Pork Belly Update #6---May Tidings and Reminders

May 31, 2023

Dear Friends,




???? Our old app version will be shut down at midnight, May 31st – tonight! NOTE: The old app version “icon” may stay on your phone, but it will not function.


To Our Apple/iPhone/iPad users:

  1. Our app is simply an update of the current app – The Apple app is Version 2.0.24.
  2. Go to Apple App Store and search for “Pork Belly Ventures” and the app will appear. Tap “Open” and then “Update” and the old app version will update to the new version.
  3. Apple App Store “updated” app listing: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/pork-belly-ventures/id527940058
  4. Or scan the QR code below to be taken to the app store!


To Our Android users:

Our previous instructions to access our updated app have changed for Android users. Here’s what to do:


  1. Delete the current app version that’s on your Android.
  2. Go to Google Play and search for precisely “Pork Belly” and you will see two versions of our PBV app. 
  3. Install the app whose Developer is listed as Pork Belly Ventures, LLC. Another identifying fact: The Android app is Version 2.0.23
  4. You may also access the update/new app this way:


Android/Google Store listing:  


ABOVE: You can scan the QR code with your phone to download the app (Android devices and Apple iPhone/iPad)

Why You Love the Pork Belly

Mobile App

Let us count the ways...

  • An Archive of PBV Updates from the Whole Season
  • Updates Will Include our June Letter, Our Week in the Corn, and More, at your fingertips!
  • Timely Notifications of Deadlines
  • RAGBRAI Route Maps and News
  • PBV Maps of RAGBRAI Overnight Towns, Campsites, and Local Amenities
  • Special Request Forms (like Massage Appointments)
  • Tips for First Time RAGBRAI Riders
  • Daily News Each Day of RAGBRAI!


Having issued several warnings and emailed everyone who hasn't made full payment, we will be cancelling applications tomorrow (for those who have paid only have the initial deposit).

Pork Classified Ad


A Weeklong PBV Rider, Neal, is looking for a lift from Davenport to Aurora or Naperville, IL on Saturday afternoon on July 29th. He would share fuel costs with the driver. He does not need bike transportation, just his two duffels. Reply via Tammy@pkbelly.com.

More to come soon, and until next time, we remain...


Your Friends,


Tammy and Pete  

Pork Belly Ventures LLC 

Tammy: 808-375-8921 c, tammy@pkbelly.com

Pete: 402-681-2613 c, pete@pkbelly.com