all, please contact us and we'll introduce you to a wristband seller.  You can follow the Register's simple procedure for transferring wristbands via their online transfer form.  Once you do that transfer, you'll be legit, as though you had signed up in January.
In the very unlikely event that you are not selected in the lottery (if you made a mistake on the application or missed the deadline), contact us for the same kind of help in finding a RAGBRAI wristband.  In twenty-three years, we have never failed to find a wristband for a patient buyer.
Valid Considerations on When to Sign Up with PBV
If you are concerned about getting one of our rental tents, they tend to sell out in May (we usually have a waiting list). For a few years, our Weeklong Support has sold out in May or early June.  We never know from year to year if or when services will sell out, but you might be wise not to wait too long.
When should I make my airline reservations? Please give us a little time after the January 21 to publish our airport shuttle departure times. On the night of the route announcement, we hurry to publish this invitation. Then, we take the following week to think through the implications of the new route, locations of airports in relation to the overnight towns, cycling distances, and so on. Very soon, we'll publish Pork Belly Update #1 with shuttle details and departure times before and after RAGBRAI. Once you know our shuttle departure times, you can make your airline reservations with confidence.
If I'm driving to the end town on Friday, how can I get reservations at a hotel? For hotel rooms in eastern Iowa near the end town, you may check the end-town website on about May 1st for nearby hotels.   Or you might Google hotels relatively close to long-term parking.  PBV will not have a designated hotel in eastern Iowa.
If I'm driving to the end town on Friday, what are my overnight options? Pork Belly Ventures always attempts to find inexpensive indoor camping in the end town. We have reserved gymnasiums, school facilities, YMCAs, and other large rooms, where folks could make a small donation to roll out their sleeping bags at a location relatively close to long-term parking. Last year in Muscatine, it was the local Y. We have sold out an entire dormitory on a college campus in the past. Again this year, we will make every effort to arrange such accommodations.
Also, camping is usually (always) available on Friday night in the end town.
Will weeklong parking be available at the end town? Yes, and our bike-loading and bus-boarding area for the east/west shuttle is typically located very near the long-term parking area.  Hold tight and check the end-town website after May 1 to learn where long-term parking will be located exactly.  Camping, food, and showers are often provided in the end town on the Friday night before RAGBRAI, and we'll know more after we scout in May.
If I'm flying or driving into Omaha, will I need reservations at a hotel? On the nights of July 22nd through the 28th, you will be camping with PBV, but if you're flying into Omaha on Friday, the 21st, and/or returning with us to Omaha late on Saturday evening, the 29th, you will need Omaha hotel reservations.  We have room blocks for both nights at two side-by-side airport hotels.
What are PBV's designated Omaha airport hotels?  Our two side-by-side hotels at the Omaha airport are the Best Western Plus (formerly Holiday Inn Express) and the Candlewood Suites.  These hotels are owned by the same company and run by an excellent team of managers. They are very nice.
Our contract ensures that guests at one hotel are welcome to the services of the other.  Your breakfast and a swimming pool are located at Best Western Plus, and Candlewood guests will walk across the parking lot for those services.  All Pork Belly buses and trucks will load and unload on the north side of the Candlewood Suites.  Pork Belly Ventures has room blocks at both hotels.  There are advantages to both hotels, but walk half a block and you get all amenities, no matter where you stay. Your choice:
The Best Western Plus brand is better than ever.  With free airport shuttles and valet airport parking, both of our airport hotels in Omaha are lovely and convenient.
Best Western Plus (formerly Holiday Inn Express), 402-505-4900:   
  • Mention our name to reserve your king or double queen room for $130.
  • Hot breakfast served here (Candlewood guests will walk over for breakfast)
  • Swimming pool located here (Candlewood guests have access, too)
  • Hospitality areas available to our guests before and after RAGBRAI.
  • Triple-sheeting is the standard at this hotel.
  • Across the street from a large convenience store and Subway sandwich shop.
  • Reasonable weeklong airport parking and valet service provided by Budget (about $5 per day)
  • Free airport shuttle and Old Market shuttle provided by Budget.  (Omaha's Old Market is a great place for shopping, music, and dining on the Friday before RAGBRAI.)
Candlewood Suites, 402-342-2500: 
  • Mention our name to reserve your king or double queen room for $130.
  • North side of Candlewood is the site of our bus loading and unloading (Best Western Plus guests walk over and back.)
  • The site of free laundry (Best Western Plus guests can do laundry here too.)
  • Hospitality areas available to our guests before and after RAGBRAI.
  • Triple-sheeting is the standard at this hotel.
  • Across the street from a large convenience store and Subway.
  • Reasonable weeklong airport parking and valet service provided by Budget (about $5 per day)
  • Free airport shuttle and Old Market shuttle provided by Budget.  (Omaha's Old Market is a great place for shopping, music, and dining on the Friday before RAGBRAI.)
  • Breakfast served next door, but great little convenience store in the lobby with CHEAP everything.
Candlewood Suites is just across a large parking lot from Best Western Plus,
and our Porkers will nearly fill both hotels before and after RAGBRAI.

Because Best Western Plus is located in Iowa, and Candlewood Suites is located in Nebraska (yes, they are side-by-side), the tax on Candlewood is 6% more.  And if you reserved at Candlewood online, please change your reservation by phoning the hotel directly.  Your rate will be reduced to our negotiated rate of $130 per night.
All Pork Belly buses will depart from and return to the Omaha airport Candlewood Suites, next door to the Best Western Plus (formerly Holiday Inn Express). 
At times, we have run short on rooms, even with blocks at both hotels. Word to the wise, reserve early. If you are part of a large group coming into Omaha, please reserve only as many rooms as you will use. If you find you don't need them, release rooms back to our block. For safety reasons, the hotel staff will need an occupant's name for every room and a credit card number for each occupant (one per room).  Cardholder and occupant should be the same person.
Will weeklong parking be available near the Omaha airport? Yes, and there is no need to reserve it in advance.  Expect to pay $5 a day for Budget Airport Parking, which serves both hotels.  Valet service is available from the hotels.  A shuttle will assist you in retrieving your car from Budget at week's end. 

May I ship my bike and/or luggage to and from PBV, before and after the ride?  Sure, but only through sendmybike.com.
The Sendmybike.com web site will be ready for use sometime in February. Please watch updates. More info below.
NOW, ANY RAGBRAI RIDER, not just those using the support services of Pork Belly Ventures, MAY USE SENDMYBIKE.COM FOR BIKE SHIPPING. If you're not with Pork Belly during the week, please check the website for your instructions. 
THOSE WITH PBV should not sign up for any other bike- or luggage-shipper, unless you want to walk a long distance from our camp to claim your shipped items. We will be sending complete instructions about bike-shipping in a later update.  
Those with Pork Belly Ventures can assume the following:
  • You must use sendmybike.com to ship baggage or bikes to PBV.
  • The price will be reasonably close to FedEx retail shipping.
  • Your shipped items will be waiting for you at our first campsite.
  • If you're on our Weeklong Support, you will have the free assistance of our mechanics to get your shipped bike ready for the road.
  • There will be an option to have your shipped bike assembled for you before you arrive.
  • You will have the opportunity to package and ship your bike or bags home from the end of RAGBRAI, either by packing the bike up yourself or by turning the bike, case, and shipping label over to our mechanics, who will do the job in an air-conditioned bike shop.
Stand by, please, for details in our bike-shipping update.
Given the increased fees for your luggage on the plane, shipping luggage is becoming a reasonable alternative to dragging bags through an airport.  Particularly your camping duffel with tent, sleeping bag, and camping stuff can be shipped to PBV prior to RAGBRAI and shipped from our campsite at ride's end.  (Just bear in mind our two-bag limit during the week.)
Pork Belly Ventures is a dealer for Serfas Hard-shell Bike Cases.  See [website] , and click on Serfas Hard Case. 
Who is Pork Belly Ventures LLC?
We are a brother/sister team, Pete Phillips and Tammy Pavich, partners in Pork Belly Ventures for almost twenty-five years.  Our whole family lives here in our hometown, Council Bluffs, Iowa, right across the river from Omaha, Nebraska.  Our charter is best known for our Weeklong Support, full of extras and relative luxuries, described in greater detail above.  We take pride in Iowa's hospitality and the kindness of people you'll meet all across our home state. 
The Pork Belly crew will surprise and delight you with their helpful, cheerful attitudes. Though their days are long and hard, they stay strong and chipper all week long.  Many are schoolteachers, farmers, firefighters, and paramedics.  The new generation is a muscular, energetic bunch of youngsters (many of them sons and daughters of schoolteachers, farmers, firefighters, and paramedics) who make the physical labor of PBV look almost easy.  Our mom and dad help us in more ways than we can tell you.  
And finally, a word about the folks who pass the corn with us.  We seem to have a growing number of very fit men and women in their seventies who ride every year with us; however, most of our charter is thirties, forties, fifties, and sixties. You'll meet some youngsters, too. Every state in the union, several foreign countries, most professions, and many lifestyles, ethnicities, and cultures will be represented on our charter. Be sure to sit down under the canopies and strike up a conversation with a new acquaintance-you'll learn something. Every year, we're grateful for the first-timers who decide to give Iowa a try and for our RAGBRAI veterans who come back again to pass the corn.  
Pork Belly Ventures operates in full compliance with the Iowa and U.S. Departments of Transportation.
What does it take to be a Porker?
In short, can you roll with it?  When you're sweaty, hot, hungry, and tired (and you will be), can you take it in stride?  You'll soon be cleaned up, cooled down, sated, and rested, so in the meantime, treat the people who serve you, namely our friendly, hard-working crew, with courtesy.  Courtesy.  Courtesy.  We will do our level best to help you have a great time.  If you can shrug off a little temporary discomfort and keep your expectations reasonably low, you're a good match for Iowa and PBV.
The best description of our charter is "neighborhood block party," not "college frat party," so with us, you're signing on for good, wholesome, healthy fun and quiet after 10:00 p.m.   If you want a hard party or a late party, we're not a good fit for you. 
What if I have a problem or a special situation?  Tell us what you need, and we'll try to help. 
Will PBV communicate with me about my July vacation?  
We're going to send you about 20 email updates over the next six months.  Until June, we'll send a couple of updates a month. In those last 60 days, we'll write to you more frequently.  Our updates will remind you of dates and deadlines, offer you certain add-on services, give you a sense of our charter, and get you ready for this thing.
The most important document to read is your June Letter, published as an email update in early June.  This is your one-stop for information on traveling with our charter.  It will provide deadlines, schedules, and lots of other important stuff.  You can delay reading other updates or skip them with little consequence.  But you have to read your June Letter.  Otherwise you could miss the bus!
What should I do right now?  If you feel that you understand our cancellation policy and our new method/s of payment, then by all means, sign up for services!
Go to pkbelly.com and hit Login (upper right of screen) to update an old application, or hit Apply (center of screen) to create a new application. You will pay at least 10% by credit card with your balance due by May 15th.  You will have the option of selecting our Cancellation Protection. When you hit Submit, you'll receive a confirmation by email. 
We're here to answer your questions, Porkers.  Please write to tammypav@cox.net or call me to talk about shuttles, services, questions, your needs, and our Week in the Corn.
Pork Belly Ventures LLC | tammypav@cox.net | petephillips@cox.net |http://www.pkbelly.com
412 Forest Glen Drive
Council Bluffs, IA 51503