RAGBRAI 2019      

Pork Belly Update #14---FRIDAY E/W Shuttle Bus Rosters

July 13, 2019


This weekend, PBV is publishing a series of updates

related to our pre-RAGBRAI shuttles. 

They contain bus rosters. Before you scroll for your name,

READ THE FIRST LINES of the update,

telling you which rosters follow. 

If you're not using this particular shuttle,

by all means delete the update.   




Dear Porkers, 


This update is for those using our FRIDAY E/W Shuttle from Keokuk to Council Bluffs on Friday, July 19th.  


If you are using the Saturday E/W Shuttle or our Omaha/ Council Bluffs Shuttle on July 20th, please hang on. Saturday E/W rosters will be published later today. We'll try to publish Des Moines rosters today too. The Omaha schedule is a time-consuming task, but it can go quickly if we can give it our full focus. Our goal is to publish that schedule by Sunday evening, Monday at the latest.


We will have 4 coaches for the Friday E/W Shuttle, three (3) at 1:00 PM, and one (1) at 3:00 PM.


The four Friday bus rosters appear below. 


To make bus assignments, we have used group names on applications and preferences recorded on the June Form. Dave Kennedy has taken on this task again this year, and he has met all requests. 


If your name doesn’t appear, we didn’t get a June Form preference from you. See next paragraph, please. 


At this point, if you are not assigned to a coach (the majority are assigned), you’ll need to write to Dave Kennedy atdave@pkbelly.com. That’s the only way to get an assignment now. (Don't bother completing the June Form at this point.) Write to Dave with your preferred departure time and the type of bike we we'll carry across the state for you (road bike, tandem, recumbent, trike, whatever). Unassigned people are listed at the end of this update. Thank you to Dave for handling all the bus assignments on the E/W Shuttle. 


For any details on our E/W Shuttle---our location in Keokuk, the schedule, bike-loading, etc---please look to the comprehensive section on the E/W Shuttle in our June Letter.


Rosters below, including names and group names. Thank you for using our Friday E/W Shuttle to the start town. 




Tammy and Pete


p.s. On the lists below, the formatting is a little hinky, but these names appear alpha by group name. Hope it's fairly easy to locate yourself!




Friday Bus 1- 1:00 PM

Name         Group Name

Case, Hillary         10396 Far and Near Cyclers

Clendenien, Kevin         10396 Far and Near Cyclers

Lunceford, William         10396 Far and Near Cyclers

Polson, Michael         10396 Far and Near Cyclers

Ruzikowski, Pawel         10396 Far and Near Cyclers

Pullman, Andrew         Amber Gatorades

roome, aaron         Ball and Chain

roome, janet         Ball and Chain

Stevens, Fiona         Batfriends

Stevens, Jason         Batfriends

Stevens, Julia         Batfriends

Battey, Robert         Battey Cycling

Porth, Andrew         Battey Cycling

Schafermeyer, Jeff         Battey Cycling

Bauchop, Sheila         Baubub

BUBNA, ALAN         Baubub

Brenneman, Karl         BEERHEADS

Miller, Laura         bike sweat & beers

Cruse, JoAnn         Bike Sweat and Beers

Hanson, Leah         Bike Sweat Beers

Marquart, Carl         Bike Sweat Beers

Miller, Rachel         Bike Sweat Beers

Marquart, Carl         Bike,Sweat,Beer

DISCH, DORENE (DD)         Bike-Sweat-Beers

Sowder, Richard         Blake/Sowder

Lechner, Charles         caroline cycles

Dignan, Edward         Caroline Cyclist

Beattie, Richard         Caroline Cyclists

bowman, Billy         Caroline Cyclists

GRAYSON, DONALD         Caroline Cyclists

jarman, frank         caroline cyclists

Olsen, Stephen         Caroline Cyclists

Powers, Harris         Caroline Cyclists

Robbins, Jim         Caroline Cyclists

Hagelberg, Frank         Caroline Cyclists

Longmire, John         CBR IOWA NOT IDAHO

Densmore, William         Chitown sweetbeans

Motkowski, Barbara         Chitown sweetbeans

Jones, Cherilyn         crash test bunnies

Jones, Jason         crash test bunnies

Jones, Joseph         crash test bunnies

Jones, William         crash test bunnies

Donnelly, Lynn         Donnelly

DONNELLY, ROBERT         Donnelly

Tucker, William         Effen Effers

Pardee, Donnie         Eye on the Pies

Riojas, Christina         Eye on the Pies

Smith, Jeanette         Eye on the Pies

Wheeler, Pattie         Eye on the Pies

Harris, Doug         Frank Is Lost

Logan, Stella         Frank Is Lost

Frasier , Coreen         Furse Family

Moon, Vincent         georgiamisfits

Litwin, Jonathan         Gerry Dunlap

Boozer, Mike         Grind My Gears

Murphy, Randall         Gutmann




Friday Bus 2- 1:00 PM

Name         Group Name

Strahle, Thomas         Hemstreet/ Strahle

Johnson, Dave         Horticulturist Johnson

Pierce, Ty         Horticulturist Johnson

Sitzes, Janice         JS2

Swartz, John         JS2

Howland, Charlene         Kalamazoo Gals

Howland, Jillian         Kalamazoo Gals

Kass, Brian         Kass Family

Kass, David         Kass Family

KASS, DEAN         Kass Family

Kass, Donald         Kass Family

Kilmartin, Tim         Kilmartin

Sheehan, Michael         Kilmartin

Naglich, Joe         KJnag

Naglich, Kris         KJnag

Hyckie, Phallon         Lap Dogs Cycling Club

Potvin, Paul         Lap Dogs Cycling Club

Tamblyn, Jon         Lap Dogs Cycling Club

Linville, Ina         Linville's

Linville, Mike         Linville's

Smith, Mark         Mark Smith

Walther, Gary         Mark Smith

Metz, Leo         Metz

Kreiselmeier, Thomas         Motor City Cyclepaths

Schultz, Vic         Motor City Cyclepaths

Thibault, Steven         Motor City Cyclepaths

Hamilton, Jan         none

Garton, Robert         Old Blind Dog

Ohr, Fred         Old Blind Dog

Wilson, Gary         One Bourbon One Scotty One Beer

Zavorka , Daniel         Paul and Kea

Lanzarotto , Phil         phil/char

Pendleton, Charlene         phil/char

Harrison, Karen         Piowa

Thomson, Ray         Piowa

Poterek, Peter         Poterek Family

Puster, Bailey         Power Pedalers

Puster, Cole         Power Pedalers

Puster, Kelly         Power Pedalers

Miller, Leslie         Pteam Pterodactyl

Zvacek, Susan         Pteam Pterodactyl

Nelson, Terri         Reece

gach, michael         River Oaks Riders

Doerhoefer, Kenny         RSR

Kluender, David         RSR

Kluender, Sarah         RSR

yates, patrick         RSR

Sullivan, Lincoln         S - Train

Sullivan, Ruston         S - Train

Hand, Walter         Scotts Scooters

Lehman, Jeff         Scotts Scooters

Pennington, Gregory         Scotts Scooters

Roush, Jeffrey         Scotts Scooters

Werth, Roger         Scotts Scooters

Wiersma, Dale



Friday Bus 3- 1:00 PM

Name         Group Name

Silvers, Guy         Silvers

Marston, Bruce         Spinjunkie

Sheriff, Jeff         STCC Turtles

Storck, Alan         STCC Turtles

Geyer, Phil         Straddle N' Roll

Shenfeld, Ron         Straddle n’ Roll

Staples, Milton         Straddle N’ Roll

Sullivan , Joe         S-TRAIN

Fleming, Don         Team Crazee

Fleming, Tamie         Team Crazee



Raftery, Timothy P         Team Rummy

Little, Bill         Team Zee

Steele, Andrew         The Tennessee Three

Steele, Matthew         The Tennessee Three

Green, Steve         The Thirsty Sloths

Bohart, Leslie         TreadHeads

Bush, Steve         Treadheads

Grispino, Carla         Treadheads

Hanson, Jacqueline         TreadHeads

Hardesty, Lisa         Treadheads

Hardesty, Rick         Treadheads

Houben, Susan         treadheads

Ludwig, Mary (Jay)         TreadHeads

Southgate, Peter         TreadHeads

Barnes, Mike          

Bertsch, Jace          

Black, Stephen          

Blake, Roger          

Borrero, Rene          

Brooks, Terry          

Clifton, Jim          

Ervin, Gary          

Exline , Kenneth          

Foster, Jim          

Furse, Todd          

Gillespie, Jim          

Gritzinger, Douglas          

Gustafson, Mark          

Hatch, David          

Hautman, Daniel          

Heney, Vincent          

Jasman, Bill          

Joy, William          

Kleist, Steven          

Maine, Ilona          

Malloy, Mark          

Nodine, Steve          

Patrick, Walt          

Porter, Larry          

prosser, terry          

Schiers, Evelyn          

Spaur, Doug          

Waller, Bruce

Spaur, Candace          


Friday 3:00 PM Bus


Name         Group Name

MacDonald, Kelly         Bettys Group

Dohn, Christian         Booze Travelers

Dechter, Joel         Cycling FTL

Jaques, Mark         Cycling FTL

Mobley, Karen         Cycling FTL

Mobley, Thomas         Cycling FTL

Cunningham, Barb         Dopey Redux

Cunningham, Mike         Dopey Redux

Lingenfelter, Bella         Dopey Redux

Lingenfelter, Gabe         Dopey Redux

Lingenfelter, Kris         Dopey Redux

Hodgson, Jake         Hodgson Bros

Hodgson, Jon         Hodgson Bros

Jacobsen, Jenny         It's all downhill from here

Jacobsen, Mike         It's all downhill from here

Kass, Jim         Kass Family

Kass, Rick         Kass Family

Backert, Jeff         Orion

Dolan, Dawn         Orion

Fruit, Gene         padres

McCammick, Jeremy         padres

Schmid, Travis         padres

Martin, Shellie         Riding for Jerry

Raff, Alicia         Riding for Jerry

ruffing, james         roadkill warriors

Sippey, Timothy         roadkill warriors

Ryan, Jim         Scotts Scooters

Currie, Gary         Seersucker

Hamilton, Hank         Seersucker

Hamilton, William         Seersucker

Lundbeck , Jim         Seersucker

Bergstrom, Tom         Seersucker Cyclist

Chronister, Mark         Seersucker Cyclist

Bergstrom, Jon         Seersucker Cyclists

Gump, Joe         straddle n roll

Schaeffer, Ray         Straddle N' Roll

Blaschke, Mary Kay         Straddle N'Roll

Jacobs, James         Straddle N'Roll

Castillo, Vincent         StraddleNRoll

Daniels, Shelby         Team Daniels

Daniels, William (Bill)         Team Daniels

Glick, David         Team Weyhrich

Glick, Linda         Team Weyhrich

Jones, Jamie         The fire flowers

Roach, Robert         The fire flowers

Gorman, David         West is Best

Weyhrich, Chris         Weyhrich

Weyhrich, John         Weyhrich

Caffrey, John          

geddes, jerry          

McChristian, David          

Nason, David          

Sabol, James          

Sieck, Eric          

Snyder, Phil          

walker, Johnny          

Rosters for the Saturday E/W Shuttle will be out later today, friends.


Our Unassigned List

for the E/W Shuttle

Below we are listing those who have not given us a preferred departure on their June Form. If your name appears on the list below, please write to Dave atdave@pkbelly.com. He'll get right back to you. We have space available on Saturday at 7:00 and 8:00 a.m.

Rider         Group

Bisgard, Brady         Biz Mac

Hillis, Bob         CO-INDY

kendt, timothy         Go Cubs

Madison, Eric         Gutmann

Matiscik, Michael         Hammond Hoosiers

DeCrick, Katherine         Hughes Your Daddy!

decrick, michael         Hughes Your Daddy!

Gilbert, Don         Legal Draftsman

Hansen, James         Legal Draftsmen

Summy, Kathryn         Lemon Drops

Aklan, Gregory         Low and Slow

Aklan, Matthew         Low and Slow

Watson, William         Mistakes Were Made Part II

Vik, David         Necrotic Wheels

Thompson, Phil         One More for the Toad

Easley, Dave         Orchard Rd

Flieg, Linda         Orchard Rd

Harder, Paul         Paul's Friends

McDermott, Kevin         Paul's Friends

shanahan, james         Quad Squad and Jimbo

Sorice, Quinten         Quad Squad and Jimbo

Allen, Fred         we are the better beep boop

Dempsey, Sean         we are the better beep boop

McIvor, Thomas         we are the better beep boop

Wagreich, Ian         West is Best

Ward, Edward         West is Best

Rine, John         Weyhrich

Adreon, Shane         

Clayton, Michael         

Cornelius, jeffrey         

Engeldinger, Peter         

Esneault, Deborah         

FAIFERLICK, Chris         

Flaherty, Matthew                

Hotle, David         

James, Aaron         

Lucier, Andrea         

Mira Cervera, Francisco         

Quinn, Robert         

Rapcan, Tom         

Schuster, Brad         

Simmons, Newton         

Stigner, Joe         

Walker, Adrianne         

Wernstrom, Mark         

Yusseem, Edward      

** FOR THOSE WHO HAVE NOT OR DO NOT COMPLETE THE JUNE FORM... If we have no RAGBRAI wristband number on your June Form, and if anything unfortunate happens during RAGBRAI, there will be limits to the way we can help you or take actions on your behalf. Also, please know that you must have your RAGBRAI wristband on your wrist in order to check in for our Weeklong or Partial-Week Support.