Pork Belly Update #7--More on the Missouri Double Cross

June 26, 2020

ABOVE: A shot from the Katy Trail Bike Rental Shop in Defiance,

starting and ending point of the Missouri Double Cross.

Here's an update on our

back to back, five-day rides

on the beautiful Katy Trail in late July:

Ride One or Both


The Missouri Double Cross!

Dear Friends,


We're grateful for the enthusiastic response to our upcoming Missouri Double Cross bicycle tour on the Katy Trail. In three short weeks, we'll be driving south to meet you with shower trailer, PHAT trailers, and more!

Like you, we're thrilled to have a bike tour on our calendar, and we're not the only ones who feel that way. In this update, we're announcing new sponsors, hosts, and partners. Everybody's excited to be part of it.


A Preview of Your Missouri Ride

Just this week, our Big BAM friends whipped up a short and happy video to heighten your anticipation of the first-ever Missouri Double Cross (MO-Dub). Using mostly photos from Big BAM on the Katy, they offer this preview of the trail, the towns, and what's in store for us. To see a whole lot of cycling fun in Missouri, click on the image below...

We Have Room for YOU.

You can still sign up for these options:

  • the First Crossing (westbound), 7/19-7/23
  • the Second Crossing (eastbound), 7/25-7/29, or
  • the Whole Enchilada, 11 days across and back with a rest day on 7/24.
  • either shuttle

We'll probably end up being under our cap of 250, and that's okay. We'll get to know each other. It's gonna be a special one. Please read on for more Big News on MO-Dub 2020...

BELOW: You could look a long time to find a prettier town than Hermann, Missouri. We'll camp in a city park right on the river, just steps from this gorgeous town center.

The Latest on the Double Cross

This is our second update on the tour, and in the next 10 days, we'll be sending a third to help you with the schedule and logistics. Here, you'll find new details and developments and glimpse the beauty of this ride.



The Katy Trail is a beautiful linear park with a limestone chip surface for a smooth ride. Any kind of bike will do, but you should have a 28 cm tire or larger for this type of surface. Much of the trail follows the Missouri River, meaning it's pretty flat. Often such trails have been converted because the railway was no longer practical or efficient in today's world. Old-time railways weren't built for speed. They meandered through field and forest. They rose and fell. The trains stopped every few miles at a town or village. To ride this kind of trail is to slow down and savor the experiences of both nature and community.

With only 35 to 48 miles to cover each day, you'll find time to explore both your lovely overnight towns and many, many pass-through towns and villages.




RIGHT: This tiny bridge connects the Katy Trail to the back door of Katy Trail Bike Rental and the little town of Defiance, where our story begins.




BELOW: Here's Katy Trail Bike Rental in tiny Defiance, Missouri, where we launch our First Crossing and where our Second Crossing will end. Yes, they have ice cream and many treats!

Sunday, 7/19

Defiance is a woodsy spot on a winding highway, all of ten blocks long. We'll offer long-term parking at the church, and we'll camp in a pretty park just a block from Katy Trail Bike Rental, where our ride begins. During Sunday's 44-mile ride, you'll pass through Augusta, Dutzow, Marthasville, Peers, Treloar, Bernheimer, Gore, Case, and McKittrick on your way to Hermann.

RIGHT: In picturesque Hermann, some of you may find your way to Tin Mill Brewery, one of many excellent watering holes!


Monday, 7/20

Hermann is a charming sampler of old-world architecture, with a brewery, distillery, boutique, or coffee shop on every corner. We'll camp right on the Missouri River, just steps from the historic village center. During your 42-mile ride on Tuesday, you'll pedal through Rhineland, Bluffton, Portland, Steedman, Mokane, Tebbetts, and Wainwright, on your way to Jefferson City.

ABOVE: This pedestrian/ cycling bridge will take you from our campsite in Quigg Commons across the Missouri River and right into downtown Jeff City (RIGHT).


Tuesday, 7/21

Jefferson City, the state capital of Missouri, is known for its tree-lined bluffs and its position on the majestic Missouri River. On the north side of the river, we'll camp at Quigg Commons, a collaborative project of the Central Missouri Master Gardeners and Jefferson City Parks, Recreation, and Forestry. It's beautiful! And you can easily ride across the river on a pedestrian bridge into downtown Jeff City or take a shuttle. On Wednesday, during your 48-mile ride, you'll pedal through Claysville, Hartsburg, Wilton, Easley, Providence, McBaine, Huntsdale, Rocheport, and New Franklin, on your way to Boonville.

Wednesday, 7/22

The river town of Boonville leads with its history, such as this beautifully restored train depot (right) just a block or two from our campsite along the creek and near the trail. From camp, you can walk downtown for shopping and dining. During your 37-mile ride on Wednesday, you'll pass through Pilot Grove, Pleasant Green, Clifton City, and Beaman on your way to Sedalia.

RIGHT: Beautiful Katy Park in Sedalia, our Wednesday campsite.


Wednesday, 7/23

Sedalia is home to the "Gooberburger," a hamburger slathered with peanut butter. Who among you is game? Founded in 1860, Sedalia is the Pettis County Seat and home to the Missouri State Fair. These folks are used to entertaining visitors! We will camp at the beautiful and shady Katy Park (right). During your 35-mile ride on Thursday, you'll pedal through Camp Branch, Green Ridge, Bryson, Windsor, Calhoun, and Lewis, on your way to our last stop of Clinton.

Thursday, 7/24

Clinton is our turn-around town, where our First Crossers will say Farewell and our Second Crossers will begin. It's an awesome place for Double Crossers to rest up for their second half. We will camp at the trail head, and you can bike or use the town's shuttle to the Historic Town Square (courthouse at right) with some really nice restaurants and bars.

Second Crossers and Double Crossers, we hope it's not too difficult to scroll up to see your route and mileage in reverse! Remember, we're making maps for you!

Daily Maps

The folks at Big BAM are producing daily maps for all Double-Crossers, so that you can see likely places to stop on the trail each day AND get oriented to your overnight towns. We plan to send PDFs in advance of the ride.

BELOW: In Defiance, we had a little confab at the end of our scouting day, with Todd White (owner of Katy Trail Bike Rental), Dave, Pete, and George of PBV, and our friend and partner Greg Wood of Big BAM.


First Crossers, Want to Ride an Extra Day?

On Saturday, the 18th (Gathering Day), Todd White, owner of Katy Trail Bike Rental, is happy to shuttle riders and bikes from his store in Defiance to the trail head in St. Charles, the far east end of the Katy Trail. The drive is something like half an hour, and for those of you who want to log a day of cycling before the First Crossing begins, this shuttle is only $20 per person, including the transport of your bike. If you want this option, feel free to contact Todd at 636-987-2673.

Our Very Own

Casey Holmes,

Bike Mechanic on

the Double Cross

Anybody who's ridden RAGBRAI with PBV knows Casey. She'll be riding with you every day and helping out will small repairs on bikes. Welcome, Casey!

New MO-Dub Sponsor:

Old Judge Coffee

This beloved brand from St. Louis, whose vintage jars and cans are now collectibles, was once a Missouri household name. Old Judge is having a rebirth amid today's boutique coffee culture. Thanks to David for reaching out and offering this sponsorship. He'll be there, and you'll have a chance to buy a pound and some Old Judge swag, too!

Beer Sponsor: Sudwerk Brewing!

Greg Wood has worked out an arrangement with Sudwerk Brewing, and registered Double Cross riders will have a chance to sample their special Katy Trail variety. Many thanks to Greg and the fine folks at Sudwerk.

Shirts and Shirt Sizes

Your Missouri Double-Cross souvenir shirt is FREE to all registered riders, and you can claim yours at check-in.


Hey, we just got the shirt-size option on the application form, so please do one of two things to make sure we set aside the proper size for you:


1) login to your application at pkbelly.com and add your shirt size, or


2) write to Tammy@pkbelly.com with your shirt size, and I'll add it for you.


We need to lock in a shirt order in early July.

PHAT Rooms on the Double Cross




We still have rooms. Unusually luxurious in a camping environment, PHAT Rooms are air-conditioned, with mattresses, linens, switched lighting, and electrical outlets. We suggest you bring your own favorite pillow. PHAT Rooms are entirely private for a small group of family or friends. The knotty pine interiors offer a woodsy cabin feel and provide occupants a great night's sleep without leaving the ride atmosphere. A rider may come in from the road, get a shower and an afternoon nap in A/C, before venturing out for some evening fun.


PHAT Video Right HERE.

Look Back at Our Invitation

Did you miss it? You can either click on the link below or simply keep scrolling down for dates, towns, details, inclusions, safety, pricing, and more.


June 4 Missouri Double Cross Invitation



Did you know that you can ride with us on the Double Cross literally, while also riding RAGBRAI virtually? Talk about multi-tasking! Links below...



Psst! All Porkers... at check-out, enter Promo Code PBV5 for $5 off your Virtual RAGBRAI.


Website link:


Registration link:




A Good Scout

On June 18th, in a 22-hour whirlwind scouting trip, we visited all the overnight towns of the Missouri Double Cross and met with our partners, including co-sponsor Greg Wood of Big BAM.






RIGHT: At supper in Jeff City, we toasted the fact that we were actually scouting a bike ride in 2020. YAY! (This is Pete. Dave was our designated driver. Bless you, Dave.)

Safety on the Double Cross

Nowadays, outdoor events are the way to go. In fact, according to the documents and articles we've been reading about safety, a common guideline is to take your indoor event outside. Well, we're already there, and here's a brief summary of the steps we're taking to make the Missouri Double-Cross healthy and safe.

The Number of Riders -- At any given time on the Double Cross, we'll have fewer than 250 people on the trail and in our campsites. In fact, it's looking like our numbers may be more like 150--fine with us.


Distancing for Tent Campers -- On our spacious campsites, tents will be placed further from each other than usual to allow campers to come and go while maintaining a safe distance.

Showers -- Excellent ventilation, frequent cleaning, and leaving some stalls unused will ensure our shower trailers are safe and healthy environments for Double-Crossers. (PBV shower trailers are equipped for ventilation and easy cleaning by our crew!)


Lots of Cleaning -- We'll be using the recommended ratio of bleach to water and cleaning all commonly used equipment frequently.


Kybos and Hand-Sanitizing -- Kybo door handles and sanitizer dispensers will be among the frequently cleaned surfaces. We're building more hand sanitizing stations as we speak. Sinks attached to our shower trailers allow for hand-washing as well.


Scattered Social Areas -- Fortunately, we own a lot of pop-up tents and shade canopies, so that we can create scattered social zones across our campsites, rather than a single large social area.


Ride Participants and Ride Organizers Working Together -- We appreciate all riders doing their part to make this a safe and healthy event. Please check out our invitation letter (scroll down) for more on this subject.

For your convenience, we're including most of our invitation letter below, and we welcome you to scroll for pricing and other details. Here's your registration link, where you can select the Missouri Double Cross:




Questions? Write or call us anytime:


Pete: pete@pkbelly.com, 402-681-2613 c

Tammy: tammy@pkbelly.com, 808-375-8921 c

Greg: greg@missourilife.com, 660-537-2521 c


In just a few short weeks, we'll be on our way to Defiance. Watch for another update on the first- and last-day schedules and some logistical details.


If you're on the fence, friends, we hope you'll be sorely tempted to join us for our very first bike tour of 2020--The Missouri Double Cross. Until next time, we remain,


Your friends,


Tammy and Pete



The Missouri Double-Cross

on the Katy Trail


Gathering Day

Saturday, July 18, Gather in Defiance, Missouri


First Crossing--$295 per person

Sunday, July 19, to Thursday, July 23:

Ride East-to-West, Defiance to Clinton


Transition Day

Friday, July 24, Shuttles to/from Defiance/Clinton

Shuttle Price: $139

(Shuttles are normally $119 on BBK,

but to allow for distancing on board, we will not fill coaches.)


Second Crossing--$295 per person

Saturday, July 25, to Wednesday, July 29,

Ride West to East, Clinton to Defiance




Do the Missouri Double-Cross--

$540 per person

($50 savings)

Park in Defiance and pedal to Clinton

and back again, Sunday, July 19, to Wednesday, July 29,

with a rest day in Clinton on Friday, July 24.

The Trail: Routes, Towns, Miles

The Katy Trail is a rail-to-trail linear park, one of the prettiest such trails in the country. The surface is limestone chip for a smooth ride, and much of the trail follows the Missouri River, meaning it is mostly flat. According to the Katy Trail website, "Trail users have the opportunity to wind through some of the most scenic areas of the state with the majority of the trail closely following the Missouri River. The park also takes users through a slice of rural history as it meanders through the small towns that once thrived along the railroad corridor and reflect the rich heritage of Missouri."


Your ride entry fee includes the user fees for Missouri State Parks, transport of your baggage daily, your morning coffee in camp, your daily hot, private shower and towel, phone-charging, a shady social area, and a souvenir Missouri Double Cross shirt. (Jerseys will be available for purchase.) Cold beverages willbe available in camp for a nominal price. Greg and Danita are hoping to arrange a breakfast vendor in each campsite.


CAVEAT: For the folks who have traveled with PBV on RAGBRAI, we want to be sure you understand that this ride will be awesome in its own way, but different from RAGBRAI. The cheerful crew of Pork Belly Ventures will brew coffee each morning, move your bags each day, set up part of the Pork Infrastructure in each campsite, operate our hot private showers, and help to direct you to what you need in each place. But please know that there are a number of amenities that we offer on RAGBRAI that will not be available on the Missouri Double Cross.

NOTE: Pork Belly Ventures will not sell walk-up showers on the Double Cross. We will provide showers only to riders who are registered for the event.

Camping Options


Bring Your Own Tent: Riders are welcome to bring their own tents and pay only the ride entry fee.


Add-on Rental Tent Service: Riders may use the rental tents of Pork Belly Ventures for five nights: $250 per tent for one or two tent occupants, in addition to the per-person ride entry fee. $250 includes one twin-sized air mattress; second mattress available for only $20. For those on the Double Cross (11 nights), a rental tent with twin mattress is $450. That's a $50 discount plus an extra night!


Add-on PHAT Room Rental: This option can hardly be called camping. Riders may rent an air-conditioned PHAT Room on a semi-trailer for five nights: $1500 for 1-5 room occupants in addition to the per-person ride-entry fee. (For comfort, 2-3 occupants is an optimal number.) For those on the Double Cross (11 nights), a PHAT Rooms is $2500. That's a $500 discount plus an extra night!


[At present, we're offering twin-style PHAT Rooms for each week of the Double Cross. If necessary, we'll open up the remaining trailers with bunked queen beds.]




Our own sweet therapists, Susan and Ashleigh, are planning to offer massage on the Double Cross, with these accommodations for safety. Riders may sign up for chair massages (neck, back, shoulders, arms) for $1 per minute. Massage tables will also be available for leg work at $1 per minute.


Your therapist may ask you to wear a mask if you're face-up on the table, and they may be able to provide disposable masks. It may be wise for those who plan on a massage to arrive at the massage tent with a mask and their own towel.

Beer, Wine, Food,

and Music

In some overnight towns, campsites will be in close proximity to wineries, breweries, and/or pubs. Greg and Danita are working with the towns to arrange at least one venue with live music in each overnight town.


In some towns, riders may pedal or walk as much as a mile into town for food and drink, and some may feel better about walking or biking than about boarding a little coach. That said, Greg and Danita are doing their best to arrange shuttles where the distance from camp is a mile or so. Shuttle rides will be short, and shuttle vehicles will be filled to half their normal capacity to allow for distancing.

Proximity to Downtown...

A Mile at Most!

One great thing about our selected overnight stops on the Katy Trail is their proximity from camp to food and drink in the downtown areas. The Katy Trail runs right past eateries and breweries in some instances, or very near the downtown areas in others. The citizens and business owners in these towns are delighted that the Double Cross will pass through not once, but twice, and that you will come into their establishments with a hearty appetite!


In some cases, the walk or bike ride from camp is very short, and in others it could be a mile or so. We are working with the towns to arrange shuttles. For those who feel comfortable boarding a little coach, the shuttle rides will be quick, and we plan to fill any shuttle vehicles to about half their normal capacity to allow for distancing.



No matter whether you're riding the First or Second Crossing, you can drive to Defiance and park your vehicle there.


At the end of the First Crossing on Thursday, 7/23, riders will have time to complete their miles and shower before our shuttle departs Clinton at about 3:00 p.m. We'll arrive in Defiance at about 6:00.


Prior to the Second Crossing, on Friday, 7/24, riders will be able to drive into Defiance and park before our shuttle departs at about 1:00 p.m. We'll arrive in camp at Clinton at about 4:00, giving Second-Crossers time to check in and settle in, before heading into town for supper.

How To Register


For the ride entry fee--First Crossing, Second Crossing, or the whole Missouri Double Cross--you can register now at our site, using the links below. You'll need to enter a username and password before signing up for the Missouri Double Cross.


Missouri Double Cross

Later this fall...


Greg and Danita Wood are sticking with their annual trail ride, Big BAM on the Katy, September 28 to October 2. This is the one-way, autumn version on the Katy Trail. You can sign up now for BBK and for Pork Belly Ventures services on BBK. If you're available to ride in the fall, you'll see a different color palette on this gorgeous linear park across the State of Missouri. We will publish more in updates to come, but just in case you're ready now...


BBK Website


PBV Services on BBK


Complete Info and Registration for

the First Annual

September 18-20,

Presented by

Pork Belly Ventures

This fall, Pork Belly Ventures will host our own ride in Southwest Iowa--with both paved routes and gravel routes each day. Historic Carsten's Farm is just over a mile from I-80 and only 25 miles from Omaha. The next update you receive from us will be an invitation to join us this September for three days of pancakes, pedaling, music and bonfires, and nothing over 40 miles. We're hard at work to make it your favorite.


We thank you for reading along with us during this quiet half of 2020. We hope that before long, you'll be riding along with us again. Swing a leg over that top tube, and until next time, we remain,

Your friends,


Tammy and Pete

Questions? Contact us:


Pete: pete@pkbelly.com, 402-681-2613 c

Tammy: tammy@pkbelly.com, 808-375-8921 c

Greg: gwood@missourilife.com, 660-537-2521 c