RAGBRAI 2019      

Pork Belly Update #15---SATURDAY E/W Shuttle Bus Rosters

July 13, 2019


This weekend, PBV is publishing a series of updates

related to our pre-RAGBRAI shuttles. 

They contain bus rosters. Before you scroll for your name,

READ THE FIRST LINES of the update,

telling you which rosters follow. 

If you're not using this particular shuttle,

by all means delete the update.   




Dear Porkers, 


This update is for those using our SATURDAY E/W Shuttle from Keokuk to Council Bluffs on Saturday, July 20th. 


We published the FRIDAY E/W Shuttle rosters earlier today in Update #14. 


We will publish the DES MOINES/COUNCIL BLUFFS rosters later today in Update #16.






If you are using our Omaha/Council Bluffs Shuttle on July 2oth, yours will be next and last rosters published, probably tomorrow. Our process for Omaha is different--we build the schedule around your preferences; however, 25% of our passengers have not given us their preferred departure time by completing their June Forms. The bus company needs a schedule from us. If you haven't given us your preference, we'll have make decisions without you.


You don't want to stand by for half a day for the next available seat on a coach, do you? Take five minutes to login and complete your June Form, the green tab across from your name. We have pointed it out below. For Omaha, we depend entirely on the website for our software to make the schedule. We simply must have your June Form.


Back to our Saturday E/W Shuttle...


In Keokuk on the morning of July 20, we will be running ten coaches for the Saturday E/W Shuttle:


  • three at 7:00 AM,
  • four at 8:00 AM,
  • and three at 9:00 AM.


To make bus assignments, we have used group names on applications and preferences recorded on the June Form. To our knowledge, we have met all requests.


If your name doesn’t appear, we didn’t get a June Form preference from you. See next paragraph, please. 


At this point, if you are not assigned to a coach (the majority are assigned), you’ll need to write to Dave Kennedy atdave@pkbelly.com.  We have space available at 7:00 and 8:00 a.m. only at this time.


Give Dave your preferred departure time and coach and tell him what type of bike we will carry across the state for you (road bike, recumbent, trike). 


The only way to get an assignment now is to write to Dave. (Don't bother completing the June Form at this point.) Unassigned people are listed at the end of this update. Thank you to Dave for handling all the bus assignments on the E/W Shuttle. 


For any details on our E/W Shuttle---our location in Keokuk, the schedule, bike-loading, etc---please look to the comprehensive section on the E/W Shuttle in our June Letter.


Rosters below, including names and group names. Thank you for using our Saturday E/W Shuttle to the start town. 




Tammy and Pete


p.s. The rosters are alpha by group name--sorry for the formatting.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  Saturday E/W Shuttle, July 20th


7:00 Buses


Saturday Bus 1-7:00 AM

Name         Group Name

Aardema, Bill         Aardema

Aardema, Curtis         Aardema

Aardema, Julie         Aardema

Aardema, Sara         Aardema

Flach, David         Aardema

Gorning, Heather         Aardema

parise, jessica         Aardema

Zylstra, Renee         Aardema

Brown, Jane         Aardema Group

Granger, George         Aardema Group

Paddon, Terry         Aardema Group

Smith, Jeffrey         Aardema Group

Cotnareanu, Teodor         Americanucks

Wolfson, Michelle         Americanucks

McLaughlin, Jeff         Beer Run

Schuld, Timothy         Behls/Schuld

Blair, Mark         Bresser Boys

Keller, Jason         Buckeyes Roll Over Iowa

Pentony, Brian         Buckeyes Roll Over Iowa

Perry, Mike         Buckeyes Roll Over Iowa

Sherrod, David         Buckeyes Roll Over Iowa

Killoran, David         Bud

Flood, Sean         Chicago Southside Irish

Conti, Christopher         Full Moon Adventures

Harrell, Greg         Full moon adventures

Heim, John         Full Moon Adventures

Kayser, Ann         Full Moon Adventures

Kayser, Ken         Full Moon Adventures

Ragan, Cheryl         Full Moon Adventures

Ragan, William         Full Moon Adventures

Thomas, Gary         Full Moon Adventures

Harris, Beth         Gears Beers and Sagwagons

Harris, Keith         Gears Beers and Sagwagons

Peterson, Derrick         Gears Beers And Sagwagons

Giordano, Heather         Gears, Beers and Sagwagons

Giordano, Montana         Gears, Beers and Sagwagons

Seifert, Kristin         Gears, beers and sagwagons

Seifert, Tim         Gears, beers and sagwagons

Peterson, Patricia         Gears,Beers and Sagwagons

Peterson, Robert         Gears,Beers and Sagwagons

Berry, Ronald         Geezerbrai

Wyman, Buzz         Geezerbrai

Edwards, Mike         Glen

McLeod, Glen         Glen

Sligar, William         Gutmann

HART, BRIAN         Hart and Hoody

Hood, Jerry         Hart and Hoody

Bezada, Idaly         Hippotherapy Cycling Mamas

Leonard, Kathleen         Hippotherapy Cycling Mamas

Hizer, Kent         I Bike For Hello Gorgeous

Cooper, Brently         Misfits

Cooper, Marybeth         Misfits



Saturday Bus 2-7:00 AM

Name         Group Name

Demopoulos, Kiki         Morette Madness

Hessert, David         Morette Madness

Markel, Liz         Morette Madness

Boyle, John         NA

Henry, John         PapaJohnCycle

Rivard, Glenn         Pow Wow Power

Rivard, Madison         Pow Wow Power

Prim, RIch         Quinlan Friends

Quinlan, Anne         Quinlan Friends

Griffin, John         Rolling Hills Riders

Stanfa, Rob         Rolling Hills Riders

Timmons, Tom         Rolling Hills Riders

Mooney, John         SCC Ragbrai19

Nolan, Kevin         Slam

Nolan, Michael         Slam

Nolan, Robert         Slam

Gore, Rick         stiff pedalers

Huebner, Spencer         Stiff Pedalers

Mann, Jim         Stiff Pedalers

McDowell, Richard         SUMAC

Schmidt, Susan         SUMAC

Behls, David         Team Behls/Schuld

Inman, Barbara         Team HYDR-ate

Inman, Charles         Team HYDR-ate

Borchardt, John         Team Loonatic

Mackenzie, Andrew         Team Loonatic

Zipp, Bridget         The Gutmann Group

Kelly, Brennan         The Kellys

Kelly, Martha         The Kellys

Hagen, Justin         Tito baggers

Becker, Cindy         Trolls

McMahon, Michael         Trolls

Heatwole, Deb         Two buckeyes on bikes

Vogelgesang, Jill         Two buckeyes on bikes

Donovan, Barry         UniArroz

Donovan, Elisa         UniArroz

Macia, Mario         UniArroz

King, Helen         Van Gilder

Schlumpf, Brightin         Van Gilder

Van Gilder, Don         Van Gilder

Van Gilder, Jean         Van Gilder

Van Gilder, Ryan         Van Gilder

Van Gilder, Scott         Van Gilder

Caballero, Daniel         Volpe

Flowers, Craig         West Is Best

McMahon, Dan         West Is Best

McMahon, Timothy         West Is Best

Amann, Denise          

Brunk, Kevin          

Harman, Jon          

Hume, Gerry          

Johnson, David          

Manrriquez, Ronald          



Saturday Bus 3-7:00 AM


Name         Group Name

Hassler, Frank         Frank Hassler

Held, Anna         Wangjangle

Held, Mickey         Wangjangle

Held, Riely         Wangjangle

Brinker, Mark          

Marders, Julia          

Muench, Gerald          

Muench, Susan          

Murphy, Brian          

Murphy, Shannon          

Murphy, Sonya          

Murphy, Sophia          

Oneail, James          

Pepple, Terry          

Puck, Brad          

Roseboom, Jesse          

sauers, Gary          

Tatman, David          

VanRoekel, Steven          




8:00 Buses


Saturday Bus 1-8:00 AM

Name         Group Name

Davis, Roger         10396 Far And Near Cyclers

Dean, Charlene         10396 Far and Near Cyclers

Ford, Roy         10396 Far and Near Cyclers

Jackson, Keith         10396 Far and Near Cyclers

Thomas, Ericka         10396 Far and Near Cyclers

Thomas, Mike         10396 Far and Near Cyclers

Gathman, Kim         3 amigos and 2 virgins

Gathman, Tim         3 amigos and 2 virgins

Admire, Julie         3 HEARTS

Dyas, Shelby         A Cycling Team

Sherman, Janet         A Cycling Team

Calder, Monica         Anderson group

McIlrath, Cheryl         Anderson group

Meinders, Mark         Antique Road Show

Meinders, Pamela         Antique Road Show

Arnopolin, Richard         arnopolin

Hottois, Julee         arnopolin

Rose , Mary         arnopolin

Davis, Crystal         BDC Ride Again

Bisgard, Shannon         Biz Mac

Robinson, michael         brasstown bikers

Scroggs, Ron         Brasstown Bikers

Turner, John-Mark         Brasstown Bikers

Bresser, Brad         Bresser boys

Bresser, William         Bresser boys

Shoemaker, Ory         Bresser Boys

Threm, Chris         Bresser Boys

Taylor, Albert         Bresserboys

Schultz, Leo         Brocation

Mazurek, Chuck         Brocation/Stick People

Vig, Charlene         Brocation/Stick People

Brethauer, Mark         Buckeye Coasters

Dickson, Gibbs         Buckeye Coasters

Patterson, Jeff         Buckeye Coasters

Preen, Janice "Maria"         Buckeye Coasters

Preen, Philip         Buckeye Coasters

Reeder, Sharon         Buckeye Coasters

Reeder, Tom         Buckeye Coasters

Steward, Mike         Buckeye Coasters

Terry, Jessica         Buckeye Coasters

Claxton, Brian         CheckerMates

Shamery, Steve         CheckerMates

Beck, Richard         CtoC

Coyne, Mary         CtoC

Coyne, Philip         CtoC

Garfrerick, Adam         CtoC

Ianno, John         CtoC

McGann, James         CtoC

Fox, Glenn         D&G

Surmon, David         D&G

Brink, Patty         DCFUN19

Klinger, Adam         DCFUN19



Saturday Bus 2-8:00 AM

Name         Group Name

EThridge, Steve         Dell Livestrong

Files, Gary W.         Dell Livestrong

Martinez, Jaime         Dell Livestrong

Rawlings, Tom         Dell Livestrong

hill, Dennis         denmark

MENNEMEIER, MARK         Denmark

Pohlman, Scott         Denmark

Rennier, Greg         Denmark

Mainini, Chris         Einstein & Edison

Mainini, Kevin         Einstein & Edison

King, Ralph         Fox Valley

Moran, Wally         Fox Valley Cyclo Tribe

Roth, Gene         Fox Valley Cyclo Tribe

Ruda, Rob         Fox Valley Cyclo Tribe

Santa-Maria, Jose         Fox Valley Cyclo Tribe

Stephens, Beth         Fox Valley Cyclo Tribe

Greenberg, Randy         Frank Is Lost Again

Linder, Craig         Frank Is Lost Again

Peterson, Lynn         Frank is Lost Again

Coder, shawn         girls with hoses

Miller, Laurie         Girls with Hoses

tellez, kristina         girls with hoses

Wagner, Robert         I’m For Ya

Bray, George         I'm For Ya

Haugh, Robert         I'm For Ya

Carmichael, Christopher         Irish Twins

Carmichael, Joel         Irish twins

Hilbert, Carl         Jagoff

Meinert, Marty         Jagoff

Nalepa, Michael         jagoffs

Layne, Bert         Kentucky Unicorns

McConnell, Tim         Kentucky Unicorns

Rudy, David         Kentucky Unicorns

RUDY, Mike         Kentucky Unicorns

Smiley, Jeffrey         Kentucky Unicorns

Williams, Mark         Kentucky Unicorns

Trotter, Loren         Lorenandjoe

Hughes, Robyn         Low Velocity Cycling

Shissler, Ryan         Low Velocity Cycling

Acuff, Ashley         Magical Toucan

Acuff, Nathan         Magical Toucan

manges, boyd         mangi

Arksey, Scott         Mostly Nuts

Faulhaber, Steve         Mostly Nuts

mullen, Joseph         Mostly Nuts

Elias, Bob         None

Collins, Craig         Ole Rollers

Mackinnon, David         Ole Rollers

Sexton, Blake          



Saturday Bus 3-8:00 AM

Name         Group Name

Chu, Diane         Orange Bridge Company

Chu, Gary         Orange Bridge Company

Park, Marianne         Park/Decker

Decker, Jenell         Park/Decker

Bailie, Seth         Pedal to the Mettle

DAVIS, Randy         Pedal to the Mettle

Rogers, Shawn         Pedal to the Mettle

Yeager, Benji         Pedal to the Mettle

Yeager, Haley         Pedal to the Mettle

Kameya, Mike         Redlands Water Bottle

Kameya, Nancy         Redlands Water Bottle

DeMar, Darryl         Rhyming Riders

Harrington, Paul         Ride Bikes...Drink Coffee

Bolton, Amanda         Ride-a-Bolton

Bolton, Zachary         Ride-a-Bolton

Morgante, Charlie         Riders on the Corn

Morgante, Nathan         Riders on the Corn

Riley, Teresa         Riley Pour House

Riley, Troy         Riley Pour House

Click, Dale         Riv'er Pigs

Grossberg, Rami         Riv'er Pigs

VanDieren, Monica         Riv'er Pigs

Gibson, Grant         Rusty Spokes

Gibson, Susan         Rusty Spokes

Moyes, Peter         SC Hill Hoppers

Roberts, Thomas         SC Hill Hoppers

Halford, Todd         Scotts Scooters

Ashton, Chris         Shelby Ave Bike Co

Cooper, Sadie         Shelby Ave Bike Co

Dall, Bill         sore bums

Scala, Thomas         Sore bums

Cecotti, Kevin         South Park Trailers

Cecotti, Preston         South Park Trailers

Cecotti, Theodore         South Park Trailers

Dunn, Josh         Southern Boys

Janisch, Jason         Southern Boys

Newman, Allen         Southern Boys

Ponder, John         Southern Boys

Guilfoil, John         Straddle N’ Roll

Guilfoil, Ryan         Straddle N’ Roll

Adkins, Cory         Sycamores

Adkins, Mark         Sycamores

Baer, Jonathan         Team Groucho

Jardot, David         Team Navy

Reise, Christa         Team Navy

Hedin, Cory         Team Sasshole

Volk, Paula         Team Sasshole

Fay, Joel         Viola

Wagener, Jennifer         West is Best

Vanderwerf, Randall         West is Best

Bontrager, Warren         What day is it

Bontrager, Wesley         What day is it

Starrett, Alex         Wild Ride



Saturday Bus 4-8:00 AM

Name         Group Name

Brown, Jim         Mount Leopard Cycling Club

Herring, Joel         Mount Leopard Cycling Club

McLeod, Scott         Mount Leopard Cycling Club

Pound, Charlie         Mount Leopard Cycling Club

Rogers, Ronnie         Mount Leopard Cycling Club

Threadgill, Tim         Mount Leopard Cycling Club

CONWAY, Jerry         Not all there

CONWAY, Liz         Not all there

Lordo, Bonnie         Not All There

Pittman, Charles         Not all there

Von Schondorf , Debbie         Not all there

Von Schondorf , Philip         Not all there

Von Schondorf, Chris         Not all there

Costello, Matt         padres

Helbing, John         padres

Hoffman, Joanna         padres

Hoffman, Joe         padres

Hoffman, Loreta         padres

Simonds, Lary         padres

Simonds, Zach         padres

Kline, Virginia         Stephens Party of Two

Stephens, R Terry         Stephens Party of Two

Abruzzo, Joseph          

BANKS, TOM          

Barrie , Dawn          

Brown, Lawrence          

Brown, Lyudmila          

Christenson, Rick          

geller, ken          

Havinga, Al          

Holcomb, Kim          

Hudson, David          

Isaacson, Stephen          

Johnson, Mary Beth          

Madison, Elizabeth          

Olsen, Bernard          

Russ, Thomas          

Schulte, Bill          

Sobotta, Russ          

Watson, Jim          

Weber, Carolyn          

Wilson, James         


9:00 Buses


Saturday Bus 1-9:00 AM

Name         Group Name

Gay, John         Aviators

Gay, Norma         Aviators

Dietzenbach, Jamie         B2you

Eliot, Gwen         B2you

Ellingson, Kristina         B2you

Hanson, Kathy         B2you

Huston, Mary Jean         B2you

Miller, Troy         B2you

Murphy, Thad         B2you

Paoni, Wende         B2you

Quijano, Martha         B2you

Gray, Kelli         Baylor Bears

Manhart, Pam         Baylor Bears

Matcha, Donna         Bella/Donna

Skupien, Gabriella         Bella/Donna

Demianiuk, Michael         Bike Sweat and Beers

Kruse, Randy         Bike-Sweat-Beers

Clark, Rob         Bluenose Roadrunners

van Helvoort, Gus         Bluenose Roadrunners

Sterrett, Matt         Booze Travelers

Kinneer, John         Carolina Panthers

Kinneer, Mary         Carolina Panthers

Sgueglia, James         Carolina Panthers

Beineke, Paul         Chaos

Cochran, John         Coulee Claims

Grenisen, Margaret         Coulee Claims

Camp, Bernie         cyclingFTL

Schulisch , Walter         CyclingFTL

Skluzacek, Matthew         Czecherd Past

Andrews, Jay         DC Velo Team

Balke, Bret         Dillo

Flynn, James         Dillo

Koch, Ronald         Dillo

Luster, John         Dillo

Price, Randy         Dillo

Waterloo, Daniel         EZMAIL

Dubro, Jackson         Four Horsemen

Henris, Jim         Four Horsemen

Morris, Jack         Four Horsemen

Kendt, Daniel         Go Cubs

Ray, Craig         Grandpa Ed’s Biker Gang

Diener, Ben         Grandpa Ed's Biker Gang

Diener, Jon         Grandpa Ed's Biker Gang

Diener, Zach         Grandpa Ed's Biker Gang

Ray, Dan         Grandpa Ed's Biker Gang

Ray, Ed         Grandpa Ed's Biker Gang

Strobel, Kevin         Greens Grove Express

Strobel, Martin         Greens Grove Express

Strobel, Shannon         Greens Grove Express

Bhatia, Ajay         Group007

Grover, Gautam         Group007

Jassal, Paul         Group007

Shah, Naish         Group007


Saturday Bus 2-9:00 AM

Name         Group Name

Drees, David         Drees Ride

Drees, Emily         Drees Ride

Drees, Nancy         Drees Ride

Newsome, Scott         Gutmann

Alter-Hanson, Karen         Hanson Herd

Hanson, Brian         Hanson Herd

Hanson, Elliot         Hanson Herd

Krumm, Troy         Ike Brothers

Krumm, Ty         ike Brothers

Vanney, Robert         Ike Brothers

Lamb, Bruce         Lambs Legion

Hobart, Jaye         Lemon Drops

Summy, Alison         Lemon Drops

Summy, Bennett         Lemon Drops

Summy, Elizabeth         Lemon Drops

Summy, John         Lemon Drops

Summy, Kathryn         Lemon Drops

Summy, Matthew         Lemon Drops

Summy, Sarah         Lemon Drops

Stelter, Josh         Let’s Get It Swingin’

Adams, Louie         Louie Adams

Bledsoe, Jeff         MI Transplants

Bledsoe, Leslie         MI Transplants

Knox, Pat         Nepatal

Westgerdes, Neal         Nepatal

Davidson, Annie         Norse Girls

Lynch, Rachel         Norse Girls

Howard, Andrew         Nova Newbies

PALMISON, BRENT         Nova Newbies

Heimann, Michele         Oberly

Oberly, Sandy         Oberly

Ortlieb, Mark         Old Slow Guys

Littrell, Ken         Revelers

Littrell, Peggy         Revelers

Marlowe, Sandra         Revelers

Marlowe, Wayne         Revelers

Settles, Becky         Revelers

Settles, Mark         Revelers

Monte, Sarah         Saryl

Pace, Daryl         Saryl

Chronister, Mark         Shut Up Legs

Cox, David         Shut Up Legs

Cox, Jennifer         Shut Up Legs

Rains, Loren         Shut Up Legs

Rains, Misty         Shut Up Legs

Gabriel, Lisa         STCC Turtles

Herrera-Malone, Ana         STCC Turtles

Kidd, Mike         STCC Turtles

Malone, David         STCC Turtles

Parker, Eric         STCC Turtles

Spetsieri, Olga         STCC Turtles

Sterett, Shane         STCC Turtles

Sterett, Shawnita         STCC Turtles

Williams, Sean         STCC Turtles

Tolces, Kenneth          


Saturday Bus 3-9:00 AM

Name         Group Name

Schnorrenberg, Derek         Chenzo

Vincent, Aaron         Chenzo

Peel, Kameron         Peel

Peel, Kelley         Peel

Peel, Ron         Peel

Carter, Paul         Team RWB

Behrmann, Jonah         Texas Rangers

Miller, Stephanie         Texas Rangers

Barker , William         The Procrastinators

Lux, Damaris         The Procrastinators

James, Andrea         Tush Pushers

James, Serafina         Tush Pushers

Belinsky, Nancy         TXdebsnfriends

LeBoeuf, Laura         TXDebsnfriends

Williams, Debra         TXdebsnfriends

Lamb, Alexander         Viola

Lamb, Kirk         Viola

Buffenbarger, Andrew         Virgin Territory

Hicks, Ben         Virgin Territory

Hicks, Michael         Virgin Territory

Martin, Frankie         Virgin Territory

Tenhouse, Steve         Virgin Territory

Martin, Jeffrey         Wausau/Merrill

ziemke, mike         Wausau/Merrill

Gentry, Tedd         Well Spoken

Siskind, Greg         West is Best

Ahern, Wayne         Wild Georgia Boyz

Herron, Bryan         Wild Georgia Boyz

Johnson, Jon         Wild Georgia Boyz

Pecher, Kathy         Woop Woop

Rieck, Jim         Woop Woop

Adams, Rod          

Beggin, Joseph          

Benn, David          

Colton, Russell          

Cornelius, Jeffrey          

Dickeson, Alison          

Dickeson, Blaine          

Dombek, Christopher          

Ferkel, Bailey          

Hotchkiss, Stephen          

James, Elijah          

Johnson, Josh          

Krumrei, Pamela          

Krumrei, Tracey          

Martel, Chris          

Newberry, Jamie          

Newberry, Tammy          

Soeralaya, Andreas          

Soeralaya, Veronica          

Stanley, John          

Vega, Pedro          

Walker, Charlie          

Wheeler, Hilah          

Wood, Ed          

Yates, Guy          



Unassigned Folks


Rider         Group

Bisgard, Brady         Biz Mac

Hillis, Bob         CO-INDY

kendt, timothy         Go Cubs

Madison, Eric         Gutmann

Matiscik, Michael         Hammond Hoosiers

DeCrick, Katherine         Hughes Your Daddy!

decrick, michael         Hughes Your Daddy!

Gilbert, Don         Legal Draftsman

Hansen, James         Legal Draftsmen

Summy, Kathryn         Lemon Drops

Aklan, Gregory         Low and Slow

Aklan, Matthew         Low and Slow

Watson, William         Mistakes Were Made Part II

Vik, David         Necrotic Wheels

Thompson, Phil         One More for the Toad

Easley, Dave         Orchard Rd

Flieg, Linda         Orchard Rd

Harder, Paul         Paul's Friends

McDermott, Kevin         Paul's Friends

shanahan, james         Quad Squad and Jimbo

Sorice, Quinten         Quad Squad and Jimbo

Allen, Fred         we are the better beep boop

Dempsey, Sean         we are the better beep boop

McIvor, Thomas         we are the better beep boop

Wagreich, Ian         West is Best

Ward, Edward         West is Best

Rine, John         Weyhrich

Adreon, Shane         

Clayton, Michael         

Cornelius, jeffrey         

Engeldinger, Peter         

Esneault, Deborah         

FAIFERLICK, Chris         

Flaherty, Matthew         

Frey, Jonathon         

Hotle, David         

James, Aaron         

Lucier, Andrea         

Mira Cervera, Francisco         

Quinn, Robert         

Rapcan, Tom         

Schuster, Brad         

Simmons, Newton         

Stigner, Joe         

Walker, Adrianne         

Wernstrom, Mark         

Yusseem, Edward      



** FOR THOSE WHO HAVE NOT OR DO NOT COMPLETE THE JUNE FORM... If we have no RAGBRAI wristband number on your June Form, and if anything unfortunate happens during RAGBRAI, there will be limits to the way we can help you or take actions on your behalf. Also, please know that you must have your RAGBRAI wristband on your wrist in order to check in for our Weeklong or Partial-Week Support.