Pork Belly Update -Trail Rides

March 6, 2022
Dear Friends,
It shouldn't be much longer--knock on wood--before we begin to see and smell the signs of Spring. Tree trunks will turn green with moss, and branches will become heavy with buds. On stepping outdoors, we'll catch the scent of wet soil on the breeze. When that happens, let us not be caught without a bike ride or two on our calendars!
ABOVE: A little hike in the Black Hills, part of our afternoon excursion
to see the Great Faces and Great Places of South Dakota
during the Black Hills Hundred!
Our Trail Ride Schedule
Every year, it seems that we fall in love with a new rail-trail, and here's a list of our offerings for 2022, four exciting rides on three beautiful trails, including the announcement of our Black Hills Hundred Encore in September!
May 13-18,
Big Muddy on the Katy Trail, Defiance to Clinton, Missouri, along the Missouri River
May 19-23,
Birds & Bees on the Wabash Trace, through the Loess Hills of Southwest Iowa, starting and finishing in Council Bluffs, Iowa
May 13 to 23,
The KaBash! Ride both the Katy and Wabash for 10 straight days of cycling. On the afternoon of May 18th, drive from the end of Big Muddy to the beginning of Birds & Bees.
June 26 to 30,
Black Hills Hundred on the breathtaking Mickelson Trail, from historic Deadwood south to Hill City, Custer, and finally to Edgemont, South Dakota
September 4-8,
We're announcing today--
the Black Hills Hundred Encore!
Our June Black Hills Hundred is filling, but now we're offering
a fall encore!
ABOVE: Riders tucked in their lunch at a trailside restaurant
before continuing to Pork Camp on the Katy!
Bike Rental
and E-Bike Rental
--See Our Rental Bikes Online!
PBV now has a small fleet of rental bikes, rental e-bikes, and even a tandem available for any of our trail rides.
And now, when you login to your account at pkbelly.com, you will see a Green RENTAL BIKES Tab across from your name. This allows you to see photos, sizes, descriptions, and prices of all of our bikes, AND to reserve them on your registration form.
If you have questions about our rental bikes, please write to Pete@pkbelly.com. And of course, you can charge an e-bike, yours or ours, in camp during the ride.
[Much of our fleet has been reserved for RAGBRAI, but we have bikes available for our own trail rides and for other rides supported by PBV.]
ABOVE: E-bikes recently purchased and available for rent from PBV!
Riders arrive at Boehner Pond in Malvern, on Birds & Bees
RIGHT: Wendy and her e-bike on the Katy Trail
And now, without further ado...
The 2022
Trail Rides
Pork Belly Ventures!
Big Muddy
on the Katy
Pedal along the "Big Muddy"
aka the Missouri River!
May 13 to 18, 2022
Here is the complete invitation letter
for Big Muddy!
Big Muddy Ride Dates
Follow the Missouri River as you ride
the famous Katy Trail,
from the east side of Missouri to the West!
Riders will be welcomed by one friendly town after another,
with pretty, well-appointed campsites in each place,
and the amenities of Pork Belly Ventures.
5/13, Shuttle from Clinton, Gather in Defiance
5/14, 44 miles to Hermann
5/15, 45 miles to Jefferson City
5/16, 49 miles to Boonville
5/17, 40 miles to Sedalia
5/18, 43 miles to Clinton,
and optional transition to
Birds & Bees Bike Ride
in Southwest Iowa
on the Wabash Trace Nature Trail!
(Town-to-town mileage numbers above, not necessarily accurate
from campsite to campsite. But close!)
Big Muddy Amenities Include: All trail user fees, Camping fees in our reserved campsites, 5 days cycling, baggage transport daily, Fresh-brewed morning coffee, Daily refreshment stop on the trail, Charging station for phones and devices (e-bikes welcome, charging available), Daily hot private shower and towel, Cold beverages in camp (some free, some $1), Daily town maps, souvenir Big Muddy t-shirt, Optional tent rental, Optional PHAT Room rental, Optional breakfasts in camp, Optional massage therapy, Our cheerful Pork Crew to serve you. We'll have a cheerful bike mechanic and a skilled massage therapist along with our crew.
Later, to those of you who sign up for the ride, we will publish details about food vendors in camp and arranged optional breakfasts in our campsites.
RIGHT: A convenient breakfast stop
on Big Muddy
$365, rider entry fee
$250, optional rental tent
$1500, optional PHAT Room
More services and prices listed on the registration page:
Ashley helps riders get back on the Katy. She and all of our massage therapy friends are compassionate and skilled. Our friendly front desk above, and the beautiful Katy Trail below.
Birds & Bees
on the Wabash Trace
Pedal south from Council Bluffs through
the Loess Hills of Southwest Iowa!
May 19 to 24, 2022
Here is the invitation letter for Birds & Bees!
Birds & Bees Ride Dates
We fondly refer to the Wabash Trace as
our "green tunnel." For many years, this trail
was a crooked little railroad, winding through
the woods and fields of the
scenic Loess Hills of Southwest Iowa.
Tiny towns provide refreshment and
a step back in time.
On average, there's a bridge every mile!
5/18, Wednesday, day of optional transition from
Big Muddy Bike Ride
in Missouri
on the Katy Trail!
5/19, Thursday, Gather in Council Bluffs,
20-35 miles,
including the new Nebraska Option
(pedal "The Bob," a beautiful
pedestrian bridge across the Missouri River),
and the festive Taco Ride on the Wabash Trace,
to Mineola and back!
5/20, 22 miles, Council Bluffs to Malvern
5/21, 22 miles, Malvern to Shenandoah
5/22, 22 miles, Shenandoah to Malvern,
with Missouri Option
(touch the Missouri state line, 40+ extra miles)
5/23, 22 miles, final ride back to Council Bluffs
Birds & Bees Amenities Include: All trail user fees, camping fees in our reserved campsites, 5 days cycling, baggage transport daily, fresh-brewed morning coffee, daily refreshment stop on the trail, charging station for phones and devices (e-bikes welcome, charging available), daily hot private shower and towel, cold beverages in camp (some free, some $1), live music on stage in or near camp, daily town maps, souvenir Birds & Bees t-shirt, optional tent rental, optional PHAT Room rental, optional breakfasts in camp, optional massage therapy, our cheerful Pork Crew to serve you. We'll have a cheerful bike mechanic and a skilled massage therapist along with our crew.
Later, to those of you who sign up for the ride, we will publish details about food vendors in camp and arranged optional breakfasts in our campsites.
RIGHT: Birds & Bees riders will stand up and jump around when Billy McGuigan starts to play!
Our lovely Birds & Bees campsite at Boehner Pond in Malvern, where we'll hear the amazing music of Billy McGuigan, live on stage, and toast marshmallows as the sun goes down.
Birds & Bees
$225 rider entry fee
$165 rental tent
$595 PHAT Room
More services/prices listed on the registration page:
**Just like last year, the demand for the Black Hills Hundred
requires an Encore! Can't make it in June?
Join us in September!
Black Hills Hundred
on the
Pedal from
historic Deadwood
south into the hills, through Hill City,
Custer, and ending
in Edgemont.
June 26 to 30, 2022
Sept 4 to 8, 2022
This ride includes two afternoon excursions
by train and by coach,
and four meals!
Here is the invitation letter
for the Black Hills Hundred,
including the day-to-day itinerary...
Black Hills Hundred Ride Dates
The Mickelson Trail, with high bridges,
ponderosa pine forests, and spectacular views,
is among the most scenic in the country.
Be sure to read the invitation letter (link above) to learn
about the afternoon excursions included in your trail ride!
Registrations are coming in strongly for June,
but we still have room for you.
6/26 or 9/4, Sunday,
park in Edgemont to catch our shuttle,
gather in Deadwood,
check in for support,
and explore the old downtown!
6/27 or 9/5, Monday, 20 miles to Carsten Cottages,
a lovely resort in the hills,
all meals included.
6/28 or 9/6, Tuesday, 33 miles to Hill City,
with afternoon excursion
by steam-engine train,
lunch included.
6/29 or 9/7, Wednesday, 15 miles to Custer,
with afternoon excursion by coach
to Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, and
Custer State Park.
6/30 or 9/8, Thursday, 44 miles, mostly downhill,
finishing in Edgemont.
LEFT: a PBV refreshment stop on the Mickleson Trail, and ABOVE: your included lunch at charming Carsten Cottages.
Black Hills Hundred Inclusions: 
Trail user fees; reserved campsites right on the trail in lovely privately-owned campgrounds; daily baggage transport from campsite to campsite; refreshment stops on the trail on three cycling days; daily hot, private shower and towel; phone-charging and morning coffee in camp; catered lunch and dinner on June 27; catered breakfast on June 28; round-trip train fare and site-seeing tour with box lunch on June 28; half-day site-seeing with coach transport to Custer State Park, Mt. Rushmore, and Crazy Horse, with return coach transport to our Custer campsite (monument and park admissions included) on June 29; and the assistance of the able and cheerful Pork Belly Crew throughout the Black Hills Hundred. We'll have a cheerful bike mechanic and a skilled massage therapist along with our crew.
Later, to those of you who sign up for the ride, we will publish details about food vendors in camp and arranged optional breakfasts in our campsites.
Black Hills Hundred Pricing:
$525 rider entry fee
$245 rental tent
$1750 PHAT Room
More services listed on the registration pages:
Rental Tents
Available on All
PBV Trail Rides
When you use our rental tent, our crew handles your set-up, take-down, and moving your bags throughout the tour. We're happy to place friends next to each other. Just be sure you have a common group name on your applications.
Two people can share and split the cost.
Live Large in a little PHAT Room, and you only unpack once on
your trail ride!
Knotty pine interiors, laminate flooring. Mattresses, linens, blankets, pillows provided. Outlets next to your bed.
Switched lights at the head of each bed, and fans to circulate the air and provide white noise.
Rooms are air-conditioned: you can control the temperature in your room.
LEFT: Two room styles,
twin style top and center left
and queen style bottom photo.
On our trail rides, PHAT Room pricing typically based on trucking expense from our home base in Iowa; however, they are offered at a much lower price than on RAGBRAI. Rooms can be shared by up to 5 sleepers, but for more elbow room and ample space for your belongings, we recommend 2-4 room occupants per room.
At present, we have space on all rides,
though the June Black Hills Hundred is steadily filling!
Won't you join us?
Sign Up Today!
Find Links to Registration Pages Above
and at pkbelly.com>Our Rides.
Do You Have the Time and Inclination
for TWO Spring Trail Rides,
Back to Back?
Here's the KaBash!
Combine Two Spring Trail Rides
for 10 Spring Cycling Days!
Ride Big Muddy on the Katy Trail first, and follow it immediately with Birds & Bees on the Wabash TraceThe Katy plus the Wabash is what we call "the KaBash"! Jump into your 2022 cycling season with ten days of cycling on two beautiful trails!
How The KaBash Works
Transition Day, May 18th: Big Muddy concludes on the west side of Missouri in Clinton. Grab lunch and drive three hours north to Southwest Iowa for your second trail ride, beginning midday on the 19th in Council Bluffs!
Hotel Stay near Birds & Bees Starting Point: PBV has spoken with the owner of the AmericInn by Wyndham on Woodbury Avenue, right at the I-80 exit nearest the Birds & Bees ride start. Near this hotel, you'll find a laundromat (next door), an espresso stop, a huge grocery store, HyVee, that serves breakfast and more. Just across I-80, you'll find a Village Inn Pancake spot, and a nice restaurant enjoyed by our families, named for our area code, "712." While our crew is transitioning from Big Muddy to Birds & Bees, we hope you'll find all you need at this conveniently located hotel, surrounded by amenities!
AmericInn by Wyndham
1000 Woodbury Avenue, Council Bluffs, IA 51503
Rate: $99.99 plus tax
[There are many hotels along I-80 in Council Bluffs and three casinos. You're welcome to look for your brand of choice. We want you to know about the nearest one!]
Where Birds & Bees Begins!
We are deeply grateful for our partnership with New Horizon Presbyterian Church, where Birds & Bees begins and ends. It is located at 30 Valley View Drive, Council Bluffs, Iowa 51503.
What happens on the 19th?
  • Around midday at New Horizon Presbyterian Church, we'll begin checking folks in for Birds & Bees! Move into your rental tent, your PHAT room, or (for a donation) set up your indoor sleeping space in the fellowship hall of New Horizon.
  • PBV will provide an afternoon shuttle to the Omaha side of the Missouri River, so that you can cycle back across the Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge to Iowa. "The Bob" is an architectural wonder! Follow the levee trails to the Wabash Trace trailhead park. The Nebraska Option is about 10 miles.
  • Then head south on the famous Taco Ride via the Wabash Trace, for supper at Tobey Jacks! The Taco Ride, about 20 miles out and back on the Wabash, is one of the biggest weekly rides in the country, and you can be a part of it. (The Taco Ride is a blast, but you do have the option of passing and resting up for your 22-mile Friday ride to Malvern!)
More Info for KaBash Riders in April...
A few weeks before the rides begin, you can expect a detailed schedule and your handy maps of Council Bluffs/Omaha, plus your daily rider route maps.
If you have questions about transitioning from Big Muddy to Birds & Bees, please reach out to tammy@pkbelly.com.
For the Latest RAGBRAI News
from Pork Belly Ventures,
please see our most recent RAGBRAI Update:
It's warming up, friends! The ice is melting, and April showers will be here before we know it. We cordially invite you to join Pork Belly Ventures on one beautiful trail or another!
Our very best,
Tammy and Pete
Pork Belly Ventures LLC 
Tammy: 712.328.0161 h, 808-375-8921 c, tammy@pkbelly.com
Pete: 402-681-2613 c, pete@pkbelly.com