Pork Belly Update #2-Ask Us Anything

January 28, 2021
Dear Porkers,
Over the past year, we've frequently found ourselves in a place called New Territory, and this Sunday, we're going there again with our LIVE Facebook Event: "Ask Us Anything!"
You savvy people will know that AMA--Ask Me Anything--is a thing. It's new to us. Pete, Tammy, and Dillon will comprise our little panel. We'll talk a bit about what's coming up, and we'll respond to any questions you may post about RAGBRAI, Birds & Bees, our plans for the Mickelson Trail Ride, the Missouri Double Cross, and/or Tire Swing in September. Or anything! We have a full season ahead and plenty to talk about.
Join Us, Please!
[It'll be real.]
Sunday, January 31, at 3:00 p.m.
What Else Is Coming Down the Pike?
There is a LOT going on! Take a look below and be sure to join in.
The RAGBRAI (Virtual)
Route Announcement Party
Here's an even bigger deal this weekend-The Virtual RAGBRAI Route Announcement Party! Though RAGBRAI 2021 will mainly follow the route that was planned for 2020, we party-goers will be able to cast our minds forward to July and learn about a route-tweak or two. This exciting event comes to us live from the Big Grove Taproom in Iowa City! Get your $25 tickets--which benefit the Iowa Bicycle Coalition--by clicking the link below. On Saturday, grab a bite and a cold one, and we'll see ya there!
The PBV RAGBRAI Invitation Letter
The only thing we're waiting for, friends, is the new info about the 2021 RAGBRAI Route. When we have that, we'll be publishing a revised version of the PBV RAGBRAI Invitation Letter. We're sure you can tell from the posts on our FB page that we're homesick for RAGBRAI, where PBV started some 28 years ago. It will be our pleasure to resume scouting and planning the best week of the year, along with our friends at RAGBRAI.
By the way, we've heard from a lot of you that you're bringing newbies this July--and thank you for telling them about Pork Belly Ventures! Be sure to write to tammy@pkbelly.com with any addresses we should add to our list.
A Fond PBV Memory:
Our 2017 Hallelujah Moment
Most of you will remember this. A few years back we published a RAGBRAI-inspired rewrite of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah." It went over so well that we made a plan to sing it together on our last night. When Friday night came, we were astonished at the number of riders who gathered to sing. Our house band, The Ramblers, kindly learned the song in advance and led us. [song sheet HERE] Goosebumps! It’s a wonderful feeling to sing with a big group. You feel your friends around you and the swell of their voices. It's hard to explain how important a role camaraderie plays in our RAGBRAI experiences, and from our view up front, we could see a visceral reaction to the words “friends who lift you up with Hallelujah." 
Well, there was a whole lot of hugging and laughing when it was over. We sang again in Iowa City in 2018. And again in Fairfield in 2019. Wouldn't it be wonderful to sing Hallelujah when we're together again on RAGBRAI 2021?
Here's a little window to the best week of our year...
Winter Scouting Again!
We scouted Birds & Bees last month, and just this week, the Malvern City Council approved our request to overnight at Boehner Pond! We'll continue our work on this new PBV 4-day adventure.
This week and next, we have almost daily meetings with our crew. Clearly, it's going to be a full weekend with the RAGBRAI RAP and our LIVE Facebook event. AND right away on Tuesday, we're jumping in the van and heading for South Dakota. Yes, we do know how loony it seems to be driving north from Iowa in February. We're packing the warmest duds we got and scouting a brand new PBV ride, coming in late June on the breathtaking Mickelson Trail. As ever, we'll be able to answer texts and emails while we're away.
Like you, we are oh-so-weary of the phrase "in these uncertain times." In fact, we've read a few sources who want to ban it! We're not out of the woods just yet, but we're keeping the faith. We're pedaling toward the spring of 2021 with optimism, with great excitement about our favorite trails and rides, and with eager anticipation of your good company. Until then, we remain...
Your friends,
Tammy and Pete
Pork Belly Ventures LLC 
Tammy: 712.328.0161 h, 808-375-8921 c, tammypav@cox.net
Pete: 712-328-6836 h, 402-681-2613 c, petephillips@cox.net|