Pork Belly Update #3-Sold-Out Services and Waiting List

March 3, 2022
Dear Friends,
Along with our partners at RAGBRAI, we went scouting for four days last week, Monday through Thursday. What a great team! What a great trip! We hit all eight RAGBRAI overnight towns, west to east, and met with each of the committees of excited volunteers in each place.
On that first Monday, our support sold out, and because scouting starts before dawn and finishes after dark, there was little we could do from the road. We're beginning to catch up this week. Finally, here's where things stand with Pork Belly Ventures on March 3.
ABOVE: Between meetings, we and our fellow scouts enjoyed a great cup of coffee at Aspen Coffee in the tiny town of Pocahontas,! Left to Right, Pete, Ryan (RAGBRAI's campground logistics), Anne (RAGBRAI's Marketing Director), Matt (the RAGBRAI Ride Director), Andrea (RAGBRAI Social Media), and Bob Brancel of Brancel Charters. (Not pictured, Hannah with Adaptive Sports Iowa.)
BELOW: Pete and I took turns driving town-to-town,
and here's the blowing snow in northeast Iowa.
It was deeply cold, but actually kind of pretty.
Imagine this landscape in green!
BELOW: Matt Phippen, RAGBRAI Ride Director,
addresses the host committee in Mason City.
Matt has already put 3000 miles on his truck,
as he helps our host towns and pass-through towns
get ready for thousands of visitors in July!
Pork Availability
Oh boy. Since opening morning, January 29th, the writing has been on the wall. We realized that something unusual was happening when the number of simultaneous registrations overwhelmed our little website. Service by service, here is our availability today.
Weeklong Support, Full.
We Already Have a Considerable Waiting List.
Our support filled just over a week ago. Of course, some people will clear the waiting list due to cancellations. But we are already at the point of referring folks to other RAGBRAI Charters. Feel free to visit RAGBRAI's charter page at https://ragbrai.com/charters/.
Note: You may write and check with us about being added to the waiting list. Those on our Weeklong Support waiting list must have a 2022 RAGBRAI profile at pkbelly.com. If/when you clear the list, we can simply add your support to your registration form and auto-notify you.
Partial-Week SupportFULL
At present, this service is full and capped at the website. However, if you are planning to ride the second half of RAGBRAI with PBV, please contact us. We may have space.
Rental Tent Service,
FULL with LONG Waiting List
This service sold out in three days. (We're surprised, too.). We have a very long waiting list now, and in good conscience, we don't think we can add more names to the list. We can refer other charters who may still have this service available.
East/West Shuttle, prior to RAGBRAI,
Nearly Sold Out.
This shuttle is in danger of selling out. If you are considering our pre-RAGBRAI shuttle from the end town to the start town, now is the time to reserve it with a minimum deposit.
A number of people have not made the minimum deposit for this shuttle service. Do login and make your deposit right away. Soon, we will be removing the service from unpaid applications.
LaCrosse Shuttle, post-RAGBRAI,
Currently Available
One coach is nearly full. Depending on demand, we may or may not add another coach.
All Other Pre- and Post-RAGBRAI
ShuttlesReserve Soon
Despite the fact that we have not typically sold out our shuttles in the past, THIS IS AN UNUSUAL SEASON. If you are considering a particular shuttle, it's wise to reserve it by making your minimum deposit soon. At this time, we are capping some shuttles while trying to reserve more coaches. We will keep you posted on availability.
Half Hog Shuttles on Tuesday and Wednesday,
Wide Open at Present
These shuttles are not close to filling at present.
ABOVE: I got a quick photo before our Mason City meeting began. Notice the "Music Man" lyrics on the wall: "Seventy-six trombones led the big parade!"
Thoughts and Advice on Waiting Lists
  • Our waiting list for Weeklong Support is being managed by Pete and Kay Phillips. Please write to pete@pkbelly.com to be put on a list.
  • We are no longer adding to the tent rental wait list. Those on the list for our support should plan to bring their own tent. No worries! More than half of our riders bring their own!
  • We are beginning to get cancellations, but most cancellations come in May, June, and July. Try to be patient. Please wait until early June to check in about your status. By then, you may have already cleared the list.
  • By the time cancellations become more frequent, we will be very busy. So you must have a profile set up at pkbelly.com in order to get the service you're waiting for. Our process is to identify you as our next person on the list, look up your profile, and add the service you're waiting for. If you don't have a profile, we will not have time to contact you. Rather, we will move on down the list.
Our Fellow RAGBRAI Charters
Please know that we love to say YES! We hate to say no. But we need to level with our friends about the length of the waiting lists.
We have a great deal of respect for our fellow RAGBRAI Charters, and we are happy to make recommendations.
All sanctioned charters are listed alphabetically at RAGBRAI.com:
For specific recommendations--
if you're looking for a charter that provides particular services--
please write to tammy@pkbelly.com.
Rental Bikes:
to Those
on PBV Weeklong Support
We are rebuilding our fleet of rental bikes and rental e-bikes after selling off our bikes in 2020.
VIEW AVAILABLE RENTAL BIKES ONLINE: Importantly, we have been able to make the rental bikes selectable at the website. You may LOGIN, view your profile/payment page, and see the GREEN "RENTAL BIKES" TAB on the right, across from your name.
AVAILABILITY AT PRESENT: For RAGBRAI, we still have three e-bikes, two large road bikes, and one tandem available for rent. If these rental bikes interest you, please login to view photos, descriptions, and prices.
We are still trying to acquire bikes, but can't say with any confidence that we'll be able to do so this season.
Questions about rental bikes should go to Pete, pete@pkbelly.com.
RIGHT: Pete of Pork Belly Ventures and Bob Brancel of Brancel Charters were along to provide campground expertise during community planning for RAGBRAI. And they're old friends!
A Few Questions We Can't Answer Just Yet
Believe us, we're working to make all of our arrangements for the Best Week of the Year, but it's early days. So hang on, friends, for the answers to these and other questions.
  • At this point, we don't know where the long-term parking will be located in Lansing, but we'll be in touch as soon as we can!
  • Generally, long-term parking has been about $65, sometimes with a more expensive alternative that has advantages. We don't yet know the prices or levels of parking in Lansing.
  • As you can imagine, we don't yet know our campsite locations, our caterers and menus, or any of those kinds of details yet. But these are the very things we are working on, friends. Please stand by, and we'll be eager to share our good news as we have it!
As we mentioned in an earlier update, our international riders should be able to use your credit cards now to pay for our services at pkbelly.com! Please make the minimum 10% payment, and let us know if you need your login credentials. The remaining balance will not be due until May 15th.
This has been a good news/bad news kind of update, folks, and I guess the last thing we want to say is this. There are lots of fun ways to do RAGBRAI. As we reach our capacity for 2022--so much earlier than usual--we want to encourage you to write or call us for suggestions, and reach out to other wonderful charters on RAGBRAI. Every charter creates its own vibe and offers you a friendly home base on RAGBRAI. We want to help you find the right fit for you!
We'll be on your screens again soon! And in the meantime, we remain,
Your friends,
Tammy and Pete
Pork Belly Ventures LLC 
Tammy: 808-375-8921 c, tammy@pkbelly.com
Pete: 402-681-2613 c, pete@pkbelly.com