Pork Belly Update #9---Happy Dancing!

May 4, 2021
Dear Porkers,
Our busy 2021 cycling season is getting underway, and we have a LOT of happy news--too much for just one update. We'll save some news for next time, but for now, let's talk about RAGBRAI. For RAGBRAI riders, the first week of May is a real big deal.
(We'll be sending updates soon
about our new rides on your favorite trails.)
BELOW: We've booked Billy and the Downliners for RAGBRAI!
RAGBRAI Current Events!
Wonder No More... You're In!
Many folks worried when they didn't hear anything by May 1st. Well, we have this straight from the RAGBRAI officials: everyone who applied to RAGBRAI will get good news this week. They're dealing with a new registration system, so let's give them the time they need to notify everybody.
Stand by for this message directly from RAGBRAI: "You're In!" But you can do your Happy Dance right now.
Parking In the End Town of Clinton
For first-timers, please remember that only those using our East/West Shuttle (from end town to start town) need end-town parking.
A week ago, we sent a special email to everyone on our East/West Shuttle, offering early registration for long-term parking in Clinton. That Special Update offered a couple maps of Clinton, showing the PBV staging area in Clinton Park, not far from the river. It also described two long-term parking options.
Parking Options
Briefly, Clinton is offering VIP Parking at the river for $100, and what they call Primary Parking in another location for $65. We understand that there are at least two advantages to VIP Parking: it's fenced, and it is quite near the dip site at the river. Our contacts are confident that they have plenty of room in both locations--so if you need it, take a little time to decide. The prices, however, will increase each month, from now until the ride.
All riders who wish to park a vehicle in Clinton during RAGBRAI are welcome to do these things...
  • Read our Special Update here: Special Update on LT Parking in Clinton!
  • View the maps and learn the locations of VIP and Primary Parking, plus our staging location for the East/West Shuttle
  • Weigh the two parking options in Clinton
  • Use the link below (not the one in the special update, which is no longer active) to reserve the best parking option for you.
Reserve parking in Clinton right here:
[Don't Worry About]
The RAGBRAI-Wristband-Number Field
on the Clinton Long-Term Parking Form
You do not need to wait for your RAGBRAI wristband number in order to reserve parking. In the RAGBRAI-wristband-number field, you can type in your phone number or "Coming Soon." By all means, go ahead and reserve your parking in the end town (if you're shuttling across to the start town prior to RAGBRAI).
Of course, it goes without saying that PBV and all charters will only provide services to registered RAGBRAI riders.
You Can Still Ride!
So you were on the fence, but now you CAN ride Iowa in July after all? Registration for weeklong passes has closed, but no worries. Pork Belly Ventures can offer a Plan B, and it is NOT too early to do YOUR Happy Dance!
We Introduce Buyers and Sellers.
We already have a considerable number of folks who must cancel--and they would like to sell their spot. We will also keep a list of folks who want to ride--the buyers. RAGBRAI makes it possible to complete an online transfer form, making these transactions entirely copacetic. (It'll be just like you signed up the regular way.)
If you have a RAGBRAI wristband (ride credential) to sell, or if you want to buy one or two, please write to Sara@pkbelly.com. She's part time till June, so allow her a day or so respond.
(Our emailed introductions to sellers to buyers include complete instructions on how to conduct your transaction. It's a win for the seller and for the buyer. If you write to us now, we'll acknowledge your email, and then we'll begin making introductions of buyers to sellers in late May and early June. It only makes sense to make these introductions closer to when sellers will be in possession of their RAGBRAI registration packets.)
B Y O T !
Bring Your
Own Tent
with Pork Belly Ventures.
We're hearing this question a lot: "Can I bring my own tent?"
The answer is YES, OF COURSE, and here's more...
  • Over half of those with our charter actually bring their own tents.
  • Each day, we will transport two bags per person for each rider signed up for our support.
  • In our campsite in each overnight town, we will have camping space for EVERYBODY who is on our support (for those using their own tents and those in rental tents).
  • Those who bring their own tents simply claim their two bags in the afternoon and set up their tents in our campsite.
  • In the morning, just pack up your bags and bring them to our baggage trailer, where our crew will load them for you.
Your tent or our tent...
The big umbrella of our Weeklong Support takes the work and worry out of your vacation!
What's Included in the
Weeklong Support
of Pork Belly Ventures?
We provide many different shuttles and services on RAGBRAI, but we are best known for our Weeklong Support--that reassuring safety net, your lively little village within the throng of RAGBRAI with darn-near everything you need right in camp. Whether you bring your tent or rent ours, you are entitled to our amenities:
  • Well-appointed campsites and daily transport of baggage
  • Your daily shower on air-conditioned trailers, towel included, right in camp (more than 60 stalls), endless hot water, private dressing areas, liquid soap dispensers.
  • Our large, friendly crew at the Front Desk and throughout camp.
  • Contracted porta-toilets and our Restroom Trailer with flushing fixtures, lighting, and ventilation
  • Inexpensive SAG on a luxury motorcoach
  • Hand-Washing and -Sanitizing Stations
  • Phone-Charging Trailers—you can charge securely in locking compartments
  • Shade Canopies with misting fans and chairs, often flanked around our stage
  • Fresh-brewed morning coffee--what a game-changer.
  • Inexpensive ice-cold beverages
  • Bike Mechanics to assist afternoons and evenings
  • Massage Therapy in camp (additional expense), plus Daily Yoga
  • Catered Dinners (local caterers), 3 included, 3 optional
  • GREAT Live Music on Stage, early evening
  • Food Trucks and/or other local vendors for lunch and breakfast
  • Optional midweek laundry service
  • We can refrigerate medications for you!
  • We can help folks with CPAP machines and/or E-bikes. Do write to tammy@pkbelly.com if you're bringing either.
  • PBV Host-Town Maps for each day of the week
  • Souvenir PBV t-shirt
what fun it is
to take your
hot shower
and chill
in Pork Camp!
That's our RAGBRAI news for the moment, friends. But watch your inbox. There's more! So much, in fact, that we'll have you Happy Dancing all summer!
Your friends,
Tammy and Pete