Pork Belly Update #21---Here's Our Week in the Corn

July 18, 2021
Dear Porkers,
Momentum is building out here in Iowa, and today's crew chief breakfast meeting lasted till 2:00 p.m. We've gone over work assignments, the day-to-day happenings in camp, and our trouble-shooting/contingency plans. God willing and the creek don't rise, it's all coming together.
How about you? Is your plan coming together? Checking your lists? Bike all tuned up? Is your duffel bag open on your bedroom floor?
In any case, here's an uplifting update to waft you through the rest of your preparations with a glimpse of what's waiting for you on the prairie...
Our Week in the Corn!
Before we get into our day-to-day delights, here are things you can count on every day in Pork Camp!
First of All,
Your PBV Maps!
Our maps show you our location in each overnight town, the rider routes to and from camp, the location of vendors and festivities in each town, shuttle routes and stops, and sometimes other conveniences in town or near camp. The last map has been approved, and we can now provide your set of maps in PDF format. Save them on your phone, print and laminate, or access them on the PBV Mobile App.
Every Day,
PBV Has You Covered.
Morning Coffee/
Grab-and-Go Breakfast Items
If you love your coffee in real life--dude, wait till you crawl out of your tent at 5:30 in the morning. Our fresh-brewed bottomless cup is a game changer. Note the location of the coffee trailer in the afternoon. You may be finding us in the dark. Don't mind our bed heads, and we won't mind yours. We start brewing at 4:30.
You will come to love this little coffee trailer. It will always be located near Roll With It, the front desk trailer. Near this trailer, you'll find an array of breakfast items from each vendor in each overnight town--and most of our vendors are non-profits, raising funds for kids, for athletic programs, or for their communities. The typical breakfast offerings in Pork Camp are some combination of these popular items: hard-boiled eggs, yogurt, bananas, some sort of donuts/pastries/muffins/sweet rolls, oatmeal packets, cheese sticks, granola bars, chocolate milk, and maybe other yummy things.
(Several of our vendors have promised hot breakfast--egg casserole on Sunday morning in LeMars, for instance, and pancakes on Thursday morning in Waterloo. Read further for details.)
BELOW: The Martell Tigers will camp with us on Thursday night in Anamosa and offer our breakfast on Friday morning! They're an under-11-year-old baseball team! (We think their moms are preparing the breakfast, though.)
Afternoon Food Vendors in Camp
The same can be said of our lunch vendors--most of them are committed to a good cause, volunteering their time, and hoping to use the funds they raise for one worthy purpose or another. In Waterloo, for instance, the Northeast Iowa Food Bank will be providing BOTH lunch and breakfast for Pork Belly Ventures. Let's be generous!
BELOW: These Northeast Iowa Food Bank pantry volunteers are helping those in need. And we will have a chance to help them make a big difference in the lives of those they serve!
Massage in Pork Camp
We'll have 10 massage therapists in camp--and their schedules are filling up with all the folks writing in response to our June Letter. If you want to make massage appointments in advance, you can still write to Julie at PBVMassage@gmail.com. Give Julie your name, the timeframe you prefer, the duration of the massage, and whether you prefer a male or female therapist.
During RAGBRAI, you can walk up and check for an open table, but it's smart to make appointments in advance.
Pork Yoga with Victoria
Nothing like a little a little down-dog to stretch out your hamstrings. Pork Yoga happens every day at 5:00 (but check the board on longer cycling days). Victoria is uber-strong, but you don't have to be a long-practicing yogi to enjoy and benefit from her sessions with us. Beginners welcome! Stretch those muscles and clear your head! Bring a mat or use our blankets. We're planning for 5:00 each day, but watch our announcement boards in camp for class times. Be sure to give Victoria a big Pork Namaste.
ABOVE, the amazing Victoria, and BELOW, a Pork-Yoga afternoon in 2019.
Bike Mechanics in Camp
Our mechanics will set up in Pork Camp each day about 3:00 through dinner. They can't overhaul your bike, but they can make adjustments for you. You can tip, but otherwise, no charge.
And remember that Pork Belly Ventures will have a full-service bike shop in camp each day, too. Forget something? Browse their bike merch and apparel! Hours vary. Please see our days-at-a-glance below.
A Message from our
Trumpet Chick!
Iowa girl, Alicia Rau can't make it this year (sniff), but here's a sweet message from her to YOU!
We'll miss you, Alicia. Next year!
And now, without further ado...
A Walk through Our Week ...
Mustering Day in LeMars
~~Saturday at a Glance~~
  • LeMars, Cleveland Park
  • You can walk or shuttle to the Bike Expo downtown, which opens at noon
  • All day till 8:00 pm, Check-in for PBV Weeklong Support
  • Pick up Massage Appointment Cards today!
  • Afternoon/Evening: Food truck of Central Catering, featuring Pulled Pork Sandwiches and sides.
  • Coaches arrive throughout the day; heavy arrivals from 11:30 to 3:00 p.m.
  • About 4:00 p.m. "Blue Sunday" band on Pork Stage
  • Showers until 8:00 in Cleveland Park
  • Sunday morning—grab and go breakfast items from our vendor--and slices of egg casserole-- beside our coffee trailer. Get something in your stomach before starting your first long cycling day--85 miles.
Saturday Description:
All day long, coaches will swing in and unload--- coaches from Clinton, from Omaha, and from Des Moines. When you step off the coach, grab your bags and come to the Front Desk to check in for our support.
Good news--you will love our improvements to the check-in process.
Once you're checked in, your tent is up, and your chores are done, you might want to hit up our lunch vendor for something delicious.
The RAGBRAI Bike Expo is downtown, maybe 7-8 blocks from camp--you'll see it on our LeMars map.
Remember those talented young people who blew your hair back in 2019? Once again, we'll have BluesEd high school musicians on stage, Blue Sunday, at right, starting about 4:00. We know there's a lot going on Saturday, but catch these guys in camp. They play at Jazz on the Green and other Blues events, alongside professional adult musicians.
When you wake up Sunday, come straight to the coffee trailer. Dave starts brewing at 4:30. The Central Catering food truck will be there with egg casserole and grab-and-go breakfast items too, so you can be nourished for your long first day.
Remember--baggage on the Stupidity trailer by 7:00. Out of rental tents by 7:00.
Your journey on two wheels begins!
Long Road, Tiny Town, Sac City
~~Sunday at a Glance~~
  • Sac City, United Bank of Iowa--with an ATM on site!
  • 84+ miles
  • Afternoon/Evening, Lunch Offerings from Elk Creek--gourmet brats and much more. (Joleen is baking Scotcheroos!)
  • 5:00 p.m. Pork Yoga on the Grass. We may start a bit later due to long miles--check the board.
  • 5:00 p.m. to dusk, Bike Tech in camp--full-service bike shop
  • 6:00 p.m. Welcome Supper, included for all Weeklong Porkers, menu below
  • 6:00 p.m. MK Ultra and the Burney Sisters on Stage during dinner for a Stompgrass vibe! (photo above)
  • Sac City entertainment nearby at the fairgrounds
  • Monday morning—Grab-and-Go Breakfast beside the coffee trailer from St. Mary's Catholic Church in Storm Lake/
Sunday Description:
It's a formidable first day's ride at 84+ miles. You'll be coming home to our pretty campsite out behind the United Bank of Iowa.
Our afternoon/
evening food vendor is Elk Creek--and they'll offer four varieties of footlong, gourmet, locker-made Family Traditions brats on a homemade bun or on a stick:
  • the Mushroom-and-Swiss Brat,
  • the Cheesy-Hashbrown Brat,
  • the Red-Radish-and-Onion Brat,
  • and the Sweet-and-Sassy Brat.
They'll have condiments, beef sticks, cole slaw, carrots, chips, and chocolate chip cookies and their freshly-baked Scotcheroos--a family recipe!
Grab a gourmet brat, take your hot shower (trailers in the parking lot), and get ready for our Welcome Supper and some great entertainment!
Here's the menu from The Villager, our caterer for Tonight's Welcome Supper at 6:00: a grilled chicken breast, Tim's potato salad, a rotini salad, broccoli salad, green salad, a dinner roll, and a brownie.
*The Vegetarian alternative is a meatless lasagna.
We serve until 8:00. If you have a big sweet tooth, you can visit our afternoon/evening vendor for scotcheroos or chocolate chip coolies! Two great bands are teaming up to entertain us tonight. MK Ultra joins the Burney Sisters, a double whammy with a Stompgrass vibe! After your first day's doozy of a ride, celebrate with us and let your hair down!
BELOW: The rhythmic guys of MKUltra
and the flag of their home state, Missouri!
COME MONDAY MORNING... Grab-and-go breakfast items beside our coffee trailer from St Mary's Catholic Church in Storm Lake.
Sweet Comforts in Fort Dodge!
~~Monday at a Glance~~
  • Fort Dodge, campsite at the Middle School
  • 67 miles
  • Afternoon-Evening Lunch Offerings from Haley and the Grub Hub! Plus pie and ice cream from St. Edmund School!
  • For those with PBV hotel reservations tonight, the Brookstone Inn is a few blocks away! (Coach transport of you and your baggage at 5:45 p.m.)
  • 5:00 p.m. Pork Yoga on the Grass
  • 5:00 to dusk, Bike Tech full service bike shop in camp
  • 6:00 p.m. Supper Tonight is optional: Michael Payne of Olde Boston Pub treats us with his pasta bake! Sausage, summer squash, zucchini, and red onion, layered with pasta and cheese--oh geez. More below.
  • 6:00 p.m. The Burney Sisters on stage and My-My-My! Have you heard them on our FB page? They sound as pretty as they look, and that's saying something.
  • Tuesday morning—grab and go breakfast items beside the coffee trailer, PLUS scrambled eggs and sausage, from the Badger Volunteer Fire Deparment.
ABOVE: The immensely talented
Burney Sisters will play for us Monday night in Fort Dodge!
Monday Description:
On Monday, Porkers, you'll ride a bit shorter day, about 67 miles, coming home to our grassy spot at the Middle School.
Afternoon/Evening Food Vendors: Haley at the Grub Hub is offering Philly cheesesteak, slaw, Navajo tacos, Walking tacos, cheese balls, fries, and chips. And Mary of St. Edmund School is offering pie and ice cream. So TWO vendors on site today!
Tonight's Optional Dinner includes Sausage Pasta Bake with, yellow squash, zucchini, red onion, mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce. Michael is including honey-glazed carrots, green salad with French or Ranch dressing, a dinner roll, and a cookie. We serve from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.
*The Vegetarian alternative is Pasta bake with onion, peppers and squash.
Up to you whether you dine with us tonight or not, but gee, it would be a mistake to miss the incredible voices of the Burney Sisters, and hey, your legs might need a rest. Monday's optional dinner in camp will be offered at check-in on Saturday in LeMars! It is $11.
COME TUESDAY MORNING... you don't have far to ride today, Porkers. Take time for the scrambled eggs and sausage breakfast of the Badger Fire Department--along with great Grab-and-Go breakfast items! It's a fundraiser for these volunteers! Let's help them protect their community!
BELOW: The Badger FD volunteers will be doing sausage and eggs
and more for you on Tuesday morning!
School Days in Iowa Falls--Sleeping in the Dorm
RIGHT: For many years, we have invited Billy McGuigan to perform in Pork Camp. He's always coming up with a new idea and a new band, and he performs with the Omaha Symphony!
On Groovy Tuesday, Billy and the Downliners will rock our world.
~~Tuesday at a Glance~~
  • Iowa Falls, Rock Run Elementary School, a leafy site with lots of shade, next to Ellsworth College
  • 55 miles (your short day)
  • Noon is when you will have access to your dorm room if you reserved it OR indoor sleeping if you reserved that option.
  • Heavenly Lunch Vending begins... TWO Vendors--The Ellsworth Athletic Boosters are doing pulled pork sandwiches, and Salt and Light (a youth group) is offering every sweet thing you love! More below!
  • All Afternoon: Drop off Dirty Laundry (to be returned fresh and clean on Wednesday)
  • 4:30 p.m. Welcome, Second-Half-Hoggers! 
  • 5:00 p.m. Farewell, First-Half-Hoggers!
  • 5:00 p.m. Pork Yoga on the Grass
  • 6:00 p.m. Supper Tonight is optional from Great Western Dining! Beef-n-Noodles, and a whole lot more!
  • 6:00 p.m. Billy and the Downliners on Pork Stage!
  • Joining us for dinner tonight, the inspiring athletes of Adaptive Sports Iowa!
  • Bike Tech set up in camp from about 7:00 to dusk.
  • 7:45 p.m. Last chance to drop off dirty laundry!
  • Wednesday morning, 4:30 am—grab and go breakfast items beside the coffee trailer from Salt and Light Youth Group.
ABOVE: Turn in your dirty laundry on Tuesday, Porkers. We'll give it back clean on Wednesday--a big morale boost!
Tuesday Description:
Along about Tuesday, you'll be ready for clean clothes! Don't forget to drop off dirty laundry this afternoon. We must have it by 8:00 pm. Come to our front desk, and we'll let you know where to put it. (You can buy our laundry service at check-in in LeMars on Saturday.)
Take a peek at your PBV application and note whether you're camping tonight, sleeping in the dorm, or sleeping at the Dale Howard facility.
The dorm is marked on our map, one block from camp. Check in between noon and 4:00!
Indoor sleeping in air-conditioning at the Dale Howard Building is just three blocks, noted on our map. We'll help you move your baggage for limited hours. Please check the board and COB.
Homemade Cookies: Frosted Sugar, Monster, Chocolate Chip, Lemon, Funfetti, Peanut Butter
Bars: Gourmet Fudge Brownies- assorted flavors, Chocolate Chip Nutella Bars, Salted Caramel Pretzel bars, Pecan Pie bars, Lemon Bars
Pies: Apple, Cherry, Blueberry, Southern Pecan, Bumble Berry, Strawberry Rhubarb    
Mini-Loaves: Banana, Banana Chocolate Chip, Lemon Poppyseed, Cinnamon Streusel, Pumpkin, Chocolate-Chocolate Chip
Supper tonight is optional: Great Western Dining will offer beef-and-noodles, a bakery roll and butter, broccoli and veggie salad and a spring mix/strawberry salad, plus cookies and fruit. We serve from 6:00 to 8:00.
*Vegetarian alternative is a meatless meatball and noodles. GF alternative is also available.
In the shady area out beyond the swings, sit down with your plate and enjoy Billy and the Downliners! This band can rock any song from the '50s, 60s, 70s, or 80s, and their great energy will soon have us on our feet. If you like our menu above, this optional dinner will be offered at check-in on Saturday in LeMars! It is $11.
Salt and Light will continue offering their treats right through dinner! OMG, how do we choose?
Our guests for dinner tonight are the riders of Adaptive Sports Iowa. They are athletes who embrace the challenge of RAGBRAI in spite of spinal cord injury, a lost limb, visual impairment, and brain injury.  Please take this opportunity to meet and visit with members of the ASI team. When you see them on the road, give a shout out from Pork Belly Ventures.
We are so lucky to have met Julie from Salt and Light. Her breakfast offerings include Breakfast burritos, Buttercream frosted cinnamon rolls, Caramel pecan rolls, assorted donuts and Danish, bagels and cream cheese, plus Grab-and-Go items like yogurt, bananas, chocolate milk, and granola bars.
SALT AND LIGHT is a non-profit, offering an encouraging environment for kids, nutritious snacks and meals, and also baking and cooking classes--other classes, too. They offer restaurant internships for students, and they never allow financial hardship to prevent participation. "Sometimes all it takes is one person believing in your potential," Julie said!
A Little Soul and Kindness in Waterloo!
~~Wednesday at a Glance~~
  • Waterloo camping at spacious Waterworks Park
  • About 68 miles
  • Afternoon/Evening Offerings -- the Northeast Iowa Food Bank is teaming up with their sponsors to offer us lunch and evening treats! Let's be generous!
  • Late Afternoon: Claim Your Clean Laundry Today--watch the board for Clean Laundry ETA
  • Early hours for Bike Tech today, 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. in Pork Camp
  • 5:00 p.m. Pork Yoga on the Grass
  • 6:00 p.m. Tonight's Dinner is Included for All Weeklong Porkers-- a Soul-Food Supper by the congregation of Mt. Carmel Baptist Church.
  • 6:00 p.m. Natalie Dark and her talented friend on Pork Stage tonight! Natalie played for us in Burlington, 2019!
  • Thursday morning—A pancake breakfast from the Northeast Iowa Food Bank, right beside the coffee trailer. Fill your tank before your longest day of the week--plus grab-and-go breakfast items.
ABOVE and RIGHT: Natalie Dark, a talented young musician. And we may have a surprise for you tonight!
Wednesday Description:
Sometime in the late afternoon when the laundry truck rolls in, we'll organize clean laundry bags. The crew will jump in and loosely alphabetize the bags. Don't grab your own laundry bag--"Barrett" looks too much like "Barnett," and a wrongly claimed bag creates panic. Let the crew find your bag and hand it to you. Enjoy the pleasure of sweet-smelling duds to carry you through!
Our afternoon vendor in camp is the Northeast Iowa Food Bank, teamed up with their sponsors to offer pork chop sandwiches, with sides of potato salad, pasta salad and chips, served with cookies, water, lemonade, or Gatorade. RAGBRAI is described as a 500-mile buffet. Let's help those who don't know where their next meal is coming from! Visit the Northeast Iowa Food Bank booth in camp!
The Congregation of Mt. Carmel Baptist Church, led by Reverend Franz Whitfield, will provide our included dinner tonight: Pulled Pork Sandwich on a bun, black-eyed peas, candied sweet potatoes, and a green salad. We serve from 6:00 to 8:00 a.m.
*The Vegetarian alternative is a black-bean burger.
Dessert is not included, but church ladies will be vending pound cake and fruit pies by the slice.
Tonight, it's the silky voices of Natalie Dark and her talented friend on stage. This might be your favorite night of the week!
Yet another hot breakfast to start your longest cycling day! Northeast Iowa Food Bank will offer you sausage and pancakes and grab-and-go items like hard-boiled eggs, bananas, chocolate milk, and donuts. 
Big Miles, Big Day, Big Amenities in Pork Camp!
~~Thursday at a Glance~~
  • Anamosa, at the Middle School
  • Close to 85 miles
  • Lunch offerings from our Middle School Boosters--they'll have Jimmy Johns sandwiches!
  • Noon to 7:00 p.m. Indoor Sleepers, check in at the Middle School (FULL)
  • Bike Tech about 4:00 to dusk
  • 5:00 p.m. Pork Yoga on the Grass (check the board, could be a little later)
  • 6:00 p.m. Supper Tonight is Optional. The Pork Producers have teamed up with the Avacentre--delicious menu below! (Do you like mac and cheese?)
  • 6:00 p.m. Grand Ave Ruckus on Pork Stage... Horns and drums!
  • When the band takes a break, we will recognize the hard-working Pork Belly Crew.
  • Friday morning—grab and go breakfast items beside the coffee trailer from our little baseball players--the Martell Tigers--and their moms!
Thursday Description:
This is a lovely middle school campus with cool green grass and a lot of space for indoor sleepers!
Lunch Vendor--the Middle School Boosters! Thanks to this wonderful group of volunteers for partnering with us! They are working with Jimmy John's to provide sandwiches, chips and a cold drink. Hoping to offer pie, cookies and bars as well. Due to long miles day, the Boosters will begin serving around 2:00 and go until dark.  
Indoor Sleeping
At the Middle School next door, we have filled the place with indoor sleepers (FULL). Sleepers, you'll have access to your sleeping space when you arrive in camp (at least by 1:00) and you can take a nap in the afternoon... but don't sleep through dinner! Because this sleeping venue is right on site, we ask you to take your own belongings into and out of the school!
Tonight's dinner is optional, and if you like the sound of our menu after your long cycling day, please sign up for this meal at check-in in LeMars. It is $11.
The Pork Producers of Jones County with the Avacentre (great caterer!) will offer a seasoned boneless pork chop, homemade baked mac and cheese, creamy coleslaw, a fresh garden salad, and buttery corn bread.
*The Vegetarian alternative is a stuffed green pepper.
On Stage tonight, we welcome eight guys with a lotta brass! Grand Ave Ruckus will perform all of our favorite covers with horns and drums!
Grab-and-Go breakfast items beside the coffee trailer from our little baseball players--the Martell Tigers--and their moms!
Bittersweet Farewell in DeWitt
~~Friday at a Glance~~
  • DeWitt, Westbrook Park, with shade galore!
  • 64 miles
  • 11:00 a.m. through dinner, Lunch Offerings the 4H kids--who may introduce you to a few barnyard animals!
  • 1-6 pm We are happy to talk through Saturday with you. If you have concerns about how things will go tomorrow, find me, Tammy, at the front desk.
  • Bike Tech in camp from about 5:00 to dusk.
  • 5:00 p.m. Pork Yoga on the Grass
  • 6:00 p.m. PBV Farewell Supper Tonight is Included for All Weeklong Porkers, and Sandy has come up with a new menu for Pork Belly Ventures!
  • 6:00 p.m. Vertigo on stage! These BluesEd kids will play their hearts out and lead us in Hallelujah at 8:00 p.m.
  • Friday morning—grab and go breakfast items beside the coffee trailer from the 4H Club!
Friday Description:
Your 64-mile pedal will lead you to the prettiest spot in DeWitt--Westbrook Park! The shade goes on and on!
Our afternoon/ evening vendor is the 4H Club--and they may invite you to interact with tractors and farm critters. It'll be fun! At his booth, Kevin, the 4H sponsor, will have chocolate milk, ham and cheese sandwiches on oat bread, humus wraps with lettuce, carrot sticks, string cheese, big dill pickles, chips, yogurt, hard boiled eggs, bananas, and assorted home made bars. Find them near our front desk and showers!
Grab your shower and get ready for a memorable last night with PBV!
ABOVE: Our canopies will flank our stage.
For the PBV Farewell Dinner (included in your weeklong support), Sandy is preparing Jambalaya with sausage, garlic bread, kernel corn, a fresh green salad, and a cookie.
*The vegetarian alternative is a meatless version of the jambalaya.
Tonight's entertainment during dinner (6-8 pm) is Vertigo--a BluesEd band we've enjoyed in the past! Look away from the stage for a moment or close your eyes. You'll swear that you're listening to seasoned professionals, not young fresh faces like these. PBV is proud to support BluesEd bands, and we know they'll deliver a wonderful finale to our week together.
Hallelujah Singalong
And finally, at about 8:00 p.m., we will gather around our stage, wondering where did our week go? Shoulder to shoulder, we'll sing "Hallelujah," our lyrics to Leonard Cohen's classic melody. Have you ever been part of a chorus? It lifts you up, hearing your own voice amid many other voices. Our dear musicians will accompany us, and we'll sing our conclusion to RAGBRAI 2021. Join us at 8:00.
Come Saturday Morning...
The 4H Kids will be back bright and early, offering  Grab and go items: chocolate milk, hard boiled eggs, yogurt, oatmeal, string cheese, and cinnamon rolls. We'll set them up next to the coffee trailer, starting at 4:30 a.m. Last day--sigh.
All Done in Clinton
~~Saturday at a Glance~~
  • Clinton--we'll stage shuttles at Clinton Park
  • 32 miles (plan your day, even though your miles are short)
  • All day, the Prince of Peace parents will grill burgers and hot dogs in Clinton Park. More below.
  • Bike-shipping, showers, claiming baggage, boarding coaches--we'll help you navigate this day.
  • 12:00 to 2:30 p.m. All PBV Shuttles depart in this window.
  • 2:00 p.m. Pork Showers will begin closing down--and we'll close earlier if folks are all done.
Our Afternoon Food Vendor in Clinton
Our friends at Prince of Peace School will have two tents in Clinton Park, to keep you fed and happy at the end of your ride. Need a bite to eat while you're waiting for your shuttle departure? Want to take something delicious on board the coach? Try a burger or hot dog with cheesy potatoes, plus sweet and salty snacks!
As You Ride into Clinton, Have a Plan! Think about these things before your last day...
  • Look closely at our map and understand the process of riding to the dip site at the Mississippi River for your ceremonial dip and then on to us at Clinton Park.
  • If you parked at VIP Parking near the river, ride directly to your car, load your bike, and drive to Clinton Park for a burger, a shower, and your bags!
  • If you parked at Primary Parking, you, too, can ride to your car and load your bike, then come back to Clinton Park for whatever you need before heading out!
  • If you're catching our shuttles to Omaha, Des Moines, or to the Quad Cities airport, don't get caught up in the party at the river. Get on over to Clinton Park and catch your bus!
And finally...
When you're part of a moving carnival, in a new place every day, it can be challenging to find where things are located in camp. Which is why we created the COB (campground orientation board) which will hang on the end of our Front Desk trailer each day. Sara has created magnetic pieces--symbols--for rental tents, charging trailers, showers, bike mechanics, yoga, dinner, and much more. When you come into camp, walk over to the Front Desk. Read our announcement boards and check out the COB. Find "You Are Here," and then get oriented. Snap a photo of the COB! No more standing in line to ask where everything is! You'll easily get oriented at the COB. We'll send a daily COB photo on the app.
The App!
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With our last gasp, we remind you that every single day of RAGBRAI, we'll be sending you notices on our App--"Here's What's Waiting for You in Pork Camp Today!"
You can't remember everything that's happening each day. Heck, WE can't remember it all. Thank heavens for the FREE Pork Belly App!
(We'll send you surprises, too. Only on the app!)
We hope you're half as psyched about your Week in the Corn, Porkers, as we are. We'll be on your screens again with at least one more update before we roll. Six days and counting...
All our best,
Tammy and Pete