RAGBRAI Registration Opens a Little Early!

November 10, 2019

Dear Friends, dear Porkers,

Until about a week ago, we still had a lot of leaves on the trees, so maybe we were lulled into a false sense of September. Looks like yesterday was our last warm one for a while. My girlfriend Sue and I were surprised to run into Pete at the trailhead park in Mineola on the Wabash Trace. There were a lot of bikes on the trail, all of us taking advantage of the gorgeous weather. The cold snaps are coming faster, though, and the rush of the holidays is almost upon us.

As our fall days wane and the winter comes on, let's imagine a Week in the Corn, shall we?

RAGBRAI 2020 Registration Opens Monday, 11/11

The folks at RAGBRAI considered opening on the usual date of November 15th, but it falls on a Friday this year. So they will open registration tomorrow, Monday, November 11th. That way, anyone who needs help or has questions will be able to reach them during that first week.

An article in Friday's Des Moines Register announced the early registration date, saying also that "people are chomping at the bit to register this year and show support for RAGBRAI." That statement certainly resonates with us. Never in October and November have we received so many emails from first-timers, long-timers, bucket-listers, and team leaders who are already anticipating their July adventure. This year, there's a new and vibrant thread of loyalty in the letters we've received, a loyalty to the nearly 48-year tradition, and a commitment to see RAGBRAI through to its first half-century. If you haven't seen it, the DMR article quotes Pete Phillips of PBV and other charter operators who have committed to RAGBRAI. Click here to read the latest:

Friday's DMR Article, RAGBRAI Registration Opens

The Big Q, the Big Who?

I seem to have an owl in my brain, hooting Who? Who? Who? "Who will take the helm of RAGBRAI?" "Who will make up the new team?" We wonder as we go to sleep, and we wonder when we wake up each morning. We're told that at this writing the ink is drying on an employment contract, and we will share that news just as soon as we have it. Who? Who? Who?

PBV Registration and Planning

Are you ready to start planning? As ever, PBV is ready to answer questions for you, talk through shuttles and logistics, and help you ballpark 2020 services for your RAGBRAI budget. FYI, our prices never change too much from one year to the next.


As we always do, we will wait to learn the route on January 25 before we publish pricing or open our application page for RAGBRAI 2020. So you can register for our services on January 26, but if you have questions in the meantime, feel free to contact either of us anytime:


Tammy: 712-328-0161 h, 808-375-8921 c, tammy@pkbelly.com

Pete: 402-681-2613 c, pete@pkbelly.com


(And while we're on the topic, if you've been concerned about recent events surrounding RAGBRAI and if you think we might be able to help, let us know. We'd be more than happy to chat.)

A Season Overview

If you like to anticipate your timelines, here's our RAGBRAI season at a glance:


November 11: RAGBRAI Registration Opens


January 25: The Huge RAGBRAI Route Announcement Party!


January 25: Pork Belly Ventures 2020 Invitation Letter Sent...

It goes out in the middle of the night.


January 26: Pork Belly Ventures Application Page Opens


April 1: Last Day for RAGBRAI's Registration


April 2 - July 19: Not too late!**


**You can still contact us about buying or selling a RAGBRAI registration on the after-market. The RAGBRAI Registration Transfer Form (online) makes it possible to purchase someone else's registration and be a legitimate registered rider. After April 1, we'll keep lists of buyers and sellers. In late May, we'll begin introducing buyers and sellers. Around June 1, the RAGBRAI transfer form will be up at their site.


July 18: RAGBRAI 2020 Mustering Day in the Start Town


July 19 - July 25:

Best Week of the Year,

RAGBRAI 2020, On the Road Again

ABOVE/BELOW: A lot of these 2019 pics were taken on Wednesday in Centerville after the longest day's ride of the week, and maybe that's why everybody has a contented look. Quite an accomplishment.

RIGHT: Our official Pork Photographer, Austin Uhlig. Everybody smiles at Austin!

Our 2019 Slideshow

Got eleven and a half minutes to spare? Want to immerse yourself in the glory and the nonsense of RAGBRAI 2019? Our own Austin Uhlig has put together a terrific slideshow including much of what he shot in Pork Camp last July. The link is below, but you can also go to pkbelly.com and scroll down to see our slideshow. Go full screen, Porkers, and let the good times roll!

Pork Belly Slideshow!

Our PBV Website

We're working on the site, updating information for the coming year. So as you read around, you'll notice that there are details related to 2019, which will obviously change when we know our route and pricing for 2020. Still, you can become familiar with many aspects of our charter by perusing the site.



BELOW RIGHT: We've received hundreds of emails from riders who love RAGBRAI and who wanted to put their commitment into words. Just yesterday, we heard from Big Rick Stuart, riding Grafiti Bridge on a century ride in Davis, California. Rick wrote that it's a no-brainer for him: "I’m looking forward to RAGBRAI. It’s such a tradition."

And Finally...

To all of our friends,

whether you spend RAGBRAI in your RV...

whether you ride with another of our fellow charters...

whether you use the baggage trailers of RAGBRAI,

or whether you travel that week with us...

Thank You for being true, for keeping the faith, and for holding Iowa's unique tradition dear. In July, for the 48th time, RAGBRAI will bring together thousands of riders on the banks of one great river for the annual weeklong odyssey to the banks of the other. We'll be there, and we hope you will too.

All our best wishes,

Tammy and Pete

p.s. More 2019 pics below. Enjoy.

ABOVE/BELOW: Clean Towel. Air-Conditioned Trailer. Hot Shower. Ahhh.

ABOVE: Casey on pump duty. She fills tires in the A.M.

BELOW: PBV supports our hosts, like the swim team at the YMCA in Indy!

ABOVE: The cross-country team raised funds in Atlantic, offering grab-and-go breakfast items to our riders. That's chocolate milk after the donuts!


BELOW: The mother of all bake sales in our Friday campsite to support the school boosters in Burlington! We say "sale," but it was a free-will donation.

ABOVE: Nothing like porcelain!