Pork Belly Update #10-Hotel Stays

June 30, 2022
Dear Friends,
July is nearly upon us, and these updates are coming to you frequently now. Pretty soon, you will be stepping off the coach in Sergeant Bluff. and starting your best week of the year.
Here, we're offering a little more luxury in your week--GET A ROOM! We can offer hotel stays on most nights. The number of available rooms varies from night to night.
You'll have to act quickly if you want one or two nights to re-set and refreshAH... A mattress, climate control, and your very own bathroom.
At the end of this update, grab a cold one and enjoy an educational video from Mo and Brently on How To Pack for RAGBRAI! They make packing seem like fun!
In this Update:
  • Hotel Stays Available---Read First, Then Reserve!
  • FRIDAY Hotel and Indoor Sleeping in Sergeant Bluff!
  • How to Complete Your June Form (It's so easy!)
  • Buying and Selling VIP Parking in Lansing
  • Pork Availability/Waiting Lists
  • ATTN: Riders Coming to Us from Other Countries!
  • Tutorial Video--How to Pack for RAGBRAI!
with Pork Belly Ventures
Pork Belly Ventures offers hotel stays on nearly every night of RAGBRAI, and we've had many early requests this year. Today, we are offering you our remaining rooms. We have a motor coach and driver with us for the week, in order to transport our riders from camp to hotel and back. Read first, then reserve!
Please know that if you wait, the rooms could be taken. We will maintain waiting lists for all nights. And we will lose unclaimed rooms at some point in the near future. The time to reserve is now.
Hotels typically increase their rates when RAGBRAI is in the area. Obviously we don’t slap a flat fee on this service. The prices below reflect each room rate with tax (12%, sometimes more), plus the transfer fee of Pork Belly Ventures for your lift via motorcoach from camp to hotel and back in the morning.
Even though the rates are higher than usual, we count ourselves lucky to have scored these reservations at all.
If you reserve with us, PBV will put your room fees on your application.
If you reserve a hotel stay with us, you'll present your credit card for any incidentals that may be charged to your room.
Transfer Times—
6:00 AM and
6:00 PM
The coach departs camp at 6:00 p.m. and it departs the hotel parking lot the following morning at 6:00 a.m.
If you arrange another way to the hotel, please inform our Front Desk so we don’t delay the departure unnecessarily.
Of course, out of courtesy to your fellow passengers, please be on time for the coach, in your seat and ready to roll by 6:00 pm or 6:00 am.
We're still working on the hotel breakfasts. We are pretty confident that we'll be able to arrange an early breakfast for our guests on most mornings. But we are not 100% certain. Please don't make a reservation if the early breakfast is a deal-breaker for you.
You will lock your bike in camp. It does not go with you to the hotel. If you are entitled to dinner or if you bought an optional dinner from PBV, you can go to the front of the dinner line and the girls will be ready to give you a covered plate to take on the coach.
Evening Festivities in Camp
Our coach leaves for the hotels at 6:00 p.m. Please be aware that we'll have live music during dinner, and unless you arrange your own transfers to and from camp, you will miss this part and maybe other aspects of the PBV experience. It’s the trade-off for hotel comforts.
We know you'll ask, so here's a partial preview of the entertainment schedule:
  • Monday/Tuesday, Billy McGuigan
  • Thursday, Maddie Poppe
  • Friday, the Elders
Note that on Tuesday night, the hotel is quite close to camp.
2022 Hotel Stays
Pork Belly Ventures
**Friday, 7/22-23, Sergeant Bluff (same property/price for Saturday, 7/23)
Holiday Inn Express
5 minutes from camp
A lot of rooms available
1 person using room, including transfer:  $272.00
2 people using room, including transfer:  $161.00 per person
3 people using room, including transfer:  $124.00 per person  
**Only those on our Friday E/W Shuttle or those who are being dropped off in Sergeant Bluff on Friday can take advantage of these Friday rooms. Our other shuttles operate on Saturday, 7/23.
Saturday, 7/23, Sergeant Bluff (same property/price for Friday, 7/22)
Holiday Inn Express
5 minutes from camp
some Kings and double queens available, not many
1 person using room, including transfer:  $272.00
2 people using room, including transfer:  $161.00 per person
3 people using room, including transfer:  $124.00 per person       
Sunday, 7/24, Ida Grove
Cobblestone Inn
15 miles from camp
various types, maybe 10 rooms available at present
1 person using room, including transfer:  $223.00?
2 people using room, including transfer:  $137.00 per person
3 people using room, including transfer:  $108.00 per person       
Monday, 7/25, Pocahontas
Brookstone Inn (Same hotel Monday and Tuesday nights)
26 miles from camp, straight shot
2 rooms available
1 person using room, including transfer:  $194.00?
2 people using room, including transfer:  $122.00 per person
3 people using room, including transfer:  $98.00 per person       
Tuesday, Emmetsburg
Brookstone Inn, (Same hotel Monday and Tuesday nights)
In town and not far from camp
2 rooms available
1 person using room, including transfer:  $194.00?
2 people using room, including transfer:  $122.00 per person
3 people using room, including transfer:  $98.00 per person       
Wednesday, Mason City
Best Western Holiday Lodge
16 miles from camp
about 8 rooms available
1 person using room, including transfer:  $283.00?
2 people using room, including transfer:  $167.00 per person
3 people using room, including transfer:  $128.00 per person       
Thursday, Charles City
Super 8
18 miles from camp
5 rooms or so
1 person using room, including transfer:  $221.00?
2 people using room, including transfer:  $136.00 per person
3 people using room, including transfer:  $107.00 per person       
How to Reserve/
How to Pay
Confer with friends before you write, and include the names of all room occupants, please. You may reserve a room by writing to Sara, sara@pkbelly.com, with your own name and the names of those who will share your room. Please know that we can't be particular about room types. You should be prepared to accept a king room and adapt, rather than request a double queen. At this point, we have what we have.
**We need the names of everyone in the room to make sure we can seat everybody on the coach! Be sure of the number in your room when you reserve, please.**
Sara will reply. If the rooms you request are available, she will put the charges on your PBV application. You must settle your balance online using your card. Do remember that these charges are subject to our cancellation policy.
We will keep waiting lists and let you know if we have a cancellation.
ABOVE and RIGHT and BELOW: Pork Crew members and riders, ready to spend the week with you.
Special Opportunities for
Those on the Friday E/W Shuttle...
This little topic is all about accommodations in Sergeant Bluff for anyone who is using the Friday E/W Shuttle OR who is being dropped off in Sergeant Bluff on Friday, 7/22.
A Night in a Hotel, before your camping week!
We have HOTEL STAYS available on FRIDAY NIGHT in Sergeant Bluff. For a reservation, write to Sara@pkbelly.com. Details above, and pricing here:
Friday, 7/22-23, Sergeant Bluff (same property/price for Saturday, 7/23)
Holiday Inn Express
5 minutes from camp
A lot of rooms available
1 person using room, including transfer:  $272.00
2 people using room, including transfer:  $161.00 per person
3 people using room, including transfer:  $124.00 per person  
Indoor Sleeping Friday Night in our campsite!
Some of you arrive in Sergeant Bluff around 6:30 p.m., and others will arrive around 8:30 p.m. You'll need to check in for our support, claim your team shirt, and probably do a few chores. We'll have a food vendor for you in camp--really good stuff!
We can also offer INDOOR SLEEPING on FRIDAY NIGHT in our Sergeant Bluff campsite (and Saturday). If you want this option, write to Kay@pkbelly.com. Kay will reserve you a spot inside the school and put the $20 donation on your registration. (You'll be supporting the high school prom!)
Right now, we're settling our Friday indoor sleepers only!
MORE Indoor Sleeping Opportunities
Coming Soon
In addition to hotel stays, we have arranged opportunities on most nights for a limited number of our riders to sleep in air-conditioned spaces on site or very near our campsites. Temperatures in the Midwest have varied pretty widely over this month, and indoor sleeping reservations can be your hedge against a hot night or a rainy one.
Each indoor sleeper will make a $20 donation to our hosts. These are not private accommodations like the hotel stays. You will be assigned with other riders to a classroom, a gym, a student commons area, etc. You'll have approximately a 4' X 8' sleeping area (floor space), with restrooms nearby. Stand by for that update real soon. We are finalizing our spreadsheet of sleeping spaces.
[Wait for the update, please. We're working as fast we can.]
Lansing VIP Parking Spaces Are Transferrable!
Are you selling your VIP Parking spot in Lansing? Do you want to buy? Please write to gracie@pkbelly.com, and she will introduce buyers and sellers by email, with instructions.
We don't usually do this, but it will be so much more convenient for our riders to be in VIP parking ($125)--both before and after RAGBRAI. We want to help everyone we can.
Reminder to
38% of Our Riders:
Complete Your June Form
Write to us for your login OR, at the top of your confirmation email, find the link that says “Click Here to Continue the Application.” It's your own unique link on your own confirmation email. It will take you straight into your application, bypassing the login process altogether.
Scroll to the bottom.
See the GREEN June Form TAB at right!
p.s. The Friday 1:00 departure
on the E/W Shuttle has filled,
but space is available Friday at 3:00
or Saturday at 7:00, 8:00, or 9:00 AM.
And we will start work on
the Omaha bus rosters and schedule soon.
Updates Coming to You NEXT
By now, you know that we try to dole out information as we think you need it, and we're actually ahead of schedule. Here are some of the updates yet to come...
  • Indoor Sleeping--coming next!
  • Our Week in the Corn, the happiest update of the season, will give you all the deets on pretty campsites, vendors of delicious food in camp, daily dinner menus, awesome entertainment on the Pork Stage, breakfast vending beside our coffee trailer (with at least one hot breakfast), Pork Yoga, and more!
  • In July, we will begin our Series of Bus Roster Updates. (We publish rosters for all shuttles prior to RAGBRAI, not the post-RAGBRAI shuttles.) We are currently using your June Form information to assign you to the same bus with your friends.
  • And we'll publish a few final updates in July, including our Pork Belly Ventures Host Town Maps!
ABOVE: Here's a sample from last year. We'll have eight brand new PBV Host Town Maps for you next month.
BELOW: Hang on through the RAGBRAI prep and planning, Porkers! Our friendly front desk girls can't wait to welcome you in Sergeant Bluff.
Still working through the waiting list.
Weeklong Support and Partial-Week Support are sold out, but write to us if you want to be on the list.
Write to us to be put on the waiting list, please.
Don't Ride Without It!
Are You Coming to PBV
from Another Country?
So glad to welcome you to Iowa, RAGBRAI, and Pork Belly Ventures!
Your RAGBRAI packet will not be mailed to you prior to RAGBRAI. Rather, it will be available at the big Bike Expo in Sergeant Bluff, where you can claim it.
We want your name/s on our "diplomatic immunity list." We will not require you to be wearing your RAGBRAI wristband when you check in for our support. Write to Kay now and let her know you are an international PBV rider: kay@pkbelly.com
First-Timers, we have previewed this Youtube video by Brently and Marybeth (aka Mo), in which they show and tell any first-time RAGBRAI rider how to pack. They have several cool camping gadgets to recommend and some very practical advice.
We do ask you to rely on our June Letter and other correspondence for info about our charter (in any case where the video content doesn't match up perfectly with our own literature), but this is a great learning tool for noobs! We especially like the time-lapse packing at the end! These savvy veterans make it look easy! Learn and enjoy!
Paste this link into your browser, or click on the image below:
You can follow Brently and Marybeth
on their Youtube channel!
Pork Belly Ventures thanks them both.
They are cycling across the country now,
and will join us for RAGBRAI.
That's it for this one. We put this update together very quickly and we apologize for any typos or errors. Moving right along, and until next time, we remain,
Your friends,
Tammy and Pete
Pork Belly Ventures LLC 
Tammy: 712.328.0161 h, 808-375-8921 c, tammy@pkbelly.com
Pete: 402-681-2613 c, pete@pkbelly.com