Pork Belly Update #20---Omaha/LeMars Shuttle Rosters

July 13, 2021
 Over a couple days, PBV has published
a short series of three or four updates
related to our pre-RAGBRAI shuttles. 
They have contained bus rosters.
Before you scroll for your name,
READ THE FIRST LINES of the update,
telling you which rosters follow. 
If you're not using this particular shuttle,
by all means delete the update.   
Dear Porkers, 
This update, the last in our series of shuttle-roster updates, is for those using our Omaha Shuttle from Omaha to LeMars on Saturday, July 24.
Other Rosters Published
We published Des Moines/LeMars Shuttle Rosters in Update #17 on Sunday and our East/West Shuttle Rosters in Updates #18 (Friday departures) and #19 (Saturday departures) yesterday. These updates are on the app and at pkbelly.com under updates. Note that they are published in their original form, regardless of changes you may have requested subsequently.
Omaha to Council Bluffs, July 24
For complete information about this shuttle, see Your June Letter for details on all topics:
  • Getting from Airport to Hotel Parking Lot
  • Arriving Early and Allowing Time!
  • Valet Parking from PBV Designated Airport Hotels
  • Proximity of convenience store and Subway
  • Perkins Restaurant next door to our hotels
  • much more
At this point in the season, you must read for answers. We know that most of you have already done so, and thank you.
Rosters are below.
Reminder: Saturday Breakfast at Best Western Plus
Do remember that if you are spending Friday night at Best Western Plus or at Candlewood Suites hotels, you ARE entitled to breakfast at Best Western Plus on Saturday morning. If you are staying at some other hotel, no need to go into the breakfast room at the Best Western Plus. Join us in the back parking lot of Candlewood Suites where shuttles depart. Purchase breakfast items at the nearby convenience store. Buy your breakfast at the lovely Perkins restaurant. But you won't be entitled to the hotel breakfast from Best Western.
An Optimistic Schedule!
For those flying in on Saturday, we have tried to assign folks to the earliest departure available after they arrive. If you feel more comfortable being assigned to a later departure, let us know and we'll move you. But we have space on most every departure, so we have some flexibility to bump our afternoon arrivals to the next departure. In other words, we'd like to give you shot at the earliest one you could make, given when your flight is scheduled to arrive.
Unassigned Folks
If you have not given us arrival information, you will find your name on the last list below. No blame, no shame, but please complete your June Form asap. You may write to me, but you still have to complete it in order for your name to pop up in my coach-assignment software! Once you've done it, your name will appear on our "manage bus departures" page, and I will assign you to a departure. For Omaha folks, there's no getting around the June Form. 
Once More--Here's How to Login and
Complete Your June Form
  • At pkbelly.com, go to login and enter your username and password.
  • Scroll down and see your name on the left.
  • The green tab, June Form, appears on the right across from your name.
  • Click on that green tab.
  • Complete the form and then click on "Omaha" at the end.
  • The final questions will appear, regarding your arrival and preferences for the Omaha/LeMars Shuttle.
  • Save!
Rosters Below
For everyone who gave us arrival information, we have pasted in ten rosters below so that there's no question about when you're climbing aboard. Please scan and locate yourselves to learn your bus departure times. In most cases we have given you a departure quite close to your requested time. 
If you want a different assignment for any reason, we will do our best for you. Just write to tammy@pkbelly.com.
Some of you have team members who are already assigned. We hope it's possible to get you on the same coach. But write to us right away, and complete the June Form, as they have done. 
On July 24th
We will be as flexible as we can on July 24, but please don't assume that we'll have room for you any old time on Saturday. We'll definitely have room for you at your departure time.
Thanks, everyone, and stand by for our last updates soon.
Tammy and Pete
PBV Shuttle from Omaha to LeMars,
Saturday, July 24
7:30 coach
  1. Armour, Tim
  2. Bingham, Robert
  3. Bithell-Hottel, Sandra (Just N Joying Life)
  4. Blim, Tom (Jersey Boys)
  5. Chalif, Joshua (Chalif)
  6. Cooper, Ruthie (Chico Nuts)
  8. Croker, Ginia
  9. Dunberg, Andrew (Jersey Boys)
  10. Farris, Tom (Seersucker Cyclist)
  11. Felger , Robert
  12. Flores, Chloe (Ducks 2 Give)
  13. Flores, Mikey (Ducks 2 Give)
  14. Gilchrist, Larry
  15. Horvath, Christine (2 Snowmen and 1 Cactus )
  16. Jacobson, Steven (Greg Smith)
  17. Jenkins, John (Seersucker Cycalist)
  18. JENSEN, DANNY (Greg Smith)
  19. Jernigan , Christal (Major Taylor Phoenix Riders)
  20. Kester, Theresa
  21. Markel, Nicholas (Morette Mad Men)
  22. Martin, Carol (Vine Avenue Velos)
  23. Maurer, Paul (Maurer power happy hour)
  24. Molesworth, Richard (Jersey Boys)
  25. Nibarger, Michael (Five-O)
  26. Porter, Steven (Chico Nuts)
  27. Prescott, Mark (Pedal M-M)
  28. Prescott, Martha (Pedal M-M)
  29. Richardson, Tim (TTT Adventures)
  30. Roach, Terrence
  31. Saling, Brenda (PDX-OXEN team)
  32. Satak, Amy (Satak)
  33. Satak, Jay (Satak)
  34. Saville, Christine (Los Locos of North Texas)
  35. Sherman, Andrew
  36. shook, rodney (greg smith)
  37. Sipher, Wally (Chico Nuts)
  38. Slegers, Janet (Seer sucker)
  39. Stewart, Carly (California Coasters)
  40. Trinidad, Eddie
  41. Tripp, Brandon
  42. Wallace-Gilliam, Janet
  43. Wildes, Daniel
  44. Wildes, Melissa
  45. Wylie, Jill (California Coasters)
8:00 coach
  1. Allgood, Patrick
  2. Andres, Russell (RideOnCycling)
  3. Andres, Ryan (RideOnCycling)
  4. Birnbaum, Bebe (MB rides)
  5. Birnbaum , Mark (MB rides)
  6. Bruton, Theresa
  7. Caouette , Michael (Morette Madness)
  8. Chumlongluk, Panithi
  9. Coulter, Gregory
  10. Coulter, Kathryn
  11. Frank, Bob (The Fab 5)
  12. Furnia, Andrew (RAGbros)
  13. Furnia, Jeff (RAGBros)
  14. Hale, David (Halestorm Thundercats Ho)
  15. Hale, James (Halestorm Thundercats Ho)
  16. Hinshaw, Bill (The Fab 5)
  17. Jackman, Tim (JNK)
  18. Kashiwabara, Yuki (Morette Madness)
  19. Kirklen, Chuck (JNK)
  20. Kovner, Richard (rikvanrob)
  21. McCormick, Shawn (Ross Friends)
  22. Miller, Marvin
  24. Neher, Darwin
  25. Peters, Julie (Ride Like the Winded)
  26. Peters, Randall (Ride Like the Winded)
  27. Quinn, Michael (Morette Madness)
  28. Ross, Michelle (Ross Friends)
  29. Russell, Scott (The Fab 5)
  30. Senitz, Mark (Fab 5)
  31. Snell, John (Ross Friends)
  32. springer, jon
  33. Spurgin, Keith (The Fab 5)
  34. Stanley, Glen (Morette's Madness)
  35. Stanley, Janice (Morette's Madness)
  36. Van Brunt, Frank (rikvanrob)
  37. Wallin, Robert (rikvanrob)
  38. Yost, Kris (Medicine Men)
9:00 coach
  1. Adams, John (Marco Polo)
  2. Alvarez, John (Tortoise & the Hare)
  3. Alvarez, Kelly (Florinooga)
  4. Alvarez, Rene (Tortoise & the Hare)
  5. anzalone, john (DCFUN21)
  6. Armendariz, Daniel (Pie Sleep Bike Repeat)
  7. Blau, Amy
  8. Campbell, Michael (Ogdie)
  9. Catlin, Brian (Sons of Bohunks)
  10. Clark, Scott (sons of bohunks)
  11. DeLuca, Tom (Marco Polo)
  12. Dietz, Sidney (Ogdie)
  13. Ewer, Lynette (Tour de Amigos)
  14. Gibbs, Robert (DCFUN21)
  15. Hemphill, James
  16. Hemstreet, Gary (Hemstreet/Strahle)
  17. Huguley, Thad (DCFUN21)
  18. Jetton, Claud (Jetton)
  19. Lehrer, Peter
  20. Marrone, Frank (Handlebar Bicycle Club)
  21. Morvant, Elise (TXDebsnfriends)
  22. Pabian, Jeff (Sons of Bohunks)
  23. Pence, Debra (TXDebsnfriends)
  24. Price-Edwards, Tonsa (Major Taylor Phoenix Riders)
  25. Prudhomme, Sarah (Jetton)
  26. Rader, Caroline (Desert Gators)
  27. Rader, Richard (Desert Gators)
  28. Rader, Robert (Desert Gators)
  29. Saftig, Dan (Pork Me Amadeus)
  30. SAUCHELLI, ANDREW A (Kokopelli Riders)
  31. Shimon, Debra
  32. Shimon, Ted
  33. Snoyer, Jeff
  34. Steward, Erin (marco polo)
  35. Steward, Scott (marco polo)
  36. Stucker, Bruce (STRENGHT & COURAGE)
  37. Stucker, Darryl (STRENGTH&COURAGE)
  38. VanArsdale, Harry "Buzz" (Santa Barbara)
  39. VanArsdale, Susan (Santa Barbara)
  40. Williams, Todd (Team Costal)
10:15 coach
  1. Arzayus, Felipe
  2. Baldwin, Debbie (Pink ladies)
  3. Balestreri, Richard (AMDG Cycling)
  4. Barber, Raymond
  5. Bonfiglio, Greg (AMDG Cycling)
  6. Boyle, Tom (Pittsburgh Perogies)
  7. Caraker, Brian
  8. Cassell, Sharon (Morette Madness)
  9. Caton, Justin
  10. Claymore, Richard (AMDG Cycling)
  11. Davis, Benjamin (Loki)
  12. DeGraw, Jim (AMDG Cycling)
  13. Erickson, Keith (Broken Spokes)
  14. Erickson, Melanie (Broken Spokes)
  15. Fowler, Lindsay (Colorado Rados)
  16. Grassi, John (AMDG Cycling)
  17. Grassi, Kyle (AMDG Cycling)
  18. Grassi, Mark (AMDG Cycling)
  19. Green, Todd (Los Locos of North Texas)
  20. Grenoble, Creighton (Morette Madness)
  21. Hamalainen, Eric (Hamalainen1)
  22. Hamalainen, Hailey (Hamalainen1)
  23. Hladek, Ed
  24. Hughes, Christopher (hughes)
  25. Kaptur, Casey
  26. Kavle, Justine
  27. Keeshan, Britton (Cycle Friends)
  28. Kelloway, Roxene (Betty Team)
  29. Lamb, Matthias (Viola)
  30. Landers, Chris (Colorado Rados)
  31. Macaluso, Judith
  32. McCalmont, Tom (Barron Park Riders)
  33. Mendoza, John
  34. monks, ian
  35. Mott, Carla (Major Taylor Phoenix Riders )
  36. Myers, John (TXHawkeyes)
  37. Napoli, Brandon (The Osos Crew)
  38. Nixon, Shelly (Bayou Bikers)
  39. Nixon, Vance (Bayou Bikers)
  40. Northington, Daniel (The Osos Crew)
  41. Okiyama, Benny (Three Amigos powered by YoTeGi)
  42. Peet-Lukes, Terry
  43. Perrone, Denise
  44. Porter, Douglas (WAPACANY United)
  45. Prior, Christopher (Barron Park Riders)
  46. Quinn, Andrew (AMDG Cycling)
  47. Rafter, Marsha (Old and Hot Biker Babes)
  48. rudofsky, jonas
  49. Ruppel, Glenn
  50. Senchak, Fran (Old and Hot Biker Babes)
  51. Thompson, Jessica (Major Taylor Phoenix Riders)
  52. Wilson, Marcus (Major Taylor Phoenix Riders)
11:00 coach
  1. Anderson, Lynn (Nova Newbies)
  2. Avery, Darhl (RWRoadies)
  3. Baker, James
  4. Berris, Susan
  5. Brittain, Eric (Evian Ruff Ryders)
  6. Burt, Susan (Valyrian Steel Riders)
  7. Cain, Christopher
  8. Carlson, Steve
  9. Carver, Diane (Team BW)
  10. Carver, Karen (Team BW)
  11. Cochran, Chris (Infosend)
  12. Corbett, Anne (DCFUN21)
  14. Elliott, Mike (Simply Awesome)
  15. Feller, Lincoln
  16. Genovese, Sal
  17. Gustafson, Thomas (PDX Ox)
  18. gwertzman, alan (NSA)
  19. Hamburger, Martin (DCFUN21)
  20. Henderson, Zac
  21. Howe, MIke
  22. Keeshan, Connor (Cycle Friends)
  23. Krueger, Bob (Portland Team Ox)
  24. Krueger, Kristin (Portland Team Ox)
  25. Lee, Lauralyn (DCFUN21)
  26. McCutcheon, Garis
  27. Migoley, Joseph
  28. Noble, Bill (Banana Split Club)
  29. Pleiss, Barbara (Monkie Buttz)
  30. Pleiss, Christopher (Monkie Buttz)
  31. Pollard, Claire
  32. Schoenbeck, Holly (PDX Ox)
  33. Schramm, Louie (Snake Savers)
  34. Schramm, Sara (Snake Savers)
  35. Schroeder, Katherine (PDX Ox)
  36. Simmons, Mary Ann (Eastern Mystics)
  37. Simmons, thomas (Eastern Mystics)
  38. Tabor, KC (Team BW)
  39. Tarbell, Frederick
  40. Toscano, Joseph (Mission Control)
  41. Wacker, Terry (Time To Give)
  42. williams, megan
  43. Wirene, Charlie (Cycle Friends)
  44. Zanzig, Scott (Banana Split Club)
Noon coach
  1. Alwerth, Dianna (Redlands Water Bottle Transit Company)
  2. Braden, Christina
  3. Braden, Greg
  4. Brown, Stephen
  5. Brunk, Kevin
  6. cady, christopher
  7. Christensen, Erin (Christensen)
  8. Clark, Karen (San Francisco Hill Climbers)
  9. Cohen, Lester
  10. Crandall, Janice (Redlands Water Bottle Transit Company)
  11. Dolven, Bob
  12. Fisher, Michael (Fisher)
  13. Fisher, Stephen (Fisher)
  14. Hutchinson, Tanya
  15. Kopsa, Larry (KABO)
  17. Larson, Betsey (TeamBJ)
  18. Lincoln, Emma (Team Underdog)
  19. Martin, Jim
  20. Salem, Avi
  21. Saydah, Gary (San Francisco Hill Climbers)
  22. Scheib, Ken (ScheibTeam)
  23. Scheib, Margaret (ScheibTeam)
  24. Smith, Frank (Whiners)
  25. Snell, Katherine
  26. states, alan
  27. Thayer, Emily (Dont Stop)
  28. Thayer, Kris (Dont Stop)
  29. Thayer, Wayne (Dont Stop)
  30. Troth, Jaimee (Team BJ)
  31. Tubbs, Aimee
  32. Vincent, Marisue (Purple MT 2 Shining Sea)
1:00 coach
  1. Balatico, Mac (Three Amigos powered by YoTeGi)
  2. Cona, Joe
  3. Gray, Nickolas
  4. Greene, Mark (MP Greene)
  5. Greene, Penelope (MP Greene)
  6. Hines, Blair (Allen you can do this!)
  7. Jave, Larry
  8. Kenney, John (Pet Shop Bikes)
  9. LE-THAI, THUY (Siouxland Cycling Club)
  10. Nesbitt, Elizabeth (NoVA Newbies)
  11. Nesbitt, Phil (NoVA Newbies)
  12. Stellpflug, Mike
  13. Stone, Amy (padres cycle inn)
  14. Strobel, Brianna (Spicy Pigs)
  15. Toohey, Pete (Pork Me Amadeus)
2:00 coach
  1. Adkins, Mark (Sycamores)
  2. Anosa, John (anosa/brown)
  3. blackman, michelle (steveandmichelle)
  4. Brown, Barry (Anosa/Brown)
  5. Chambers, Wally
  6. Conley, Dennis (VFD)
  7. Davis, Jessica (Disco Inferno)
  8. DeRidder, Robert (Under Dog)
  9. Dogan, Shareese (Major Taylor Phoenix Riders)
  10. Dyer, David (Worst Pace Scenario)
  11. Fitzgerald, Skye
  12. Gray, Jesse (Woody's Wheels)
  13. Gray, Steve (Woody's Wheels)
  14. Hasselbring, Matthew (Pahaffey Riders)
  15. Hasselbring, Nathan (Pahaffey Riders)
  16. Holcomb, Jennifer (Jones Party Peddlers )
  17. Jones, Peter (Jones Party Peddlers )
  18. LaRocca, David (Cycle Friends)
  19. Lincoln, Paul (Team Underdog)
  20. Lorah, Dave (CLiPD)
  21. Maurer, David (Maurer power happy hour )
  22. McCauley, Shane
  23. Mehaffey, Kathryn (Pahaffey Riders)
  24. Meyer, Aaron (Brutesquad)
  25. Moore, Dennis (Disco Inferno)
  26. Mountz, Timothy (Sycamores)
  27. Mulligan, Brian (Wellesley Wheelers)
  28. Muzalim, abdullah (Major Taylor Phoenix Riders)
  29. Noble, Dana (Noble)
  30. Ojeda, Christopher (Panda Panda Panda)
  31. Parks, Thomas (vfd)
  32. Praska, Sheryl (Stary Prazsky)
  33. Sahler, Christy
  34. Saper, Ben (Hornets Nest)
  35. Steele, Maxwell
  36. Steffes, Jenny (Tampa Bay Cycling)
  37. Steffes, Terry (Tampa Bay Cycling)
  38. Streeter, Katelyn (PandaPandaPanda)
  39. Talken, JD
  40. taylor, steve (steveandmichelle)
  41. Vincent, Kent (Vincent van goes )
  42. Williams, Debra (TXDebsnfriends )
3:00 coach
  1. Gainey, Georgann
  2. Hale, Kendal (Chicken Sisters)
  3. Iselt, Suzanne (SuGar Riders)
  4. Kakimoto, Jason (Oltmans)
  5. Long, Natalie (Worm Moon Wedding Party)
  6. Magpiong, Glen (Wellesley Wheelers)
  7. Malatesta, Ronnie (Caroline Cyclists)
  8. Martinez, JohnPaul (Squeaky Wheels)
  9. McNamara, Diane (Wellesley Wheelers)
  10. McWilliams, Bennie
  11. Miller, Jackson (Oltmans)
  12. Morrison, Steven
  13. Patrick, Anne
  14. PEYTON, SHELLY (Brutesquad)
  15. Ray, Aaron
  17. Snider, Michael
  18. Stafford, Chris (Worm Moon Wedding Party)
  19. Stier, Shari (Wellesley Wheelers)
  20. Swan, Tucker (Wellesley Wheelers)
  21. Taylor, Joanna (Chicken Sisters)
  22. Wickersham, Walter (Wellesley Wheelers)
  23. Zanzig, Jane
4:00 bus
  1. Abrohms, Spencer (Half Baked)
  2. Aceves, Gisel
  3. Devney, Pat
  4. Kim, Jun Soo
  5. Kobrin, Sam (Half Baked)
  6. Lucas, Ryan (Half Baked)
  7. Ross, Jason (powercat98)
  8. Sheerin, Matthew (Midwest mid-best)
  9. Smith, Steve (Wild Georgia Boyz)
  10. Weiss, Mathew (Midwest Mid-Best)
Please complete your June Form right away. 
  1. Barrow, Clayton (Squeaky Wheels)
  2. Chastain, Luke
  3. coxon, brian (Speeding Gias)
  4. Davidson, Glenn
  5. Felmly, Rebecca
  6. Flynn, Brian
  7. francavilla , vic
  8. Gill, Gray
  9. Gray, Henry (Ranch)
  10. Havlick, John (Necrotic Wheels)
  11. Howard, Andrew (Nova Newbies)
  12. Howard, Laura (Nova Newbies)
  13. Katt, Timothy (Team Katt)
  14. Koch-Stoschek, Cornelia (Pink Ladies)
  15. landis, thierry
  16. Malina, Joshua
  17. melat, larry
  18. Reck, Joe (Ranch)
  19. Rigdon, John (Infosend)
  20. Rotblatt, Zach (Pink Ladies)
  21. Scherwin, John (Speeding Gias)
  22. Schlothan, Daniel (Oltmans)
  23. Showalter, Chuck (Fortner)
  24. Shulman, Nancy (Pink Ladies)
  25. stofferahn, zach
  26. Vasef, Yashar (Dickels, Pickles and Pies)
  27. Woods, Amie (DCFUN19)