Pork Belly Update #15---Hotel Stays, correction!

June 25, 2021
Trembling quadriceps
Carry me to the cool coach
And my hotel room.
--Haiku #1, PBV
Dear Porkers,
This time of year, we often begin to wax poetic, partly from euphoric anticipation of RAGBRAI, and partly from the delirium of detail overload. We introduce this update with a haiku, a form of poetry that is brief and to the point. We'll try to write this good-news update in that same spirit!
In short... We have a few hotel rooms on a few nights, ten talented massage therapists, and lots more good stuff in this update!
In this Update:
  • Hotel Stays Available, reply to Sara as we explain below, and please read the details!
  • Status of Indoor Sleeping Tuesday/Thursday: Sold Out
  • Write for Massage Appointments, Oh Yeah! (if you want to schedule in advance)
  • RAGBRAI Route Maps Are Out!
  • How to Complete Your June Form
  • A Forecast of Updates to Come
  • Re-Tread, Indoor Sleeping and More in Clinton
  • Pork Availability
  • The App! The App! The Pork Belly App!
  • Tutorial Video--How to Pack for RAGBRAI!
with Pork Belly Ventures
Pork Belly Ventures offers hotel stays on every night of RAGBRAI, but we've had many early requests this year. Today, we are offering you our remaining rooms. We have a motor coach and driver with us for the week, in order to transport our riders from camp to hotel and back. Read first, then reserve!
Please know that if you wait for a day or two, the rooms could be taken. We will maintain waiting lists for all nights. And we will lose unclaimed rooms on July 1 in some cases. The time to reserve is now.
Sunday, Sac City
About 30 miles from camp
Carroll Super 8 East, Rooms AVAILABLE
1 person using room, including transfer:  $130.00

2 people using room, including transfer:  $85.00 per person
3 people using room, including transfer:  $70.00 per person   
Monday, Ft. Dodge 
About 8 blocks from camp
Ft. Dodge Brookstone Inn, Rooms AVAILABLE 
1 person using room, including transfer:  $115.00

2 people using room, including transfer:  $88.00 per person
3 people using room, including transfer:  $79.00 per person       
Wednesday, Waterloo
In town, but many city miles from camp
Waterloo, Waterloo Fairfield Inn, a few Rooms AVAILABLE
1 person using room, including transfer:  $198.00

2 people using room, including transfer:  $109.00 per person
3 people using room, including transfer:  $80.00 per person       
Thursday, Anamosa
About 23 miles from camp
Cedar Rapids Residence Inn North, a few Rooms AVAILABLE
1 person using room, including transfer:  $196.00

2 people using room, including transfer:  $118.00 per person
3 people using room, including transfer:  $92.00 per person       
Friday, Dewitt
About 15 miles from camp
Eldridge, IA Eldridge Quality Inn, one or two Rooms AVAILABLE
1 person using room, including transfer:  $163.00

2 people using room, including transfer:  $104.00 per person
3 people using room, including transfer:  $81.00 per person  
King Jacuzzi Suites
1 person using room, including transfer:  $196..00

2 people using room, including transfer:  $118.00 per person
3 people using room, including transfer:  $92.00 per person  
Our Pricing
We don’t slap a flat fee on this service. Our hotel stays include your room fee, tax, and a transfer fee (for riding the motor coach from camp to hotel and back).
Sometimes hotel rates are higher when RAGBRAI is in the vicinity, but we count ourselves lucky to have scored these reservations at all.
If you charge any incidentals to your room, you will pay for them separately.
Transfer Times—6:00 Morning and Night
The coach departs camp at 6:00 p.m. and it departs the hotel parking lot the following morning at 6:00 a.m.
If you arrange another way to the hotel, please inform our Front Desk so we don’t delay the departure unnecessarily.
Of course, out of courtesy to your fellow passengers, please be on time for the coach, in your seat and ready to roll by 6:00 pm or 6:00 am.
(See below--Special Update Coming for Hotel-Stay Folks. There will be a slight change in our schedule on Tuesday morning in Ft. Dodge.)
Because of COVID, we're still working on the hotel breakfasts. We are pretty confident that we'll be able to arrange an early breakfast for our guests on most mornings.
Bikes are locked in camp and do not go with you to the hotel. If you are entitled to dinner or if you bought an optional dinner from PBV, you can go to the front of the dinner line and the girls will be ready to give you a covered plate to take on the coach.
Evening Festivities in Camp
Our coach leaves for the hotels at 6:00 p.m. Please be aware that we have live music during dinner every night, and unless you arrange your own transfers to and from camp, you will miss this part and maybe other aspects of the PBV experience. It’s the trade-off for hotel comforts.
Note that Monday night, the hotel is quite close to camp.
Special Update Coming for Hotel-Stay Folks
We will have some special instructions for you everyone using hotel stays. We will also vary slightly from our shuttle schedule in Ft. Dodge on Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning, when the hotel is only blocks from camp. We will make two trips between the hotel and camp. Instructions to come.
How to Reserve/
How to Pay
Confer with friends before you write, and include the names of all room occupants, please. You may reserve a room by writing to Sara, sara@pkbelly.com, with your own name and the names of those who will share your room. Please know that we can't be particular about room types. You should be prepared to accept a king room and adapt, rather than request a double queen. At this point, we have what we have.
**We need the names of everyone in the room to make sure we can seat everybody on the coach! Be sure of the number in your room when you reserve, please.**
Sara will reply. If the rooms you request are available, she will put the charges on your PBV application. You can still mail a check to avoid the fee for using your credit card, or simply settle your balance online using your card. Do remember that these charges are subject to our cancellation policy. More here on cancellation: PBV Cancellation Policy
ABOVE and RIGHT and BELOW: Pork Crew members ready to spend the week with you during RAGBRAI.
Status of Indoor Sleeping on
Tuesday and Thursday: SOLD OUT.
We do have long waiting lists for both nights, friends. It's not worth emailing about this option now. Perhaps a hotel room instead?
MASSAGE: Write to Julie!
The gluteous, whew!
The maximus, whoa! Release
the lactic acid!
-- Haiku #2, PBV
Julie is the team leader for ten amazing PBV Massage Therapists who will be located in camp daily under a big red-and-white striped canopy. Julie is ready to begin taking appointments, but we need you to make note of a few things, please.
Consider the cycling miles of each day before you book a massage appointment. Do gauge your own bicycle pace and the hours you'll need to complete your miles before you email Julie. Here's your daily mileage:
  • Sunday, July 25: Le Mars to Sac City, 83.8 miles
  • Monday, July 26: Sac City to Fort Dodge, 67.2 miles
  • Tuesday, July 27: Fort Dodge to Iowa Falls, 54.9 miles
  • Wednesday, July 28: Iowa Falls to Waterloo, 67.9 miles
  • Thursday, July 29: Waterloo to Anamosa, 84.7 miles with *optional Karras loop
  • Friday, July 30: Anamosa to Dewitt, 64 miles
  • Saturday, July 31: Dewitt to Clinton, 31.6 miles. And no massage today.
Secondly, Julie and the team have adopted this new protocol this year: "Our tables will not have a cloth covering. We are asking that you bring a barrier cloth with you for each of your massages: an old T-shirt, a towel, a fitted sheet, a flour sack towel, or a pillowcase. 
Just plan to bring something that covers the upper body area at least, to make you comfortable and keep your body from sticking to they vinyl in the humidity. Of course we clean the tables well after every use. Thank you!" 
Thirdly, know that it's very bad form to stand up your therapist. Take the appointments seriously. Bring your schedule with you to RAGBRAI. Pick up your appointment cards at the massage tent, and remember, if you are delayed or can't make it, text your therapist. Thanks for being courteous to these hard-working, popular, and wonderful folks on our team!
When you write to Julie, be sure to say...
  • Whether or not you prefer a male or female therapist?
  • Which days you would like to receive massage?
  • About what time? 
  • Duration of your massage:  30/45/60 minute?
  • Cost is $20 for 15 minutes, and cash only, please. 
Then, write to
It's a great way to recover for your next day's ride! 
p.s. Not sure you want to book now? During the week, walk up and ask when there's an open table for you. Remember that prime times--late afternoon and early evening--fill up quickly, even with ten therapists!
Official Route Maps!!
They're out!
Find all of them on the Pork Belly Mobile App
Reminder to
Every Single Rider:
Complete The June Form
Here are instructions again....
Please use our login tab on the home page. If you can’t remember your login credentials, you can write to Sara@pkbelly.com. OR at the top of your confirmation email, find the link that says “Click Here to Continue the Application.” It will take you straight into your application, bypassing the login process altogether.
[Don't look for a June Form tab on the website. You need to login.]
On your application, our web designer has created a green tab called June Form. You’ll see it upon login. Just scroll down. It’s right across from your name. Click on it, please, and fill in the blanks that are relevant to you.
To complete the June Form, click on the June Form tab. To add services or edit your application, click on the Edit tab. 
Updates Coming at You NEXT
You've learned by now, Porkers, that we try to dole out information as it's needed, and here's an idea of what's coming to you next...
  • All about Bike Shipping! Maybe later today!
  • Then, Our June Letter, Your PBV Travel Guidebook.
  • After that... Our Week in the Corn, the happiest update of the season, will give you all the deets on pretty campsites, vendors of delicious food in camp, daily dinner menus, awesome entertainment on the Pork Stage, breakfast vending beside our coffee trailer (with at least one hot breakfast), Pork Yoga, and some new and cool stuff!
  • Around the second week of July, we will begin our Series of Bus Roster Updates. (We publish rosters for the shuttles prior to RAGBRAI, not the post-RAGBRAI shuttles.) We use your June Form information to assign you to the same bus with your friends. Got a common group name on all applications in your group? If you do, you'll be on the bus with your friends!
  • We're not done yet... we'll publish a few final updates in July, including our Pork Belly Ventures Host Town Maps!
ABOVE: Here's a sample from 2018... our Wednesday map of Newton. We'll have eight brand new PBV Host Town Maps for you next month.
BELOW: Hang on through the RAGBRAI prep and planning, Porkers! Our friendly front desk girls can't wait to welcome you in Council Bluffs.
For Those on Our East/West Shuttle...
Indoor Sleeping and Other "Clinton Services"
on Friday, July 23
If you missed it, here's the update that tells you how to reserve indoor sleeping, and some delicious meals from the folks at Prince of Peace Catholic School in Clinton. You can select these services on your PBV Application. Prince of Peace is located next to our campsite! We are so proud to be partnering with our generous and hospitable hosts. For the complete info, please click below.
Remember that Clinton Long-term Parking goes up in price at the beginning of each month.
Reserve parking in Clinton right here:
We're sorry. The waiting list is long.
Weeklong Support and Partial-Week Support are sold out with a long waiting list.
We have space on all shuttles.
For the E/W Shuttle, there is a big demand for the 1:00 Friday departure, so if you want that one, please get your June Form completed.
The Pork Belly App
Vibrations within
my pocket and soul foretell
fun doings in camp.
--Haiku #3, PBV
Visit your app store for the FREE Pork Belly App, with updates, RAGBRAI Route maps, Pork Belly town maps (showing campsite locations and more), and so many other great features! Perhaps the most important feature during RAGBRAI is our daily notifications of what's waiting for you in Pork Camp each day during RAGBRAI! Yep, we'll send you photos of us preparing for your arrival, and let you know What's for lunch, What's for dinner, What time is Pork Yoga, Who's on Stage tonight, and even What's for breakfast tomorrow! We're in the process of updating crew photos and bios! The App! It's FREE!
Don't Ride Without It!
First-Timers, we have just previewed this Youtube video by Brently and Marybeth, in which they show and tell any first-time RAGBRAI rider how to pack. They have several cool camping gadgets to recommend and some very practical advice.
We do ask you to rely on our June Letter and other correspondence for info about our charter (in any case where the video content doesn't match up perfectly with our own literature), but this is a great learning tool for noobs! We especially like the time-lapse packing at the end! These savvy veterans make it look easy! Learn and enjoy!
Paste this link into your browser, or click on the image below:
You can follow Brently and Marybeth on their Youtube channel!
Pork Belly Ventures thanks them both!
That's it for this one.
Got a big long list of questions? Hold that thought, Porkers, and your June Letter will be out real soon. And if you're feeling overwhelmed with your preparations, we heartily recommend waxing poetic. Five syllables, seven syllables, and five syllables. We'd love to hear your RAGBRAI haiku!
Wise, or not so much,
Compose Iowa forethoughts
Of sweat yet to drip.
---Haiku #4, PBV
Until next time, we remain,
Your friends,
Tammy and Pete