Pork Belly Update #19---SATURDAY E/W Shuttle Rosters only

July 12, 2021
 Over two days, PBV is publishing
a short series of three or four updates
related to our pre-RAGBRAI shuttles. 
They contain bus rosters.
Before you scroll for your name,
READ THE FIRST LINES of the update,
telling you which rosters follow. 
If you're not using this particular shuttle,
by all means delete the update.   
Dear Porkers, 
This update is for those using our SATURDAY E/W Shuttle from Clinton to LeMars on Saturday, July 24
We published the FRIDAY E/W Shuttle rosters earlier today in Update #18. 
In Clinton on the morning of July 24, we will be running twelve coaches for the Saturday E/W Shuttle:
  • two at 7:00 AM,
  • five at 8:00 AM,
  • and five at 9:00 AM.
To make bus assignments, we have used identical group names on applications and preferences recorded on the June Form. To our knowledge, we have met all requests.
If your name doesn’t appear, we didn’t get a June Form preference from you. See next paragraph, please. 
At this point, if you are not assigned to a coach, you’ll need to write to dave@pkbelly.com
Give Dave your preferred departure time and coach number and tell him what type of bike we will carry across the state for you (road bike, recumbent, trike).  The only way to get an assignment now is to write to Dave. (Please don't bother completing the June Form at this point.) Unassigned people are listed at the end of this update. 
Thank you to Dave for handling all the bus assignments on the E/W Shuttle. 
For any details on our E/W Shuttle---our location in Clinton, the schedule, bike-loading, etc---please look to the comprehensive section on the E/W Shuttle in our June Letter.
See the rosters below, including names and group names. Thank you for using our Saturday E/W Shuttle to the start town. 
Tammy and Pete
  Saturday E/W Shuttle, July 24
7:00 Buses
Aardema, Bill Team Aardema
Aardema, Curtis Aardema
Aardema, Julie Team Aardema
Aardema, Sara Team Aardema
Beck, Brenda Bike in the corn
Beggin , Joseph Life is a Beautiful Ride
Boyle, John NA
Carter, Art Carter
Carter, Cheryl Carter
Christian, Kathleen Coulee Claims
Cochran, John Coulee Claims
Cooper, Brently Buses Bikes Beers
Cooper, Marybeth Buses Bikes Beers
Gilbert, Kirk RWRoadies
Granger, George Aardema Group
Grenisen, Margaret Coulee Claims
Harrell, Shiela Purple Mt 2 Shining Sea
Hendrix, Chloe Chloe&Lor
Hollaway, Joni Hollaway
Hollaway, Tony Hollaway
Inman, Barbara Plein Air Sunday Suds
Inman, Charles Plein Air Sunday Suds
Kangas, Maureen Marco Polo
Killoran, David Bud
Kronberg, Connie Life is a Beautiful Ride
Maddigan, John Plein Air Sunday Suds
Mahoney, James Morette Madness
McGinley, Mike Pork Me Amadeus
Mesanza, Gabriel Morette Madness
Orr, Richard Orr Shannon
Porter, Donald Bike in the corn
Sacopulos, Melony Melonys Felonies
Seifert, Brian Revelling Pedallers
Seifert, Victoria Revelling Pedallers
Shannon, Clifton Orr Shannon
Sherrick, Arnold Pie Sleep Bike Repeat
Steiner, Vincent Plein Air Sunday Suds
Sugisawa, Eunice Los Locos of North Texas
Verhulst, Lauren Chloe&Lor
Walker, Brian Morette Madness
Watts, Donald Orr - Shannon
Yi, Cayson Los Locos of North Texas
Caballero, Daniel Volpe
caffrey, John
Chu, Diane
Chu, Gary
Garrity, John
Guaqueta, Richard
Gunter, Claude Team HYDR-ate
Isaacson, Stephen
Johnson, Marcia TX Mar-Sher
Lackey, Bruce Tour de Amigos
Mens, David
Mens, Lisa
Oneail, Jim
Puck, Brad
Reek, Randy
Sacopulos, Alexandria
schweder, chris
Sergin, Mete
Shipley, Grant
Sieck, Eric
Springer, Bill
Toland, Joseph Tour de Amigos
Wiarda, Jon
Wiarda, Karen
Willard, Sheryl TX Mar-Sher
Willoughby, Collin Willoughby
wolpert, larry tour de amigos
8:00 Buses
Annes, Alex Chicago Southside Irish
Annes, Nick Chicago Southside Irish
Becker, Cindy CB2
Becker, Jeff FVBSC
Boston, Steve Birmingham Michigan Riders
Boutilier, Joanna AlinaJoanna
Brandes, Nathan Dirtbag Cycling Club
Brethauer, Mark Buckeye Coasters
Bridgeman, Chris br/oh! Buds & Suds Cycling Team
Bridgeman, Marcus br/oh! Buds & Suds Cycling Team
Brink, Patty DCFUN21
Brooks, Carol CB2
Campbell, Tim Chicago Southside Irish
Cherepak, Michael Cherepak and Young
Danker, Mary Beth Bucket List
Darnall, Chuck Birmingham Michigan Riders
Dowling, Victoria Diane and Victoria
Dudman, Angie Fox valley bike and ski
Halle, Carrie FVBSC
Heim, John Full Moon Adventures
hill, Dennis denmark
Jones, Cody Dirtbag Cycling Club
Kampmeier, Christopher Denmark
Kearney, Christopher Full Moon Adventures
Klinger, Adam DCFUN21
Kuhnke, Benjamin Dirtbag Cycling Club
Maril, Steve Bucket List
McMahon, Michael CB2
Mennemeier, Mark Denmark
Metzger, Dave DCFUN21
Mills, Diane Diane and Victoria
Murphy, Alina AlinaJoanna
Peterson, Jean Colorado Bikers
Peterson, Larry Colorado Bikers
Ragan, Cheryl Full Moon Adventures
Ragan, William Full Moon Adventures
Reany, Bob Denmark
Sherlock, Jill Full Moon Adventures
Sherrod, David Buckeyes Roll Over Iowa
Steward, Mike Buckeye Coasters
Thomas, Gary Full Moon Adventures
Thompson, Joel Denmark
Trease, Tony Birmingham Michigan Riders
Wipf, Jason Bike Love Is Real
Young, Mark Cherepak and Young
Youngstrom, Michael Dirtbag Cycling Club
Bezada, Idaly Hippotherapy Cycling Mamas
Blaser, Nicolas Ocala Triathletes Club
Boyd, Martha Pahaffey Riders
Boyd, Peter Pahaffey Riders
Bunting, Matthew gimble
Dyson, Lillian Lillian Dyson
Fenger, BoB Miller
Freel, Erin Ocala Triathletes Club
Guettler, Mark Heisenberg
HACKETT, Thomas Mai Tai Peddlers
Hanlon, Nicole Mai Tai Peddlers
Harrison, Neil Harris-Jakus of the Prairie
Haugh, Robert KalamaZoom
Hendershot, Gary Hoosier Damaged Livers
Joy, Glenn GIMBAL
Joy, William GIMBAL
Knox, Pat Nepatal
Krumm, Troy Ike Brothers
Krumm, Ty ike Brothers
Layne, Bert Kentucky Unicorns
Leonard, Kathleen Hippotherapy Cycling Mamas
Mastny, Frank Heads Will Roll
Mastny, Jim Heads Will Roll
McShane, Jeff Ouch
Mehaffey, Ronald PAHAFFEY RIDERS
Mehaffey, Russell Pahaffey Riders
Mullins, Ann Kelly
Netherton, Kurt Kentucky Unicorns
Nevarez, Eden Ocala Triathletes Club
Nevarez, Hector Ocala Triathletes Club
Odegaard, Doug Odie
Odegaard, Scott Odie
Palmer, Bruce Pahaffey Riders
Peel, Kameron Panther & Spartan
Peel, Kelley Panther & Spartan
Peel, Ron Panther & Spartan
Peery, Donald Nova Newbies
PHIPPS, TRACY Ocala Triathletes Club
Richter, Derryll Miller
Rudy, David Kentucky Unicorns
Russell, Kelly Kelly
Smiley, Jeffrey Kentucky Unicorns
Sterett, Shane Los Locos of North Texas
Sterett, Shawnita Los Locos of North Texas
Vallen, Ethan Panther & Spartan
Wagner, Robert KalamaZoom
Weiland, Yvette Hoosier Damaged Livers
Westgerdes, Neal Nepatal
Behrmann, Jonah Texas Rangers
Breault, Douglas Safran Yankeeshuckers
Cahill, Jeffrey Team Heisenberg
Castillo, Vincent StraddleNRoll
Click, Dale Riv'er Pigs
Click, Katy Riv'er Pigs
Cross, Carole Redlands Water Bottle transit club
Dater, Elliot Pittsburgh Pierogies
Gibson, Robert Social Distancers (VA)
Graham , Kevin Team Rock Chalk
Graham, Darla Team Rock Chalk
Hulse, Loni Trinity Trekkers
Hundman, Chase Team Ouch
Icenbice, Kenneth The Virginians
Jopling, John Pittsburgh Pierogies
Kasparek, Kathy Team Rock Chalk
Kass, Jim Sore Kasses
Kass, Rick Sore Kasses
kjellstrom, kevin Paul's Friends
Madden, Gail Redlands Water Bottle transit club
McDermott, Kevin Paul's Friends
McShane, James Team Ouch
McShane, Matthew Team Ouch
Mennel, John Social Distancers (VA)
Miller, Stephanie Texas Rangers
Nabors, Lee team Caroline
Oneill, Daniel Team Heisenberg
Osis, David Trinity Trekkers
Pfirrmann, Deborah The Virginians
Pfirrmann, Fred The Virginians
Praska, David Stary Prazsky
Praska, Mark Stary Prazsky
Pravda, jeff safran's yankee shuckers
Richards , Lynn Summer Grads
Richey, Jon Team Heisenberg
Richey, Mark Team Heisenberg
Robinson, Teresa Team Rock Chalk
Safran, Jesse Safran's Yankee Shuckers
Schmidt, Don Pittsburgh Pierogies
smith, randall R Smith
Stearns, Oliver Summer Grads
TASCH, MARTIN team ouch
Turpin, Jerry Road Runners
Vano, Corinne Pittsburgh Pierogies
Vano, Robert Pittsburgh Pierogies
Voss, Scott Road Runners
Wagner, Bob Team Trilogy
Walsh, Tim Team Heisenberg
Adreon, Shane
Anderson, Danielle Virgin Territory
Anderson, Jeff
Berg, Eric
Blodgett, James
Briney, Charles
Cable, Dennis
Cable, Elizabeth
Cipolone, Peter
Colton, Russell Wild Georgia Boyz
Cucciarre, Frank
Danforth, Kati Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
danyluk, dawn
danyluk, george
Davis, Stefan
Gutsch, Barbara
Healey, Joe
Hicks, Michael Virgin Territory
Huisinga, Gary Virgin Territory
Johnson, Jon Wild Georgia Boyz
Leggette, Myles Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
Leggette, Wesley Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
Macejik, Joe WI/MN Pedal Pushers
McHugh, Mark West is Best
Schluter, Andrew Virgin Territory
Sykes, Karin Virgin Territory
Tenhouse, Steve Virgin Territory
Tillotson, Wayne WI/MN Pedal Pushers
yates, donald Wild Georgia Boyz
Zhuang, Yuxuan Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
Zindars, Bruce Virgin Territory
Brennan, Gerald Padres
de peralta, aireen Padres
Fallon, James Padres
hickman, charles
Hughes, Susan Padres
Hughes, Thomas Padres
Hull, Len
Huston, Lynette
Ilgenfritz , Nancy Padres
Jakus, Lawrence Padres
Judy, Ben
Madison, Elizabeth
Molleran, Virginia
Murphy, Thad
Patrick, Walt
Peatman, Bob
Rapcan, Thomas
Reed, Regina Padres
Roth, Gene
Ruff, Dean Padres
Russ, Thomas
Schmid, Travis Padres
Schuster, Andy
Schuster, Brad
Simmons, Newton
Smith, Chuck
Swanson, Scott
Tomlinson, Mark
waterfield, gary Padres
Weber, William Padres
Wichmann, Erin
Willett, Mallory
9:00 Buses
Balke, Bret Dillo
Barder, Jonathan Barders
Barder, Megan Barders
Bauer, Nanette BRANDB
Bell, Herman ATW Against the Wind
Blair, Mark Bresser Boys AKA: Cincinnati Cycling S.O.B
Bresser, Brad Bresser boys
Bresser, William Bresser boys
Buchanan, Jeff Chemical Dependent
Delhomme, Andry Delhomme
Delhomme, Luke Delhomme
Dickeson, Alison Dickeson
Dickeson, Blaine Dickeson
DuChene, Tammy Chemical Dependent
DuChene, Tom Chemical Dependent
Flynn, James Dillo
Gathman, Kim Chemical Dependent
Gathman, Tim Chemical Dependent
Hish, Greg Chemical Dependent
Huckaby, Jason BALPOD
Huckaby, Julie BALPOD
Langman, Owen Bone-in Dry Rub
Lohman, Tyler Cycle Friends
McClain, Jim ATW
Miles, Brendan Bone-In Dry Rub
Nathanson, Rita BRANDB
Nieman, Bill BRANDB
Phillips, Diana d+d
Phillips, Doug d+d
Powell, Helen Charm City Cycles
Rattey, Norman Colby74
Rothberg, Brian Colby74
Schreffler, Curt CAS
Seidel, Laura Charm City Cycles
Selsky, Jeremy Chemical Dependent
Simcox, Jean Carolina Simcox
Simcox, Kevin Carolina Simcox
Stephenson, Kenneth
Suskind, Steve
Tanler, Amy BRANDB
Walters, Keith
Whitters, Hailey
Wilson, Craig Cycle Friends
Winter, Paul
Yates, Guy
Zauhar, Joni
Abdelmalek, Emily Florinooga
Alexander, Andrew Gunks
Bannon, Peggy Gutmann
Bell, Jon Donner Party
Bell, Loretta Donner Party
Casciaro, Karen Fox Valley Bicycle and Ski Club
Cook, Lindsey Gutmann Group
Drees, David Drees Ride
Drees, Emily Drees Ride
Drees, Nancy Drees Ride
Duncan, Tony Gutmann Group 1101
Ernster, Mike Donner Party
Fischgrund, Dave Donner Party
Fischgrund, Lynne Donner Party
Giunta, Carole Giunta's and the Mayor
Giunta, Greg Giunta’s and the Mayor
Giunta, Joe Giunta's and the Mayor
Green, Ava Florinooga
Hallowell-Nyenhuis, LynnDONNER PARTY
Hamalainen, Steve Hammer
Heming, Lisa Donner Party
Heming, Scott Donner Party
Hester, Jennifer Gutmann Group 110
Karthan, Jim El Diablo
Karthan, Sam El Diablo
Kendt, Daniel Go Cubs
Kendt, Timothy Go Cubs
Kralovansky, ChristineDonner Party
Lai, Daniel Gutmann
Lotreck, Serena Gunks
Marquardt, Jill Donner Party
Marquardt, Scott Donner Party
McCardwell, Kenneth Gutmann # 1101
McPeck, Erika Florinooga
Moes, Milah Donner Party
Moore, Frederick Gutmann Group (110)
Nivert, Joe Donner Party
Nyenhuis, Scott DONNER PARTY
O’Connell , Bill Hammer
Resener, Kurt gutman
Resnick, Rachel Gunks
Setser, Kelly Gutmann
Siebert, Judith Donner Party
Sligar, William Gutmann
Waterloo, Daniel EZMAIL
Wells Cain, Shelly Donner Party
Wilding, George Gutmann
Woodward, Graham Fox Valley Bicycle and Ski Club
Aklan, Gregory Low and Slow
Aklan, Matthew Low and Slow
Blake, John Oregon Trailers
Busalacchi, Maureen Porkandpie
Chartrand, Pat Pahaffey Riders
Donovan, Joseph Harrison Rule
Fernandes, Doug Pittsburgh Pierogis
Fernandes, Maria (Sally) Pittsburgh Pierogis
Guffey, Mark Jones Party Peddlers
Harris, Melanie Pittsburgh Pierogies
Harrison, Jim Harrison Rule
Herting, Laura Herting Riders
Herting, Mike Herting Riders
Holdcroft, Tim Pork Me Amadeus
Jones , Alex Jones Party peddlers
Jones, Gretchen Jones Party Peddlers
Joyce, Edward Lojo
Kedley, John Pahaffey Riders 3265
KRUMHOLZ , Keith Pork me Amadeus
Lamb, Bruce Lambs Legion
Lorenz, Richard LoJo
McGuire, Nancy M&M Cheeseheads
Moericke, Doug M&M Cheeseheads
Mueller, Brian PorkandPie
Munsch, Tammy Low and Slow
Readey, Lynn Readey
Readey, Michael Readey
Rigatti, Steven Harrison rule
Rosenthal, Larry Pork Me Amadeus
Rosenthal, Natalie Pork Me Amadeus
Ross, Randy powercat98
Saponas, Jennifer Old Dad and Daughter
Saponas, Tom Old Dad and Daughter
Schneider, Ben Mass Schneider
Schneider, Gary Mass Schneider
Schneider, Jeremy Mass Schneider
Shea, Caroline Nova Newbies
Shea, Victoria Nova newbies
Siegal, Eric Porkandpie
Statt Blake, Megan Oregon Trailers
Tiernan, Robert Harrison Rule
Wallace, Andrea Low and Slow
Wolfe, Steve Is this Heaven?
Yeakey, Aaron NY Cattle Company
Yeakey, Hannah NY Cattle Company
Yeakey, Michael NY Cattle Company
Young, Marc Porkandpie
Akin, David Spoke Folk
Barton, Paul SMES
Belinsky, Nancy TXDebsnfriends
Briggs, Jeremy Team Pandaks
Charbonneau , Chris The Gutmann Group 1101
Dupee, Sarah Sunshine Bridge
Eagles, Carrie SMES
Francek, Mark True_Bikers
Friemark, Lanette Tour de Amigos
Grater, Teryn TXDebsnfriends
Hackett, Doug TXHawkeyes
Hankins, Timmy Team Pandaks
Hayes, Brendaa Team Cuisine
Hebert, Deb Sassholes
Hudmon, Jacki Spoke Folk
Iseman, Margaret rikvanrob
Iseman, Steve rikvanrob
Keiler, Kenneth team Cuisine
Keller, John True_Bikers
Kelsall, Darrell Twopsnapod
Lamb, Alexander Viola
Lamb, Kirk Viola
McDonald, Charles Team Cuisine
McGovern, Bill Team Cuisine
Monte, Sarah Saryl
Movic, Ed Team Movic
Muenster, Mary TXDebsnfriends
Nelessen, Donna Tour de Amigos
O'Malley, Morgan Team Pandaks
ORLIKOWSKI, Bob Team Heisenberg
ORLIKOWSKI, LORI Team Heisenberg
Ottley, Luis SMES
Pace, Daryl Saryl
Revell, Eric Team Reb
Revell, Jeff Team Reb
Roth, Tom Team Cuisine
Salisbury, Janet Viola
Salisbury, Sean Viola
Shafer, Barbara the Gutmann Group #1101
Shaw, Aaron The Rolling Thunder
Shaw, Nathan The Rolling Thunder
Shreve, Dale Tammy's Riders
Shreve, Paul Tammy's Riders
Smith, David The Rolling Thunder
Snyder, Phil Sunshine Bridge
Sullivan, Brian SMES
Triplett, Bill TTT Adventures
Triplett, Lynne TTT Adventures
Volk, Paula Team Sasshole
Vyn, Christopher Team Pandaks
Zunzunegui, Eduardo "Ed" SMES
Appel, Glenn
Bender, Clark Worst Pace Scenario
Bradley, Melissa
Brown, Lawrence
Brown, Lyudmila
Campbell, Dennis
Cassady, David
Christenson, Rick
Diekema, David
Dombek, Christopher
Dowling, Kenn
Enstad, Gary What the Duck
Garey, Thomas
Gear, Jacob
Gidewall, Kenton
Higgs, Ferlina
Hostetler, Sam
Huskey , Korie What the duck
Jedlicka, Richard
Kemper, Dale
Kim, Noa
Knefel, John
Lehman, Tracy WHAT THE DUCK
Lohman, Nathaniel
Mangin, Dawn WHAT THE DUCK
Marshall, Steve Worst Pace Scenario
Matel, Jill Worst Pace Scenario
Maurer, Alicia
Mazuchowski, Don WOW
Oglanian, James Worst Pace Scenario
Osborn, Dan Worst Pace Scenario
Reynolds, Ronald
Sanborn, Arthur
simmons, scott
Siskind, Greg West is Best
smietana, adam
Smietana, Paul
Smith, Marla What the Duck
Stamp, Gregory
Steinle, Michael
Vasquez, Francis Worst Pace Scenario
Wietharn, Bill WOW
Wietharn, Keith WOW
Yoder, Rick What day is it?
Zick , Dennis WHAT THE DUCK
Zohfeld, Chris ZOHFELD
Zohfeld, Ricky ZOHFELD
Unassigned Folks
At this point, if you are not assigned to a coach/departure, you’ll need to write to dave@pkbelly.com
Give Dave your preferred departure time and coach number and tell him what type of bike we will carry across the state for you (road bike, recumbent, trike).  The only way to get an assignment now is to write to Dave. Please don't bother completing the June Form at this point.
Rider         Group
Aldridge, Scott Gutmann
Apgar, Gary Apryls Painting
Ashton, Chris Shelby Ave Bike Co
Babich, Gregory Amelia Island Cycling
Barber, Scott
Billings, George
Crider, Bruce
Doyle, Amanda Pork Pullers
Esneault, Deborah
Golden , Leslie Team Must Have
gordon, apryl Apryls Painting
gregg, katie jones party peddlers
Hassler, Frank Frank Hassler
Hilbert, Carl Pittsburgh Pierogies
Hilton, Jesse Chochal
Hilton, Natalia Chochal
Honig, Greg Honig's
Honig, Ronald
Jernegan , Neil Pork Pullers
jernegan, carl
jernegan, warren
Johnson, Josh
Kollinger, Peter
Krumm, Lucas
Larsen, William
Lemons, Chelsea What the Duck
loftis, beth camino riders
Lynch, Jeff
McCoy, Glenn
McGaughey, Shelby
McGaughey, Tyler
Meinert, Marty Pittsburgh Pierogies
Miess, Ally Jones Party Peddlers
Mira Cervera, Francisco
Moes, Casey Donner Party
momeyer, debora Pittsburgh Perogies
Neikirk, Kay Gutmann
Nolan, Wendy
Norlock , Raymonda Florinooga
Oliveira, David
osterwald, ren camino riders
Osuna, Sergio
Palmer, Stella Pahaffey Riders
Payton, Jennifer
Pitchko, Joseph Amelia Island Cycling
Pitchko, Patricia Amelia Island Cycling
Poindexter, Michael Gutmann
Randall, Benjamin jones party peddlers
Schleisman, Tony
Selsky, Jeremy Chemical Dependent
Shea, Donald NoVA Newbies
smith, amy jagoff
sommer, hugh what day is it
Spooner, Michal Caroline Cyclist
St.Onge, Joseph br/oh! Buds & Suds Cycling Team
Staker, Elizabeth
Sword, Larry Stragglers
Thomas, Trevor Team Must Have
Turner, Collier Los Locos North Texas
Turner, Laura Los Locos North Texas
Von Tungeln, Seth VTP
Walcott, Dexter Caroline cyclists
Weaver, Howard
Weller, Mike
Wolgemuth, Randy What day is it
Wollam, John