Transporting your Bicycle on our Trailer for BRAN


For RAGBRAI riders check the "details" tab and look for a description of truck transport of bicycles for RAGBRAI only.

For BRAN when transporting bikes on trucks, we've had only one mishap in over 20 years--truck contents shifted and gouged the top tube of a beautiful, completely unprotected bike. Since then, we have implemented the following recommendations.  

If for some reason fully boxing isn't possible for you, then here are some suggestions. At any hardware store, you can buy cheap pipe insulation to protect your frame's tubing. Tape it on the main triangle-top tube, down tube, and seat tube, forks, and chainstays. Cover your rear derailleur and other fragile components. Remove the computer or other accessories from your handlebars and frame.

Experience tells us that while boxing your bike is best, most you will bring unboxed bikes to us for transport on our trucks. Consequently, our semis (the big 18-wheeler trailers) will be outfitted to hang unboxed bikes in rows--they're hung by a wheel, with the opposite wheel secured to the truck floor by bungee cord. STILL, take the above precautions to protect your frame and components. We’ll have space for boxed bikes, tandems, recumbents, too, but we need to know if you’re expecting us to transport one. So please let us know if you have one of these type bikes by emailing

Bottom line, we'll load your bike in whatever condition you like, but if it's not in a box, we assume no responsibility for damage.

Finally, if you take our advice and use pipe insulation or other packing material, plan to store it either in your hard shell bike case or in your duffel. We can't store it loose on our trucks. All bike boxes should be flattened for storage during the ride.