Pork Belly Update #11--A Pork Miscellany

May 15, 2021
Dear Porkers,
At least once a season, Pork Belly Ventures publishes a "miscellany," in which we cover a whole host of Pork Topics. RAGBRAI and smaller rides, good news and reminders.... Here goes!
Road Show Comes to
Our Favorite Trail!
Riders in our neck of the woods, western Iowa, please get this date on your calendar! RAGBRAI's Director Dieter Drake, Marketing Director Anne Lawrie, and the host of JustGoBike Podcast Andrea Parrott will ride the Wabash Trace with you on...
Council Bluffs to Mineola and back--
20 miles round-trip,
Thursday, May 20, departing CB about 5:30 p.m.
Dieter Drake, above, and Anne Lawrie, at right.
Andrea Parrott, above. All three will ride the Wabash next week!
Kathy "Murph" Murphy (of the Murphology and JustGoBike podcasts--pictured at right) may also ride this Taco Ride!
The RAGBRAI Merchandise Trailer and their whole entourage will be set up in front of Tobey Jacks on Main Street Mineola! It'll be a little bitty bike-lover's expo, and you can see and purchase the latest cycling apparel from RAGBRAI! PBV will be there, too!
(Dieter, Anne, and Andrea will also ride the first day of Birds & Bees, Friday, May 21, Council Bluffs to Malvern! Kathy's riding all four days! More below.)
May 15
PBV Payment Deadline
If you're late, don't worry. Just get your full payment for RAGBRAI services to us as soon as you can, using one of these two payment options:
  • Login now and pay (expect a 3% credit card processing fee)
  • Or mail a check right away to PBV LLC, 412 Forest Glen Drive, Council Bluffs, Iowa 51503.
If you need a little more time, just write to tammy@pkbelly.com and tell us when to expect your full payment.
Glad you're with us!
Have Your Plans Changed?
There are folks we haven't heard from since 2020, and this is the time of year when we need to know real numbers. We're trying to reach out as we have time, but by all means get in touch with us if you can't ride RAGBRAI with Pork Belly Ventures after all. We'll cancel your application for this season and hope you can join us another time.
We're On the Brink of Bike Shipping
Give us a day or so, and then SendMyBike.com will be ready for bike-shipping orders. COVID changed the shipping world--as it changed many things--but we'll explain it all in an update real soon. Thanks for your patience.
Folks Are Learning Their
Official RAGBRAI Wristband Numbers
The notifications from RAGBRAI are steadily going out by email. Stand by for yours. If you're one of more that 14,000 riders who applied to ride RAGBRAI 48, you're in. Yay!
Day passes are on sale at RAGBRAI.com until June 1. If you're riding a partial week, order now. We hear that day-pass orders are coming in at about a hundred every day! Wow!
Need to Cancel? Late to Sign Up?
We're keeping lists of RAGBRAI wristband buyers and sellers--those who want to ride RAGBRAI after all, and those who need to sell their spot. Write to Sara@pkbelly.com if you want to buy or sell. She will begin making introductions in early June.
RAGBRAI provides a transfer form for this purpose, making your transaction completely legit.
Hang On, Please, During Birds & Bees!
If you write or call between May 20 and May 24, please allow us a little more time to reply.
Don't Use our Cox Addresses Anymore.
We'll spare you our tales of woe, but in order NOT to send an email straight to our spam folders, please write to us at these addresses only: tammy@pkbelly.com and pete@pkbelly.com. Thank you.
(If you didn't get a response from us in recent weeks,
this might be why. Sorry for the trouble, and please write again.)
About Our Smaller Rides...
Birds & Bees
Next Week!
May 20 (Taco Ride)
May 21 to May 24
Again, our RAGBRAI friends will join us on the Taco Ride and Day 1 of Birds & Bees!
We have sent the "final" update and maps to our registered riders, but inevitably, we left out a thing or two. So expect one more update, specifically to Birds & Bees riders.
Want to ride the gorgeous Wabash Trace with us? You can still sign up to ride, and you can still get a rental tent!
The Whole Scoop:
How The Wabash Trace
Came to Be
It's well worth the 15 minutes to watch this video,
circa the early 1990s,
and be inspired by the story of a beautiful little rail-trail
and the passionate community who developed it:
Sign Up for Birds & Bees Right Here!
More Sweet
Summer Cruises!
(on two wheels)
Please look forward to more from us soon about these summer rides, sponsored by PBV...
Black Hills Hundred is five fabulous days on the scenic, 100-mile Mickelson Trail of South Dakota. Through Ponderosa pine forests, we ride from Deadwood to Edgemont, stopping at the fun tourist towns of Hill City and Custer---and we'll spend one night at a little resort out in the hills! On two afternoons, you will take excursions on a steam-engine train and luxury motorcoach to see the Great Faces and Great Places of South Dakota. Combine a thrilling bike ride with visits to Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, and Custer State Park--PLUS all the amenities and comforts of Pork Belly Ventures!
Daily mileage is 15 to 44 miles. Your longest day is all downhill! The June ride filled fast, and August is over half full. Rental tents and PHAT Rooms are available! Watch for more info, or join us now, while we still have space on the August Encore of the Black Hills Hundred, August 15th to 19th!
More Detail, plus
your day-by-day itinerary
BELOW: This long bridge runs through the ponderosa-pine treetops
on the beautiful Mickelson Trail.
BELOW: Rock outcropping on the Katy Trail in Missouri
The Missouri Double Cross
On the famous Katy Trail, you can cross the state of Missouri once or double back and cross it twice! On this ride, we partner with our friends at Big BAM to provide all the amenities of Pork Belly Ventures, along with the warm hospitality of five little towns and Jeff City, the state capital!
From your saddle on the tree-sheltered Katy Trail, you'll see amazing rock formations, wild goats, cool dark tunnels, and lovely views of the wide Missouri River. If you choose to cross once, we'll offer shuttles to/from your car. If you choose to do the whole Double Cross, take a rest day in the middle on Day 6 in our beautiful tiny turnaround town of Defiance, surrounded by vineyards and wineries!
Our overnight towns are Clinton, Sedalia, Boonville, Jefferson City, Hermann, and Defiance! 36 to 51 miles per day. August 29 to September 8. More to come! You can read more about the Double Cross and/or sign up right here:
ABOVE: A breakfast stop on the Missouri Double Cross.
BELOW: The tree-sheltered Katy Trail, near Defiance.
The 2021 Cycling Season is off and rolling! And we'll be back on your screens very soon! Are you training yet?
Your friends,
Tammy and Pete