Pork Belly Update #23---Our Survey and Lost-and-Found

August 6, 2021
Dear Porkers,
We hope you're home enjoying your luxuries! For us, the early days of August mean working at a much slower pace on cleaning things up and putting them away. We'll be writing to you again this fall with our memories of RAGBRAI 2021--and what a ride it was!
ABOVE: Here's George, power-washing trailers after RAGBRAI.
This one is heading for South Dakota soon,
our August Encore of the Black Hills Hundred!
In the meantime, here are a few things that shouldn't wait...
Our Annual Post-RAGBRAI Survey
We hope you can get to our survey while RAGBRAI is fresh in your minds. Our Mobile App developer, Katy Fletcher, published the survey earlier today on the app. We have made very few changes to it, because we do hope to compare trends in feedback from one year to the next.
You may also complete our survey on your home computer by clicking on this link:
Ways of Providing Additional Feedback
The survey is important--and we really hope you'll complete it.
We also welcome you to write to us and share your experience of PBV by way of email. We always want to improve and we are open to suggestions, especially those that take into account the challenges of operating in the RAGBRAI environment. If you suggest we air-condition your tent, we might not hear you. If you suggest a realistic solution to a problem, we're listening.
If you send a Thank-You note about your good experiences, we will assume that it's okay with you that we publish some part of it as a testimonial. If you send suggestions, we will gather that info into a file to consider as we plan for next year.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts!
Lost and Found
We have a slightly smaller-than-usual collection of lost things. Dave is still sorting it out at the barn--and we have yet to wash up the clothing. We've been saving your emails about lost items and will try to match emails to items and get stuff back to its owners.
RIGHT: We have caught Dave in mid-sort! In addition to things that were in our lost-and-found, he's adding more items we found on trailers.
If you lost something, please write to dave@pkbelly.com. (Dave won't be working every single day, so thank you for your patience. These items aren't going anywhere.)
Your Favorite Photos
If you have favorite Pork Camp photos or team photos, we welcome you to send them to us. Some of them could turn up in future updates!
RIGHT: Greg sent this one.
He and Kathryn watched over Mick during a much needed nap!
We feel lucky, Porkers, to have worked with so many amazing Iowa partners in each host town, to have shared the load with our faithful crew, and to have passed the corn with all of you chipper folks. We'll be back on your screens again before too long!
All our best wishes,
Tammy and Pete