Pork Belly Update #17---Des Moines Shuttle AND Omaha Request

July 11, 2021
 Over the next couple of days,
PBV is publishing a short series of three or four updates
related to our pre-RAGBRAI shuttles. 
They contain bus rosters.
Before you scroll for your name,
READ THE FIRST LINES of the update,
telling you which rosters follow. 
If you're not using this particular shuttle,
by all means delete the update.   
Dear Porkers, 
This update is for those using our Des Moines Shuttle from Des Moines to LeMars on Saturday, July 24.
If you are using our Omaha/LeMars Shuttle on July 24th, yours will be the last rosters published, probably Tuesday. Our process for Omaha is different and more complicated--we build the departure schedule around your arrivals in Omaha and your preferences. We have done that. However, about 45 passengers have not yet given us their arrival info or preferred departure time by completing their June Forms.
You don't want to stand by for half a day
for the next available seat on a coach, do you?
You Can Still Do It!
Do take a few minutes to login and complete your June Form. Simply login. Do not click Edit. Find your name on the left, and look across from your name to the green tab on the right labeled June Form. Click on it. Fill in all the blanks, please. Then click on "Omaha" to see the arrival information we need from you.
For Omaha, we depend entirely on the website's software to create the schedule and make assignments. No way around the June Form. And remember that some of our coaches are full or nearly full: 10:00 a.m. and 1:45 p.m., for instance. We need your help to assign you to the best departure time for your travel plans.
If we haven't yet received your arrival info, you're on the list below, alpha by last name. If you see a friend's name, reach out to them, please. It's possible they are not reading or receiving our updates. (Those darn spam filters!). Thank you for taking care of this.
Abrohms, Spencer (Half Baked)
Anderson, Lynn (Nova Newbies)
Barrow, Clayton (Squeaky Wheels)
Bingham, Robert
Chastain, Luke
coxon, brian (Speeding Gias)
Davidson, Glenn
Dogan, Shareese (Major Taylor Phoenix Riders)
Felger , Robert
Felmly, Rebecca
Fitzgerald, Skye
Flores, Chloe (Ducks 2 Give)
Flores, Mikey (Ducks 2 Give)
Flynn, Brian
francavilla , vic
Genovese, Sal
Gill, Gray
Gray, Jesse (Woody's Wheels)
Gray, Steve (Woody's Wheels)
Havlick, John (Necrotic Wheels)
Howard, Andrew (Nova Newbies)
Howard, Laura (Nova Newbies)
Kakimoto, Jason (Oltmans)
Koch-Stoschek, Cornelia (Pink Ladies)
landis, thierry
LE-THAI, THUY (Siouxland Cycling Club)
Lucas, Ryan (Half Baked)
Maher, Mary (Colorado Clan 2.0)
Malina, Joshua
melat, larry
Miller, Jackson (Oltmans)
Muzalim, abdullah (Major Taylor Phoenix Riders)
Peavy, Edward (Mission Control)
Rigdon, John (Infosend)
Rotblatt, Zach (Pink Ladies)
Saling, Brenda (PDX-OXEN team)
Scherwin, John (Speeding Gias)
Schlothan, Daniel (Oltmans)
Showalter, Chuck (Fortner)
Shulman, Nancy (Pink Ladies)
stofferahn, zach
Streeter, Katelyn (PandaPandaPanda)
Toscano, Joseph (DCFUN21)
Vasef, Yashar (Dickels, Pickles and Pies)
Woods, Amie (DCFUN19)
published below.
Identical Group Names
On the rosters below, you will see the importance of identical group names on applications. This is how we sort for bus assignments. We have about 14 coaches for the E/W Shuttle (rosters coming tomorrow) and 10 coaches for the Omaha shuttle (rosters coming Tuesday), and we could NEVER do this job without your identical group names to guide us!
We have a few open seats on each Des Moines/LeMars coach, if someone needs to move. To request a change, write to dave@pkbelly.com, please.
On June 24th
In Des Moines on the morning of the 24th, our crew will have final rosters and will check off names during boarding at the AmericInn hotel parking lot near the Des Moines airport. We will load bikes at about 8:00 or a bit earlier and depart at 9:15. The trip to LeMars is about three and a half hours. If you need more info, please refer to the appropriate section of your June Letter. 
Rosters below, including names and group names. Thank you for using our Des Moines shuttle to the start town. Thank you, Dave, for creating these rosters and more!
All our best,
Tammy and Pete
Bus 1 Des Moines to LeMars
Name         Group
Abels, Keith
Baskes, Amy
Baskes, Daniel
Baskes, Jeremy
Boone, Alan
Burnett, Steve
Callahan, Lori
Cataldo, Gennaro M
Cataldo, Gennaro S
Clark, Tom
Coggins, John
Demeroukas, Michelle
Fink, Alex
Foddy, Brian
Gardner, Geoffrey
Gerald , Tim
Hagge, Kim
hall, patrick
Havran, Neil
Hedges, Monica
Howard, Jonathon
Howson, Giles
James, Andrea
James, Serafina
James, Sheryl
Kelso, Orrin
Lindgren, Cindy
Medina, Jose
Murray, Bob
Paterson, Alex
Pentin, Jerrold
Rogers, David
Ryherd, Ryan
Stewart, Randy
Sullivan, Guy
Sydlowski, Timothy
tarnasky, donald
Tench, Nikki
Wells, Tim
Zuehls, Elmer
Wanat, Clark--Aluminum Falcons
Wanat, Jennifer--Aluminum Falcons
Wanat, Joe--Aluminum Falcons
Wanat, Tom--Aluminum Falcons
Travis, Bridgette--Becky Reno
hoffman, kim--bike sweat beers
Babler, David--Bike-Sweat-Beers
Holtzman, Del--Bikes Sweat Beers
Quinn, Robert--Buses Bikes Beer
Bus 2 Des Moines to LeMars
Name         Group
Ryerson, Cathleen--Cat6
Ryerson, Marten--Cat6
Thompson, Carl--ColoradoDuo
Thompson, Jill--ColoradoDuo
Washburn, John--Cycle Pigs
Anderson, Mary--Cycling Pigs
Washburn, Jim--Cycling Pigs
Higginbotham , Patti--Fischer
VanHolland, Mark--Flying Dutchmen
VanHolland, Vanessa--Flying Dutchmen
Snider, Kile--Fort Fun
Snider, Natasha--Fort Fun
Kane, Bruce--Gutman
Kunze, Jay--Invictus
Lage, Gail--Lageer
Lage, Gary--Lageer
Lage, Greg--Lageer
Lage, Mindy--Lageer
Reno, Rebecca--Mission control
Mires, Nathan--Nathan and Ralph
Mires, Ralph--Nathan and Ralp
Adamson, Dave--Pedalers and Pitties
Kleinmeyer, Matt--Pedalers and Pitties
Kleinmeyer, Misty--Pedalers and Pitties
shelton, brad--Pittsburgh Pierogies
Eischen, Michael--Pork Me Amadeus
Farley, Rodney--Rodney Farley
Whaylen, Timothy--Rotorheads
barnes, david--seersucker cyclist
Slaikeu, Darwin--Slaikeu
Slaikeu, Denise--Slaikeu
White, John--spray
Putnam, Christopher--summer grad
Putnam, John--summer grad
Lage, Craig--Team Lager
Lage, Sharon--Team Lager
Miettinen, Jarmo--Team Lauren
Woods, Clint--Team Lauren
Movic, Mark--Team Movic
Conroy, Mike--The Vicious Cycles
Duncan, Joseph--The Vicious Cycles
Requist, John--Tornadoes
Rinner, Rober--tTXHawkeyes
Broser, Bruce--UncleEliCoasters
Broser, Marty--UncleEliCoasters
Calhoun, Sam--Vicious Cycles
Burkle, Richard--Volpe Group
Iverson, Jeff--Volpe Group
Volpe, Mike--Volpe Group