Pork Belly Update #14---Complete Your June Form

June 21, 2021
July is coming fast (yay!), and we are still gathering information for our June Letter, yet we want those of you using our E/W Shuttle and our Omaha/LeMars Shuttle to be able to provide us your preferred shuttle departure time now. So the bare-bones information below is not complete—we hope it’s just enough to help you choose your departure.
In fact, we invite anyone and everyone who is with us during the week or who is using one of our shuttles to go ahead and complete the June Form now. 
Remember that we are working hard to get you the answers to the vast majority of your questions in the June Letter: schedules, instructions, addresses, and much more. The June Letter will provide answers to questions like these:
  • "What is the address of our Waterloo campsite?
  • "Is it necessary to lock my bike during RAGBRAI?" 
  • "When does the last coach depart on the Omaha airport shuttle?"
  • "How can I protect my bike for transport on a shuttle? 
  • And Lots More Answers to Questions!
Thanks for your patience as we gather the final details.
For now, here is what you need to do.
Please use our login tab on the home page. If you can’t remember your login credentials, you can write to Sara@pkbelly.com. OR at the top of your confirmation email, find the link that says “Click Here to Continue the Application.” It will take you straight into your application, bypassing the login process altogether.
[Don't look for a June Form tab on the website. You need to login.]
On your application, our web designer has created a green tab called June Form. You’ll see it upon login. Just scroll down. It’s right across from your name. Click on it, please, and fill in the blanks that are relevant to you. Here’s the info we need from you…
Your Official RAGBRAI Wristband Number
If you don’t know your official RAGBRAI number yet, it will be possible for you to skip this field and complete the rest of your form. When you do have your wristband number handy, login and enter it please---this is important, and it’s your responsibility. 
If you are riding a partial week, you may enter the words “day passes” in the field for your official RAGBRAI wristband number. 
Extra Night (Friday, 7/23 in LeMars) in Your Rental Tent
** This is only relevant to those on the Friday E/W Shuttle or those who have found their own way to LeMars. Our Omaha and Des Moines shuttles only operate on Saturday.
On the June Form, you may select an extra night in your rental tent (Friday 7/23). The price is $40. If you select this option, you can pay for it prior to RAGBRAI—put a check in the mail by July 4 or use your credit card online and incur a 3% fee.
If you’re using your own tent during RAGBRAI, of course, you’re welcome to camp with us on Friday. You don’t record or pay anything extra, but remember that most of our amenities will not be available till Saturday.
What Kind of Bicycle Will PBV Transport for You
on any of our Shuttles?
To plan for adequate truck space, we will need bicycle information (type of bike, boxed or unboxed). If you’re using any pre-RAGBRAI or post-RAGBRAI shuttles with PBV, please be sure to give us this info on your June Form. For every shuttle, we'll make our plan around the bike report.
On the E/W Shuttle, what departure do you prefer?
For the E/W Shuttle from Clinton to LeMars, you will have the opportunity select your preferred departure day/time. Your options are these:
  • Friday afternoon at 1:00 or 3:00
  • Saturday morning at 7:00, 8:00, or 9:00
Later, we will publish rosters, so that you know to what departure you have been assigned.
On the Omaha/LeMars Shuttle,
what departure do you prefer?
We’ll have departures throughout the day, Saturday, July 24, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Last coach rolls at 4:00. Arriving by air at 3:00 is really almost too late for catching our shuttle.
Each rider on the shuttle will provide their ideal departure time (and/or their Saturday flight arrival time, airline, and flight number) on the June Form, and we will construct our schedule from your preferences.
Later, we will publish rosters, so that you know to what departure you have been assigned.
Remember, please, that completing your June Form early increases your chances of getting the bus departure time that you prefer on the East/West Shuttle and the Omaha shuttle. 
(There is only one departure time from Des Moines—9:15 am.) 
We asked for balances by May 15, and we have sent reminders.  When you login in to complete your June Form, please pay any balance due. You may pay by credit card or, immediately mail a check to PBV LLC, 412 Forest Glen Drive, Council Bluffs, Iowa 51503.
As we plan for truck space, we assume one bike per person. For groups using PBV for the week of RAGBRAI, we can make this exception.
If a member of your group is using a different PBV shuttle, then you can bring his/her bike to be transported on the E/W Shuttle, but we need to know about it now. We don’t charge anything for transporting your fellow Weeklong Porkers’ bikes, so long as they are using one of our other shuttles. 
If you will have more than one bike per person for loading in Clinton on the 23rd or 24th, you must write to tammy@pkbelly.com. This will help us make a plan for adequate truck space.
Otherwise, we typically charge $25 for transporting more than one bike per person.
You can Google hotels in the area and make your reservation. PBV does not make hotel recommendations on the east side of the state.
You can camp, using your own tent, at our staging area, Clinton Park.
You can reserve Comfortable Indoor Sleeping, explained fully in our Update #13, for only $15 per person, thanks to our hosts at Prince of Peace Catholic School.  If you select Indoor Sleeping and the Hot Breakfast on your PBV application, you will wake up Saturday morning and smell the coffee, egg casserole, pancakes, and syrup.  Volunteers are also offering a box lunch on Friday and box brunch on Saturday--take it on board the coach.
These amenities can be selected on your PBV application. Select the edit button beside your name.
Our Rental Tents are not available in Clinton. They are available in LeMars on Friday night (for an additional $40).
The June Letter will include fuller explanations of these options and the schedule for bike-loading, parking, shuttles and more, everything related to the E/W Shuttle.
In case you need a reservation in Omaha or Des Moines for Friday, July 23, the night before our shuttle, here are our designated hotels, once more…
Best Western Plus, Omaha Airport
(formerly the Holiday Inn Express)
Candlewood Suites, Omaha Airport
(next door to Best Western Plus)
Use these local numbers and mention our name to access our blocks of rooms. We lose unclaimed rooms on July 1.
The shuttle departs from the back parking lot of Candlewood Suites.
For Omaha, we shuttle all day on Saturday, July 24, 8:00 to 4:00. You need to arrive by 3:00 to make our 4:00 shuttle. 
AmericInn, Des Moines Airport
For Des Moines, we have ONE DEPARTURE TIME, 9:00 am on Saturday morning, in this hotel parking lot. We load bikes at 8:00 am. and depart as close to 9:00 as possible.
More information—including airport parking and instructions for both Omaha and Des Moines—will be included in the June Letter.
Okay! We'll be watching for your June Form responses. We're glad to invite you to get this off your to-do list!
And folks, we also have a to-do list, and we have to ask you a favor. Hang on to those lists of questions, please. We need a little space for making those final phone calls and finishing your PBV Travel Guidebook--the June Letter. Couple days will do it!
Thank you for traveling with us during Our Week in the Corn, and watch for EVERYONE'S FAVORITE UPDATE on all the fun stuff! Entertainment, food vendors, evening menus, and more--coming soon!
Until next time, we remain,
Your friends,
Tammy and Pete