RAGBRAI 2019      

Pork Belly Update #11---Sleeping Inside for a Good Cause!

July 2, 2019

Dear Porkers,


Sleeping inside for a good cause is a long tradition with Pork Belly Ventures. Thanks to many wonderful hosts, we have been arranging very quiet slumber parties for decades. Many of us can remember 2011 and 2012, truly hot RAGBRAIs. We've had an exceptionally stormy June. We cross our fingers, of course. But here’s a way to hedge against heat and overnight thunderstorms, by reserving shelter and air-conditioning in advance. 


We define indoor sleeping as rolling out your bedroll in an air-conditioned space with restroom facilities. This year, we have arranged indoor sleeping on five nights. 


Indoor sleeping involves a $15 donation to the school or organization hosting our riders. Pork Belly Ventures collects the donation from each indoor sleeper. We keep none of it. One hundred percent goes to the organization hosting us on a given day.


RIGHT: the Centerville Y, near our campsite

What about Baggage?

These venues are either at the center of our campsites or a slight distance from our sites—usually within view. About your baggage:


  • Please notice that on two nights, we or our hosts will offer help to our indoor sleepers with moving baggage to and from the facility. We’ll publish the hours during which we can help with bags—we’ll probably make a certain number of trips during a four-hour window in the afternoon. We are happy to help, but please note that there are limits to this courtesy service. 


  • On three nights, the indoor sleeping facility is right on site, and you can move your bags into the building in the afternoon and out of the building to our baggage trailer, or back to your rental tent, in the morning.

How to Reserve

Below, you’ll find a brief description of what is available each day. Please read it all before you write to Sara to request sleeping space. You can reserve space for a friend, but you must talk with him/her first.  Only after you have read this information thoroughly and spoken with any friends, you can write to Sara (address below) with the nights you request and your name, plus the name of a friend if you’re sure of his or her plans. 


Remember, please, that Sara has other responsibilities and will reply to you as soon as she can. So much going on this time of year! Thanks for making sure of your friend's plans before you write to Sara.


While we have you....


Once More--Hotel Rooms Monday Night

Here's a link to our recent update offering hotel rooms on a couple of nights. While our block is full on Wednesday, we still have rooms available at the Hilton Garden Inn on Monday night. We will release unclaimed rooms later this week. Click here for more detail if you're interested:




See below--SCROLL-- for all the details on Indoor Sleeping. We'll be on your screens again in a jiffy. 


Thank you for rolling with PBV!


Tammy and Pete

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Most of this is common sense, friends, but we have to say it.


You Must Be With PBV.

We can only offer these opportunities to people who are using Pork Belly Ventures Weeklong Support or Partial-Week Support.


Be Sure of Your Commitment 

Please read this description in full. By responding, you are committing to paying for these affordable opportunities. 


We will put these charges on your PBV applications. Our cancellation policy applies. You will need to settle your balance before you come to Iowa. Do keep your word to us and to our hosts. At this point in our season, we do not have time for changes and switcheroos. 


BELOW: Here's the beautiful and new Indy Y of Indianola, our Tuesday night campsite and indoor sleeping spot. Many different rooms are available for indoor sleeping--yoga studios, the community room, the day care, fitness areas, and more.

BELOW: The Cass County Community Center in Atlantic, at the center of our campsite

Say Thanks, Of Course

We hope that all indoor sleepers will take any opportunity to thank our hosts—the YMCA staff, the school boosters, whoever you meet in these nice buildings—for the privilege of sleeping inside.


Game-Day Decisions

Some people look at these opportunities as a kind of insurance. If it's nice outside, they'd rather camp. But in case of extreme heat or overnight thunderstorms, they have reserved an indoor spot. They figure it's a small donation to a good cause, whether or not they end up using it.


NO Late-Nighters!

IF YOU WANT TO GO TO STREET DANCES IN THESE OVERNIGHT TOWNS, PLEASE DON'T SIGN UP FOR INDOOR SLEEPING. You would wake your fellows when you come in late. These offers are for folks who hit the hay early, can be quiet, and who clean up after themselves.



Bear in mind the importance of courtesy to our hosts and to your fellow Porkers who will be sleeping indoors. 


  • The only beverage that is appropriate in your sleeping room is a bottle of water with a lid. 


  • Bikes stay outside, locked in camp or near the venue.


  • Dispose of any trash--don't leave it where you slept.


  • It's usually lights-out by 10:00, and if you get up in the night, make an effort to be quiet and not disturb others. 


  • Say thanks to our hosts. 


  • Don’t leave any mess in the restrooms—tidy up and use the trash barrels. 


If you're okay with that, we welcome you to write for a reservation.  

Our Indoor Sleeping Opportunities,

$15 donation per person per night


Sunday, 7/21, Atlantic, Cass County Community Center

·     $15 per person

·     Located at the center of our Atlantic campsite

·     Sleepers move their own baggage into and out of the building

·     Accessible for sleeping at 7:30 pm. Earlier in the day, baggage can be placed inside until you can roll out your bedrolls at 7:30 p.m.

·     By 7:00 am Monday morning, baggage must be back in your rental tent or on our baggage trailer. You are responsible for moving it.

·     Two large air-conditioned rooms

·     Donations benefit the non-profit, Cass County Ag and Ed


Tuesday, 7/23, Indianola, Indianola YMCA

·     $15 per person

·     Located at the center of our Indianola Campsite

·     Beautiful building with pool (limited swimming hours)

·     Sleepers move their own baggage into and out of the building

·     Accessible on arrival in camp

·     By 7:00 am Monday morning, baggage must be back in your rental tent or on our baggage trailer.

·     Many different rooms for indoor sleeping

·     Donations benefit the Indianola YMCA


Wednesday, 7/24, Centerville YMCA

·     $15 per person

·     About two blocks from our campsite

·     The YMCA will move baggage to the facility from a designated spot in camp

·     Accessible on arrival in camp

·     PBV will load bags in front of the YMCA on Thursday morning

·     A gym and a work-out room

·     Donations benefit the Centerville YMCA


Thursday, 7/25, Fairfield, Middle School 

·     $15 per person

·     the Middle School, adjacent to camp

·     PBV will move bags to the gym entrance (limited hours)

·     Accessible on arrival in camp

·     PBV will load bags in front of the Middle School on Friday morning

·     A small gymnasium

·     Donations benefit the Fairfield Middle School Boosters


Friday, 7/26, Burlington, Edward Stone Middle School 

·     $15 per person

·     located in the center of our campsite in Burlington

·     Riders move their own bags in and out

·     Accessible on arrival in camp

·     Auditorium, classrooms, and other rooms in the school

·     Donations benefit the Edward Stone Middle School Boosters

Having read this info and agreed to the terms, please feel free to write to Sara with the names of those for whom you would like to reserve space, and the nights you want. Sara@pkbelly.com