Pork Belly Update #5 May Reminders

May 8, 2022
Dear Friends,
Spring is here, and we have the daffodils and the orioles to prove it!
May is when RAGBRAI riders start thinking in earnest about their Iowa adventure in July. Here, we have created a whole update of REMINDERS, and there's a warm and friendly invitation at the end!
NOTE: The trail rides of Pork Belly Ventures
begin this week,
and consequently, we may not be able to respond
to your emails and phone calls as quickly as usual.
Thank you for your patience.
Final Payment by May 15th
Any unpaid balance is due by May 15th. In the past, we have been soft on deadlines, but this year, given the demand for our services, we need to know our numbers, friends.
Please login and pay your balance by May 15th (you will incur a 3% fee), or avoid paying fees by mailing a check to PBV LLC, 412 Forest Glen Drive, Council Bluffs, Iowa 51503.
If you need your login credentials, write to both of us: tammy@pkbelly.com and pete@pkbelly.com.
If you notify us about needing an extension of this deadline, we can extend for a short period. If we don't have your payment, and if we don't have a request for an extension, your reservation with PBV is no longer secure after May 15th.
Lansing to Sergeant Bluff, East/West Shuttle
In case you missed it, here is our update on Long-Term Parking, Indoor Sleeping, and Delicious Meal Options in Lansing on the Friday/Saturday before RAGBRAI, July 22 and 23. This is only for those on our East/West Shuttle!
When to Choose Your Departure
on the East/West Shuttle
In June, we will invite everyone to login and record his/her RAGBRAI wristband number, the type of bike to be transported on our shuttles, and (where applicable) his/her preferred departure day and time.
For those on our E/W Shuttle who are eager to make the selection of departure, please be patient. We'll be asking you to complete your "June Form." It won't be too long now.
Also on the June Form, those using the Omaha Airport Shuttle prior to RAGBRAI will be able to provide us with your arrival day and time in Omaha and your preferred departure time on Saturday, July 23.
For those using our Des Moines airport shuttle prior to RAGBRAI, there is one departure time: 9:00 a.m. Saturday, July 23.
The Long Day, Wednesday,
105 miles
In late March, PBV published your link to the RAGBRAI daily route maps and drew your attention to the route of Wednesday, 105 miles. (Please visit RAGBRAI.com for a better view of the map at right and all RAGBRAI daily rider route maps.) We offered new options for shortening your Wednesday to about half of that distance. We still have a few seats available for the following options:
  • Jump-Ahead Shuttle: PBV carries you and your bike to the half-way point of your day, and you cycle into Mason City.
  • Early-Finish Shuttle 1:00 p.m.: You cycle to the half-way point, and PBV shuttles you and your bike to Mason City at 1:00 p.m.
  • Early-Finish Shuttle 3:00 p.m.: You cycle to the half-way point, and PBV shuttles you and your bike to Mason City at 3:00 p.m.
  • Rest Day on Wednesday (sag that day).
Here is a link to the update with greater detail. Again, we have one or two coaches for each option and they're almost full (except for the full-day sag, taking a rest day, where we are only about 25% full).
Omaha and Des Moines Hotels
If you fly or drive to Omaha or Des Moines on Friday, July 22, you need an overnight stay. Our Omaha and Des Moines shuttles depart on Saturday, July 23. If you have not yet made your reservation, here are the hotel phone numbers AND links to our invitation letter and the shuttle update.
(Scroll, scroll, scroll to Section 3.)
  • Omaha Airport Candlewood Suites: 402-342-2500
  • Omaha Airport Best Western Plus: 402-505-4900
  • Des Moines Airport AmericInn Hotel: 515-285-5180
Please remember that the June Letter will provide you with further instructions, addresses, and explanations on all of our shuttles, before and after RAGBRAI.
We know you're thinking of questions, folks, about how things work. Do remember that we're editing our June Letter, the travel guidebook of Pork Belly Ventures, and we'll be sending it to you--you guessed it!--in June!
At that same time, we will invite you to login and complete the June Form (mentioned above).
Bike Shipping
Thanks to those of you who have already ordered bike shipping and optional pre-assembly of your bike. Maybe you missed it? Here's our update on bike shipping for RAGBRAI 2022. Things have changed a bit, so please read carefully.
Hey, please don't confuse bike shipping and bike transport.
Bike Shipping: this is when you pack up your bike and ship it to Iowa.
Bike Transport: Bike transport is different. We carry your bike on a trailer or truck. Bike transport is included on all of our shuttles.
PBV Cancellation Policy
Now is an important time to keep our cancellation policy in mind.
If you did not take our cancellation protection, you can get a 90% refund of your total amount due, if you cancel before June 15th.
If you did take our cancellation protection, your deadline for cancelling and receiving a 90% refund of your total amount due is extended to Wednesday, July 20, at 10:00 p.m.
Our policy is posted on the home page. You'll find a link to the policy on your confirmation email.
One More Thing:
Waiting Lists
During this unusual season, our rental tent service and weeklong support sold out in February. Normally, we rarely sell out before June.
We are maintaining waiting lists for both services. We cannot add to the waiting lists at this point, and we have had few cancellations so far.
June and July are typically when more cancellations occur. We can't promise to have space, but if you clear a waiting list, friends, we will notify you.
A Cordial Invitation,
Sunday, May 22,
Malvern, Iowa!
On Sunday night, May 22, in Malvern, we will celebrate the last night of Birds & Bees! We'll have a couple food trucks in camp, and there's likely to be a bake sale going on, too! Billy and the Downliners will give us a farewell performance. If you'd like to come out and see what Birds & Bees is all about, you're most welcome to join us at Boehner Pond!
(Due to our agreement with the Malvern Park Board, we can't invite you to camp at Boehner Pond, unfortunately. But we can invite you to join us for a great concert beside Boehner Pond from about 5:00 to 8:00 p.m!)
ABOVE: Dave has been going over the charging trailers.
Dave, George, Mick, and Pete are hard at work at Pork Headquarters, readying the whole Pork Infrastructure!
We are currently working hard on equipment, replacing parts, scouring all surfaces, and testing our trailers to make sure that everything is spruced up and in good working order for the season. We are talking almost daily with our new friends in all eight RAGBRAI overnight towns about our breakfast vendors, lunch vendors, dinner caterers, and more! In other words, we're thinking of you every day, folks, and the good memories we will make in July!
We'll be on your screens again soon! Until then,
All our best wishes,
Tammy and Pete
Pork Belly Ventures LLC 
Tammy: 808-375-8921 c, tammy@pkbelly.com
Pete: 402-681-2613 c, pete@pkbelly.com