2022 Our Week in the Corn

July 20, 2021
Dear Porkers,
We're almost there! You're almost here!
Our hosts made a couple late changes to our maps, but we're all set now, and we hope this is the happiest darn update you've read all season!
Here's what you'll find...
  • Your PBV Maps of our Locations in Each Overnight Town! The maps are on the Pork Belly App as of this morning!
  • How You're Helping Iowa! Feel good about how PBV is standing by our hosts as they welcome, feed, and shelter us!
  • Everyday Goodies of PBV. Quick overview of the good stuff each day in Pork Camp!
  • And your Walk through Our Week in the Corn--each day at a glance!
Enjoy this uplifting update! May it waft you through the rest of your preparations with a peek at what's waiting for you on the prairie...
Our Week in the Corn!
Your PBV Maps!
Our maps in PDF format show you our location in each overnight town, the rider routes to and from camp, the location of vendors and festivities in each town, shuttle routes and stops, and sometimes other conveniences in town or near camp. Save them on your phone, print and laminate, or access them on the PBV Mobile App.
NOTE: If you are being dropped off at our Sergeant Bluff campsite on Saturday, 7/23, follow the prescribed route from I-29 to the middle school.
Helping Our Hosts:
A big-hearted quilt maker in Pocahontas, Iowa, has made the awesome quilt (pictured below) from our PBV t-shirts. Some of these are super-rare vintage Pork Apparel! On Monday, the quilt will be raffled! And if you happen to be the winner--I, Tammy, would love the chance to buy it from you! Buy a ticket or 5! Winner, what's your price??
The late John Karras--one of RAGBRAI's founders--wanted this great bicycle ride to make a difference for the hospitable towns and folk that have worked for months and bent over backwards to welcome 20,000 riders--including us!
In that spirit, Pork Belly Ventures takes every opportunity to work with schools, churches, and non-profits to create mutual benefit! Our riders will find nourishment and overnight shelter in camp, and these worthy groups will raise needed funds:
  • Sergeant Bluff--our indoor sleeping benefits the high school prom!
  • Ida Grove--indoor sleeping and food vending will help to put a new roof on the rectory of Sacred Heart Catholic Church.
  • Pocahontas--many aspects of our stay will raise funds for a tiny Catholic School--including the raffle of that so-cool Pork Belly Ventures quilt above! We sent old t-shirts to the quilt maker! Tammy will buy this quilt from the winner! Name your price!
  • Emmetsburg--our indoor sleeping raises funds for a small Lutheran church congregation.
  • Mason City--everything we do will help pay for new uniforms for high school athletes and cheerleaders. In fact, the cheerleading team is baking cinnamon rolls and offering many breakfast items for a free-will donation!
  • Charles City--see the photos above... isn't it wonderful that we can help teachers buy books for the literacy program of Washington Elementary?
ABOVE: The students of Poky Catholic School
have decorated koozies for you.
Buy one from the kiddos in our Pocahontas campsite!
  • West Union and Lansing--Our stay benefits the Lion's Club of West Union and two tiny Iowa towns!
Without these Iowa towns,
there is no RAGBRAI!
During your Week in the Corn
with PBV,
watch for the chance to help our hosts!
Every Day,
PBV Has You Covered.
Morning Coffee/
Grab-and-Go Breakfast Items
(and sometimes a hot breakfast)
We start brewing at 4:30. Our fresh-brewed bottomless cup is a game changer. Note the location of the coffee trailer in the afternoon. You may be finding us in the dark. Don't mind our bed heads, and we won't mind yours.
This little coffee trailer will always be located near Roll With It, the front desk trailer. Near this trailer, you'll find an array of breakfast items from each vendor in each overnight town--and most of our vendors are non-profits, raising funds for kids, for athletic programs, the church, or, in one instance, the Lion's Club of West Union. The typical breakfast offerings in Pork Camp are some combination of these popular items: hard-boiled eggs, yogurt, bananas, some sort of donuts/pastries/muffins/sweet rolls, oatmeal packets, cheese sticks, granola bars, chocolate milk, and maybe other yummy things.
(Four or five of our vendors have promised hot breakfast items, which is unusual and beyond what we normally provide. Please read further for detail.)
BELOW: Lunch, breakfast, and dinner on Sunday/Monday in Ida Grove will benefit our lovely host church and help to put a new roof on the rectory!
Afternoon Food Vendors in Camp
The same can be said of our lunch vendors--some are committed to a good cause, volunteering their time, and hoping to use the funds they raise for one worthy purpose or another. Let's eat up and be generous!
We also have a number of commercial food vendors in camp.
Massage in Pork Camp
We'll have 11 massage therapists in camp--and their schedules are quite full during the prime times with all the folks writing for advance appointments. If you want to make massage appointments in advance, you EDIT
During RAGBRAI, you can walk up and check for an open table (there could be accidental n0-shows), but it's smart to make appointments in advance.
Pork Yoga with Monica
Nothing like a little a little down-dog to stretch out your hamstrings. Pork Yoga happens every day at 5:00 (but check the board on longer cycling days). You don't have to be a long-practicing yogi to enjoy and benefit from Monica's sessions with us. Beginners welcome! Stretch those muscles and clear your head! Bring a mat or use our blankets. Be sure to give Monica a big Pork Namaste.
ABOVE, Monica at home in New Mexico,
and BELOW, a Pork-Yoga afternoon in 2019.
Bike Mechanics in Camp
Our mechanics will set up in Pork Camp each day about 3:00 through dinner. They can't overhaul your bike, but they can make adjustments for you. You can tip, but otherwise, no charge. (That's Doug in the green Pork Crew shirt. He--and our team of mechanics--are wonderful.)
And remember that Pork Belly Ventures will have a full-service bike shop in camp almost every day, too. Forget something? Browse their bike merch and apparel! Hours vary. Please see our days-at-a-glance below.
A Walk through Our Week ...
Mustering Day in Sergeant Bluff
~~Saturday at a Glance~~
  • Sergeant Bluff Middle School
  • You can walk or shuttle to the Bike Expo downtown, which opens at noon (we think)
  • All day till 8:00 pm, Check-in for PBV Weeklong Support
  • Pick up Massage Appointment Cards today!
  • Afternoon/Evening: Pub 52 and Smashburger Food Truck--Sandwiches, pasta, pizza, and more!
  • Coaches arrive throughout the day; heavy arrivals from 12:30 to 3:00 p.m.
  • About 4:00 p.m. A little fun on Pork Stage--Oldies from Joyce and John!
  • Showers until 8:00 at the Middle School
  • Sunday morning—grab and go breakfast items from our vendor--and omelets!-- beside our coffee trailer. Get something in your stomach before starting your first cycling day--53 hilly miles.
Saturday Description:
All day long, coaches will swing in and unload--- coaches from Lansing, from Omaha, and from Des Moines. When you step off the coach, grab your bags and come to the Front Desk to check in for our support.
You will love our slick check-in process.
Once you're checked in, your tent is up, and your chores are done, you might want to hit up our lunch vendors for something delicious. Pub 52 will have all kinds of yummy things: sandwiches, pasta, pizza and more. Smashburger will have such good burgers!
The RAGBRAI Bike Expo is downtown, a longish walk or a short shuttle ride from camp--the shuttle stops are on our Sergeant Bluff map.
On Pork Stage in the Late Afternoon: Joyce Torchia and John Worsham love Oldies! After check-in, sit down under a canopy and sing along with these fun-loving musicians on Pork Stage!
When you wake up Sunday, come straight to the coffee trailer. Dave starts brewing at 4:30. Hawks Coffee Shop is offering grab-and-go breakfast items and more. Here's Cyndi's list: omelets while they last, Chocolate Milk, Yogurt, Hard Boiled Eggs, Bananas, Granola Bars, Cinnamon Rolls, Scones, Muffins, and Energy Bites.
Remember--baggage on the Stupidity trailer by 7:00. Out of rental tents by 7:00.
Your journey on two wheels begins!
Peaks and Valleys, Ending in Ida Grove
~~Sunday at a Glance~~
  • Ida Grove, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, a shady spot!
  • 53 miles, but some up and down
  • Afternoon/Evening, Lunch Offerings from Sacred Heart--walking tacos, chips, snacks, and homemade pie by the slice!
  • 5:00 p.m. Pork Yoga on the Grass.
  • 5:00 p.m. to dusk, Bike Tech in camp--full-service bike shop
  • 5:30 p.m. Welcome Supper, included for all Weeklong Porkers, menu below
  • 6:00 p.m. The Kay Brothers on Stage during dinner for a Stompgrass vibe! (photo above)
  • Monday morning—Grab-and-Go Breakfast beside the coffee trailer from Sacred Heart Catholic Church
Sunday Description:
You will love coming home to this beautiful and shady campsite!
Our afternoon/
evening food vendor Sacred Heart, with Amy in the lead will offer:
  • Walking Tacos
  • Chips and snacks
  • Bananas
  • Homemade Pie by the slice!
When you arrive, take a look at the COB to learn where the showers are located, where dinner will be served, where everything in Sunday Pork Camp is located. Take your hot shower (trailers along Forest Avenue), and get ready for our Welcome Supper and some great entertainment!
Here's the menu from The Knights of Columbus, our caterer for Tonight's Welcome Supper at 5:30: spaghetti and meat sauce, garlic bread, corn, and a salad, with a cookie! (Pie sold separately.)
*The meatless alternative is a marinara sauce. The Knights will have GF noodles for those who indicated this preference in advance.
We serve until 7:30. If you have a big sweet tooth, grab a slice of pie to help put a roof on the rectory! The Kay Brothers will wow you with their Stompgrass vibe! After your first day's ride, celebrate with us and let your hair down!
COME MONDAY MORNING... Grab-and-go breakfast items beside our coffee trailer from Sacred Heart Catholic Church--our hosts!
More Miles, More Comforts--Pocahontas!
~~Monday at a Glance~~
  • Pocahontas Catholic School--beautiful grounds in a quiet neighborhood!
  • 71 miles
  • Afternoon-Evening Lunch Offerings from our host school, including sub sandwiches and root-beer floats!
  • Quilt Raffle Today--a wonderful souvenir of your ride! Buy a bunch of tickets!
  • 5:00 p.m. Pork Yoga on the Grass
  • Sorry-- no Bike Tech bike shop in camp tonight
  • 6:00 p.m. Supper Tonight is optional: Jenifer's team (who call themselves "farm wives") is doing ham and scalloped potatoes, a dinner roll, carrots, a green salad with 2 dressings, and cookies. More below.
  • 6:00 p.m. Billy and the Downliners on stage and they will blow your hair back.
  • Tuesday morning—grab and go breakfast items beside the coffee trailer--to benefit the Pocahontas Catholic School!
An immensely talented
quilt maker created this--
you can win it!
The kiddos made some koozies too--buy one, won't you?
Monday Description:
On Monday, Porkers, you'll ride 71 miles, coming home to our lovely spot at the Poky Catholic School. You should know, friends, that the principle of Poky Catholic School reached out to us back in the winter, inviting us to camp at the school and help them raise funds! Thank you, Principal Cindy Edge!
Afternoon/Evening Food Vendors: Wendi is leading the team offering sub sandwiches, snacks, and root-beer floats--to benefit the school!
Tonight's Optional Dinner includes ham and scalloped potatoes, a dinner roll, carrots, green salad with 2 choices of dressing, and cookies. We serve from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.
*The meatless alternative is without the ham--and there will be a GF alternative for those who have indicated it in advance.
Up to you whether you dine with us tonight or not, but gee, it would be a mistake to miss this church supper (a RAGBRAI tradition) and the boundless energy and amazing harmony of Billy and the Downliners. Consider your cycling miles: 71. Will you want to go looking for supper tonight, or would you rather join us? Monday's optional dinner in camp will be offered at check-in on Saturday in Sergeant Bluff! It is $12.
COME TUESDAY MORNING... Grab-and-g0 breakfast items offered by the Poky Catholic School--right beside our coffee trailer!
It's a short one to Emmetsburg!
RIGHT: For many years, we have invited Billy McGuigan to perform in Pork Camp. He's always coming up with a new idea and a new band, and he performs with the Omaha Symphony!
On Groovy Tuesday, Billy and the Downliners will rock our world
a second time.
~~Tuesday at a Glance~~
  • Emmetsburg's beautiful Harrison Park
  • 56 miles (a shorter day)
  • Kampen Catering will offer grilled pork tenderloins, burgers, pasta salad, grape cups and other snacks, and Scotcheroos!
  • All Afternoon: Drop off Dirty Laundry (to be returned fresh and clean on Wednesday)
  • 4:30 p.m. Welcome, Second-Half-Hoggers! 
  • 5:00 p.m. Farewell, First-Half-Hoggers!
  • 5:00 p.m. Pork Yoga on the Grass
  • 5:30 p.m. Supper Tonight is optional from Kampen Catering--Tropical Chicken Breast and more--see below!
  • 6:00 p.m. Billy and the Downliners on Pork Stage!
  • Joining us for dinner tonight, Adaptive Sports Iowa!
  • Bike Tech set up in camp from about 6:30 to dusk.
  • Watch the board--there will be a last chance to drop off dirty laundry!
  • Wednesday morning, 4:30 am—grab and go breakfast items--plus breakfast burritos while they last-- beside the coffee trailer from Erika of Edgewater BBQ.
ABOVE: Turn in your dirty laundry on Tuesday, Porkers. We'll give it back clean on Wednesday--a big morale boost!
Tuesday Description:
Along about Tuesday, you'll be ready for clean clothes! Don't forget to drop off dirty laundry this afternoon. Come to our front desk, and we'll let you know where to put it. (You can buy our laundry service at check-in in Sergeant Bluff on Saturday.)
This year, we're offering indoor sleeping every night. Tonight, it's in the Lutheran church across the street and down a little!
Please remember, indoor sleepers, it's your responsibility to bring your bags back to camp in the morning-- to either the Stupidity trailer or to your rental tent.
Lunch menu at right!
Supper tonight is optional: Kampen Catering will offer their delectable Tropical Chicken breast with a pineapple/mango salsa, a long-grain rice pilaf, green beans with almonds, slaw, a dinner roll, and a cookie.
*Vegetarian alternative is a high protein salad. GF alternative is also available for those who selected it in advance.
In the shade of our beautiful park, sit down with your plate and enjoy Billy and the Downliners! This band can rock any song from the '50s, 60s, 70s, or 80s, and their great energy will soon have us on our feet!
Lunch menu above
If you like our menu above, this optional dinner will be offered at check-in on Saturday in Sergeant Bluff! It is $12.
Our guests for dinner tonight are the riders of Adaptive Sports Iowa. They are athletes who embrace the challenge of RAGBRAI in spite of spinal cord injury, a lost limb, visual impairment, and brain injury.  Please take this opportunity to meet and visit with members of the ASI team. When you see them on the road, give a shout out from Pork Belly Ventures.
We are so lucky to have met Erika of Edgewater BBQ. Her breakfast offerings include Breakfast burritos (while they last) and our favorite grab-and-go items, offered beside our coffee trailer.
Erika has lost the roof of her restaurant in a storm, AND she was in a serious car accident recently--and yet, she still plans to come through for us, providing breakfast before your century-long RAGBRAI day! Thank you, Erika!
Getting down the road to Mason City!
~~Wednesday at a Glance~~
  • In Mason City, the campus of Jefferson Elementary School, with Cabin Coffee and HyVee nearby!
  • 105 miles--but Pork Belly Ventures is offering shuttles, willy nilly, to shorten this day (for those who signed up in advance)
  • Afternoon/Evening Offerings -- student athletes will offer pizza by the slice in camp to raise funds for uniforms! Let's be generous!
  • Late Afternoon: Claim Your Clean Laundry Today--watch the board for Clean Laundry ETA
  • 5:30 p.m. Pork Yoga on the Grass
  • 6:00 p.m. Tonight's Dinner is Included for All Weeklong Porkers-- a 6 oz chicken sandwich with BBQ sauce (grilled on site), hashbrown casserole, a lettuce-tomato-cucumber salad, and a cookie!
  • 6:00 p.m. Vinyl Vagabonds will play for the first time on Pork Stage--From Ames, Iowa, this band is strong on R&B, funk, and soul.
  • Bike Tech today, 7:00 p.m. to dusk in Pork Camp
  • The cheerleaders of Mason City are offering some breakfast burritos while they last, plus homemade cinnamon rolls and your favorite grab-and-go breakfast items beside our coffee trailer!
ABOVE: If you're a little weary from your Willy-Nilly Wednesday, sit back and let the R&B tunes roll over ya! That's the Vinyl Vagabonds, above!
Wednesday Description:
Sometime in the late afternoon when the laundry truck rolls in, we'll organize clean laundry bags. The crew will jump in and loosely alphabetize the bags. Don't grab your own laundry bag--"Barrett" looks too much like "Barnett," and a wrongly claimed bag creates panic. Let the crew find your bag and hand it to you. Enjoy the pleasure of sweet-smelling duds to carry you through!
Our afternoon vendor in camp is the student athletes of Mason City, who need new uniforms. They're selling pizza by the slice!
HyVee, led by our wonderful catering manager Annie, will provide our included dinner tonight: 6 oz chicken sandwich with BBQ sauce (grilled on site), hashbrown casserole, a lettuce-tomato-cucumber salad, and a cookie! We serve from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.
*The meatless alternative is a veggie wrap. A GF alternative will be available too, for those who have selected it in advance. (There's a replacement for the casserole, too.)
Tonight, it's the soulful voices of the Vinyl Vagabonds on stage.
From the Cheerleaders! Breakfast burritos while they last, cinnamon rolls, and grab-and-go items beside our coffee trailer.
You'll be in Charles City in a Jiffy!
~~Thursday at a Glance~~
  • Washington Elementary School--our old stomping ground!
  • Only 48 miles
  • Lunch offerings from our HyVee
  • 5:00 p.m. Pork Yoga on the Grass
  • 5:30 p.m. Supper Tonight is Optional. Dave's Restaurant is offering a bacon-wrapped pork filet and wonderful sides!
  • 6:00 p.m. Iowa girl, Maddie Poppe on Pork Stage... the voice that won American Idol!
  • Bike Tech about 6:00 to dusk
  • When Maddie takes a break, we will recognize the hard-working Pork Belly Crew.
  • Friday morning—grab and go breakfast items beside the coffee trailer--for the Reading/Literacy program! Let's help buy books!
Thursday Description:
Washington Elementary will look familiar to many veterans--and we love this school community! You might want to stop over at the VFW Post for a drink and a step back in time. (see our map)
Lunch Vendor--our local HyVee! This vendor promises some great variety!
Tonight's dinner is optional, and if you like the sound of our menu, please sign up for this meal at check-in in Sergeant Bluff. It is $12.
Dave's Restaurant will reprise their menu from the last time we were in ChuckTown--it's a bacon-wrapped pork filet, roasted potatoes, pacific blend veggies, a green salad, and a dinner roll.
*The meatless alternative is a homemade veg lasagna. The dinner is gluten-free, except for the dinner roll--and our caterer will have GF rolls for those who indicated this preference in advance.
On Stage tonight, we welcome the darling of Pork Belly Ventures and your 2018 American Idol Maddie Poppe!
I think Maddie was 15 years old the first time she played for us. The only year she missed was the year she won. Despite her celebrity, she still remembers her Pork Belly friends. We hope you'll join us for this special dinner and performance.
Grab-and-Go breakfast items beside the coffee trailer from the teachers of Washington Elementary--let's help them buy books for the Literacy Program!
Farewell in West Union
~~Friday at a Glance~~
  • The Fayette County Fairgrounds in West Union
  • 63 miles
  • ALOHA attire in the afternoon--a Hawaiian shirt, a coconut bra, or anything tropical!
  • noon through the afternoon, Lunch Offerings from West Union Events Center--very much recommended!
  • 1-6 pm We are happy to talk through Saturday with you. If you have concerns about how things will go tomorrow, find me, Tammy, at the front desk--or near it.
  • Bike Tech in camp from about 5:00 to dusk.
  • 5:00 p.m. Pork Yoga on the Grass
  • 6:00 p.m. PBV Farewell Supper Tonight is Included for All Weeklong Porkers, and Jeff is doing a marinated chicken breast with mashed potatoes and a lot more!
  • 6:00 p.m. The Elders on stage! The Irish band of our early years is back to get our hearts pounding and feet tapping again!
  • Friday morning—French Toast and Sausage at the 4H building (near our coffee trailer)! Thank you to Leroy of the Lion's Club!
Friday Description:
Your 63-mile pedal will lead you to the fairgrounds--a classic Iowa experience!
Our afternoon/ evening vendor is the West Union Event Center--providing (epic) ribeye sandwiches, pulled pork sandwiches, a rack of pork, and potato salad.
Enjoy your shower and get ready for a memorable last night with PBV!
ABOVE: The Elders!
They are the stuff of Pork Legend, back to play for us again!
The PBV Farewell Dinner (included in your weeklong support), a 6 oz marinated chicken breast, mashed potatoes and gravy, steamed mixed vegetables, a green salad, and a dinner roll.
*The vegetarian alternative is a 3-bean salad. Jeff can provide GF options for those who have indicated this preference in advance.
Prepare to dance. Tonight's entertainment during dinner (6-8:30 pm) is The Elders--the Irish band that we all fell in love with during the early day of PBV! We can't tell you how much we look forward to the reunion of Pork Belly Ventures and The (magnificent) Elders.
Come Saturday Morning...
The Lion's Club of West Union is doing French Toast and Sausage! It's your last morning, and we're offering something that will stick to your ribs! Thanks to Leroy and his team of volunteers!
All Done in Lansing
~~Saturday at a Glance~~
  • Lansing--we will stage all airport shuttles from our staging area--see our Lansing map for July 30.
  • 65 miles (plan your day, leave West Union early, stay steady on the bike)
  • All morning and until 2:30 or so, Owen Buckmaster will vend BBQ. More below.
  • Bike-shipping, showers, claiming baggage, boarding coaches--we'll help you navigate this day.
  • Note that our showers are an easy walk through VIP parking from our staging area.
  • 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. All PBV Shuttles depart in this window.
  • 2:40 p.m. Pork Showers will begin closing down.
  • We have heard from RAGBRAI that our experience of Lansing is going to require patience. It only makes sense--huge event, tiny town. Take control of your day and follow our advice in the June Letter.
Our Afternoon Food Vendor in Lansing
Need a bite to eat before you get in your car? Want to take something delicious on board the coach? Owen Buckmaster will have BBQ, right in the heart of Pork Camp!
If you are parked in the General Lot on the outskirts of town...
  • For safety reasons, riders will not be able to ride bikes through town to the general lot.
  • ATVs (working with our Lansing hosts) will be helping riders.
  • Riders need to get their baggage and bike to a shuttle stop--and shuttle everything out to the General Parking Lot.
  • See shuttle stops on our maps.
  • Given that we are only a few days from the start of RAGBRAI, we probably won't be able to answer questions about this process. We trust our Lansing contacts, that this is a necessary safety precaution.
As You Ride into Lansing, Have a Plan! Think about these things before your last day...
  • Look closely at our map and understand the process of riding to the dip site at the Mississippi River for your ceremonial dip and then on to our staging area.
  • If you parked at VIP Parking near the river, ride right to your car, load your bike, and come to us for barbecue, a shower, and your bags!
  • If you parked at the general parking lot, your process is explained above.
  • If you're catching our shuttles to LaCrosse, Omaha, Des Moines, or to the Quad Cities airport, don't get caught up in the party at the river. Get to our staging area and catch your bus!
And finally...
When you're part of a moving carnival, in a new place every day, it can be challenging to find where things are located in camp. Which is why we created the COB (campground orientation board) which will hang on the end of our Front Desk trailer each day. Sara has created magnetic pieces--symbols--for rental tents, charging trailers, showers, bike mechanics, yoga, dinner, and much more. When you come into camp, walk over to the Front Desk. Read our announcement boards and check out the COB. Find "You Are Here," and then get oriented. Snap a photo of the COB! No more standing in line to ask where everything is! You'll easily get oriented at the COB. We'll send a daily COB photo on the Pork Belly Mobile App.
Early in your week, ask a member of our crew to acquaint you with the COB!
The App!
Get the App!
Get the FREE Pork Belly App!
Our app is on 8848 phones.
With our last gasp, we remind you that every single day of RAGBRAI, we'll be sending you notices on our App--"Here's What's Waiting for You in Pork Camp Today!"
You can't remember everything that's happening each day. Heck, WE can't remember it all. Thank heavens for the FREE Pork Belly App!
(We'll send you surprises, too. Only on the app!)
Sweet friends, maybe there's a typo in here?? Sorry, we have to send it! We hope you're half as psyched about your Week in the Corn as we are. Whole bunch of crew members heading for Sergeant Bluff tomorrow! We'll be on your screens again with at least one more update before we roll. Three days and counting...
All our best,
Tammy and Pete
Pork Belly Ventures LLC 
Tammy: 712.328.0161 h, 808-375-8921 c, tammy@pkbelly.com
Pete: 402-681-2613 c, pete@pkbelly.com