Pork Belly Update 18---FRIDAY E/W Shuttle Rosters, only

July 12, 2021
 Over two days, PBV is publishing
a short series of three or four updates
related to our pre-RAGBRAI shuttles. 
They contain bus rosters.
Before you scroll for your name,
READ THE FIRST LINES of the update,
telling you which rosters follow. 
If you're not using this particular shuttle,
by all means delete the update.   
Dear Porkers, 
This update is for those using our FRIDAY E/W Shuttle from Clinton to LeMars on Friday, July 23.  
If you are using the Saturday E/W Shuttle or our Omaha/LeMars Shuttle on July 24, please hang on. Saturday E/W rosters will be published later today. Des Moines rosters were published yesterday. The Omaha schedule is a time-consuming task, but we have assigned/accommodated everyone who has given us arrival info on their June Forms. Regardless of missing passengers, we'll publish the Omaha schedule and rosters tomorrow.
Friday E/W Shuttle
We will have 4 coaches for the Friday E/W Shuttle, three (3) at 1:00 PM, and one (1) at 3:00 PM. The four Friday bus rosters appear below. To make bus assignments, we have used identical group names on applications and preferences recorded on the June Form. Dave Kennedy has taken on this task again this year, and he has met all requests. We are not sure we can accommodate changes at this point, but if Friday riders wish to move to a Saturday departure, we can certainly try.
At this point, if you are not assigned to a coach (the majority are assigned), you’ll need to write to Dave Kennedy at dave@pkbelly.com. That’s the only way to get an assignment now. (Don't bother completing the June Form at this point.) Write to Dave with your preferred departure time and the type of bike we we'll carry across the state for you (road bike, tandem, recumbent, trike). Let Dave know whether your bike will be boxed or unboxed. Unassigned people are listed at the end of this update. 
Thank you to Dave for handling all the bus assignments on the E/W Shuttle. 
For any details on our E/W Shuttle---our location in Clinton, the schedule, bike-loading, etc---please look to the comprehensive section on the E/W Shuttle in our June Letter.
Rosters below, including names and group names. Thank you for using our Friday E/W Shuttle to the start town. 
Tammy and Pete
1:00pm FRIDAY BUS 1
Abtahi, Ben BIC
Battey, Robert Battey Cycling
Beard, Jay Beard
Beard, Nancy Beard
Beattie, Richard Caroline Cyclists
Bowen, Phillip Amelia Island Cycling
bowman, Billy Caroline Cyclists
Brittain, Owen Evian Ruff Ryders
Brittain, Sarah Evian Ruff Ryders
Burrow, Koreen David & Koreen Bike the US 4 MS
Busse, Tim Busse
Cash, Sam Cycling The Oldies
Cash, Teresa Cycling The Oldies
Chalif, Karen Chalif
Chalif, Lawrence Chalif
cornelissen, jan Chicago Southside Irish
Davidson, Denali Denizens United
Dean, Don Caroline Cyclists
Demianiuk, Michael Bike Sweat and Beers
Dignan, Edward Caroline Cyclists
DISCH, DORENE (DD)Bike-Sweat-Beers
Doherty , Michael fvbsc#15654
Flood, Sean Chicago Southside Irish
Fox, David David & Koreen Bike the US 4 MS
Frasier , Coreen Furse Family
Furse, Todd Furse family
Guzinski, Robert Chicago Southside Irish
Hagelberg, Frank Caroline Cyclist
Ingham, James Amelia Island Cycling
jarman, frank caroline cyclists
Johnston, Laura Bike-Sweat-Tears
Katras, George Amelia Island Cycling
Kenney, Johanna Bikey Bikey Bike Bike
King, Dee Bikey Bikey Bike Bike
King, Fiona Bikey Bikey Bike Bike
Kruse, Randy Bike-Sweat-Beers
Larson, Douglas Donnelly
Larson, Susan Donnelly
Lechner, Charles caroline cycles
Longmire, John Caroline Cyclists
Magee, John Caroline Cyclist
Nelson, Debra Bikey bikey bike bike
Porth, Andrew Battey Cycling
Prestia, Donna Amelia Island Cycling
Richardson, Cheryl Amelia Island Cycling
Riojas, Christina Eye on the Pies
Robbins, Jim Caroline Cyclists
Smith, Jeanette Eye on the Pies
Somerville, Luke Chicago Southside Irish
Walther, Emily Gary Walther
Walther, Gary Gary Walther
Wheeler, Pattie Eye on the Pies
1:00pm FRIDAY  BUS 2
Anderson, George Ol Yellar
Bergstrom, Jon Seersucker Cyclists
Bergstrom, Tom Seersucker Cyclist
Bithell, Susan Just N Joying Life
Blake, Roger Kickin’ Asphalt
Blake, Ryan Kickin’ Asphalt
Brownlow, Dominic No Brainers
Bush, Erin Ol Yellar
Fox, Richae Marie Prime
gach, michael River Oaks Riders
Galey, Rob Legal Draftsmen
Garton, Robert Old Blind Dog
Geyer, Phil Straddle N' Roll
Gump, Joe straddle n roll
Hamilton, Hank Seersucker
Hamilton, Jan none
Hamilton, William Seersucker
Hansen, James Legaldraftsmen
Hart, Kathy Mad dogs angels
Hottel, William Just N Joying Life
Jacobs, James Straddle N'Roll
Kass, Brian Sore Kasses
KASS, DEAN Kass Family
Kass, Donald Sore Kasses
Keller, Christopher RSR
Keller, Patrick RSR
Kilmartin, Tim Kilmartin
Lawrence, Ann Straddle-n-Roll
Meyers, Parker Pork Me Amadeus
Meyers, Robert Pork Me Amadeus
Moore, Ellen Mad Dog Angels
Murphy, Randall Gutmann
Oppel, Jack Seersucker Cyclist
Pikor, Marty straddle n' roll
Prime, Mike Prime
Quevillon, Tom River Oaks Riders
Rast, Kevin Straddle N' Roll
Rooney, Timothy South Side Irish
Shenfeld, Ron Straddle n’ Roll
Sowder, Richard Kickin’ asphalt
Stahr, Jacki Kilmartin
Staples, Milton Straddle-n-Roll
Stepp, Donald Honey Badger N Donkey
Storelli, Bob MabelBob Tandem Team
Strahle, Thomas Hemstreet/ Strahle
Strobel, Eric Spicy Pigs
Sullivan , Joe S-TRAIN
Sullivan , Lincoln S-Train
Sullivan, Ruston S-Train
Vogt, Julia Honey Badger N Donkey
Wilson, Gary One Bourbon One Scotty One Beer
Wong, Mabel MabelBob Tandem Team
yates, patrick RSR
Zavorka , Daniel Paul and Kea
1:00pm FRIDAY BUS 3
Ashmun, Robert
Bertsch, Jace
Borchardt, John Team Loonatic
Burnham, John West Is Best
Burton, Martin
Camargo, Fernando Trail Blazers
Delaney, Barbara
Delaney, John
Ervin, Gary
Faldani, Tom West is Best
fallon, scott
Fluit, Ilma Trail blazers
Fluit, John Trail blazers
geddes, jerry
Gerlach, Chuck Up Chuck
Gritzinger, Douglas
Harris, Doug Very Little de Fex
Hartmann, Mike
Hatch, David
Hill, Greg
Hume, Gerry
Kammeyer, Aaron
KlecknerThiele, Bev
Klemm, Kenneth Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
Koch, Harold
Labrador, Richard Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
LaMantia, Greg
Little, Bill Team Zee
Logan, Stella de Very Little de Fex
Lopez, Oscar Whyskey Tango Foxtrot
Mackenzie, Andrew Team Loonatic
Martin, David Vine Avenue Velos
Martin, Emily Vine Avenue Velos
Martin, Gail Vine Avenue Velos
McGinty, Shelley
Meade, Robert
Metz, Leo
Metz, Michael
Miller, Rick Texas Rangers
Porter, Larry
prosser, terry
Schiers, Evelyn
Scudiero, Tony
Seeber, Michael
Seiple, Bob Texas Jackalope
Smith, Brian
Smith, Greg
Spurlock, Jack
Thiele, Dean
Ulloa, Herman
Wernstrom, Mark
Wiersma, Dale
Abrams, Anna
Asem, Judith Horticulturalist Johnson
Bacalao, Nelson Medicine Men
Bontrager, Warren What day is it
Bontrager, Wesley What day is it
Carr, Carolina Trail Blazers
Carr, Jamie Trail Blazers
Clousing, Mike
Cobin, Mark
Conti, Christopher Full Moon Adventures
darner, mark bike love is real
Fagan, Maureen Riders of the Corn
Foell, Stephen Vine Avenue Velos
Gelstein, Andrew
Green, Brent
Grindberg, Doug
Harrell, Greg Full moon adventures
Herman, Tyler
James, Andrea James gang
James, Elijah James gang
James, Serafina James gang
Jameson, Beth Pittsburgh Pierogies
Johnson, Adam Horticulturalist Johnson
Johnson, Dave Horticulturist Johnson
Kluender, David RSR
Kluender, Sarah RSR
Kreisher, Matt
Lampron, Barbara the Berkshires
Longhorn, Shelly
Lytle, Rich Riders of the Corn
Martin, Martha Vine Avenue Velos
mccollom, stacy bike love is real
McConnell, Joe Kentucky Unicorns #10886
McConnell, Tim
McShea, John
Miller, Christopher
Nicholson, Ed Keith Richards Health Club
Pate, Jack Keith Richards Health Club
Perry, Larry
Radin, Len The Berkshires
Rittenhouse, Dennis What Day Is It
Ropper, Brian
Sabol, James
Schultz, Michael
Simpson, G Scott Caroline Cyclists
Stewart, Michael Medicine Men
Tenpas, Doug
Valazza, Debra Jersey Journeyers
Valazza, Michael Jersey Journeyers
Wagreich, Ian West is Best
Ward, Ed West is Best
Webber, Kurt
Wilken, Alan Medicine Men
Williams, Sean Los Locos of North Texas
Yunginger, Richard what day is it
Rosters for the Saturday E/W Shuttle
will be out later today, friends.
Our Unassigned List
for the E/W Shuttle
Below we are listing those who have not given us a preferred departure on their June Form. If your name appears on the list below, please write to Dave at dave@pkbelly.com. Please give him your request for a departure time and the type of bike we will transport for you on the shuttle (boxed or unboxed). He'll get right back to you.
Riders with no assignment to a departure
Aldridge, Scott Gutmann
Apgar, Gary Apryls Painting
Ashton, Chris Shelby Ave Bike Co
Babich, Gregory Amelia Island Cycling
Barber, Scott
Billings, George
Crider, Bruce
Doyle, Amanda Pork Pullers
Esneault, Deborah
Golden , Leslie Team Must Have
gordon, apryl Apryls Painting
gregg, katie jones party peddlers
Hassler, Frank Frank Hassler
Hilton, Jesse Chochal
Hilton, Natalia Chochal
Honig, Greg Honig's
Honig, Ronald
Jernegan , Neil Pork Pullers
jernegan, carl
jernegan, warren
Johnson, Josh
Kollinger, Peter
Krumm, Lucas
Larsen, William
Lemons, Chelsea What the Duck
loftis, beth camino riders
Lynch, Jeff
McCoy, Glenn
McGaughey, Shelby
McGaughey, Tyler
Meinert, Marty Pittsburgh Pierogies
Miess, Ally Jones Party Peddlers
Mira Cervera, Francisco
Moes, Casey Donner Party
momeyer, debora Pittsburgh Perogies
Neikirk, Kay Gutmann
Nolan, Wendy
Norlock , Raymonda Florinooga
Oliveira, David
osterwald, ren camino riders
Osuna, Sergio
Palmer, Stella Pahaffey Riders
Payton, Jennifer
Pitchko, Joseph Amelia Island Cycling
Pitchko, Patricia Amelia Island Cycling
Poindexter, Michael Gutmann
Randall, Benjamin jones party peddlers
Schleisman, Tony
Selsky, Jeremy Chemical Dependent
Shea, Donald NoVA Newbies
smith, amy jagoff
sommer, hugh what day is it
Spooner, Michal Caroline Cyclist
St.Onge, Joseph br/oh! Buds & Suds Cycling Team
Staker, Elizabeth
Sword, Larry Stragglers
Thomas, Trevor Team Must Have
Turner, Collier Los Locos North Texas
Turner, Laura Los Locos North Texas
Von Tungeln, Seth VTP
Walcott, Dexter Caroline cyclists
Weaver, Howard
Weller, Mike
Wolgemuth, Randy What day is it
Wollam, John