RAGBRAI 2019      

Pork Belly Update #16---Des Moines/Council Bluffs Bus Rosters

July 14, 2019


This weekend, PBV is publishing a series of updates

related to our pre-RAGBRAI shuttles. 

They contain bus rosters. Before you scroll for your name,

READ THE FIRST LINES of the update,

telling you which rosters follow. 

If you're not using this particular shuttle,

by all means delete the update.   




Dear Porkers, 


This update is for those using our Des Moines Shuttle from Des Moines to Council Bluffs on Saturday, July 20th.  


If you are using the E/W Shuttle, please see updates #14 (Friday) and #15 (Saturday), published earlier today. Rosters for our Omaha/Council Bluffs Shuttle on July 20th will be published tomorrow. The Omaha schedule is a time-consuming task, but it can go quickly if we can give it our full focus. About 50 people have not completed their June Forms for Omaha.


Des Moines is simple. Two buses, one departure time. Riders are alpha by last name name (not by group name). See below.


[Thanks, Dave, for doing these rosters, too.]


We have about a dozen open seats on each coach, if someone needs to move. To request a change, write to dave@pkbelly.com, please. Our crew will have rosters to check off names that morning at the AmericInn hotel parking lot near the Des Moines airport. We will load bikes at about 7:30 and depart at 9:15. The trip to Council Bluffs is about three hours. If you need more info, please read the appropriate section of your June Letter. 


Rosters below, including names and group names. Thank you for using our Des Moines shuttle to the start town. 




Tammy and Pete




Bus 1 Des Moines to Council Bluffs


Name         Group

Barnes, Sydney         B & J Adventures

Barutta, Andrea         Gimme more pasta

Collins, Jerald         Collins

Collinsworth, Ashley         Love Handles

Collinsworth, Chris         Love Handles

Davis, Dena         G N B Iowa

Divelbiss, Mike         Gerry Dunlap

DuChene, Tammy         3 amigos and 2 virgins

DuChene, Tom         3 amigos and 2 virgins

Harrison, Kerri-ann         Gimme more pasta

Havran, Maribeth         Havranasty

Havran, Neil         Havranasty

Hogberg, Daniel         Ike Brothers

King, Jon         Grandtimes

King, Justin         Grandtimes

Knight, Becky         G N B Iowa

Kopecki, Paul         Knupp Farms Cycling

Kopecki, Susan         Knupp Farms Cycling

Kultgen, Kevin         Kultgen

Kultgen, Stacie         Kultgen

Lage, Gary         Lager

Lage, Greg         Lager

Leitgen, Matt         Doctors without Order

Leitgen, Steve         Doctors without Order

Leon, Alexander         Iowa Divers

Lochridge, Craig         Gerry Dunlap

Meyer, Jessie         Iowa Divers

Mires, Nathan         Nathan and Ralph

Mires, Ralph         Nathan and Ralph

Movic, Ed         Movic

Movic, Mary         Movic

Petricca, Paul         Knupp Farms Cycling

Reynolds, Jeff         B & J Adventures

Sampson, Kevin         Gerry Dunlap

Sanborn, Stephen         Collins

Schmitt, Thomas         Schmitt

Stewart, Randy         Fohty

Unger, Eric         Eric

VanOrnum, Doug         Doctors without Order

Washburn, Jim         Cycling Pigs

Weber, Daniel         Gerry Dunlap

Witters, Jeffrey         Mt. Vernon Trail Blazers

Kinney, James


Bus 2 Des Moines to Council Bluffs


Name         Group

Ahern, Daniel          

Anderson, Lynnann          

barnes, david         seersucker cyclist

Boone, Alan          

Briody, Lee          

Broser, Marty         UncleEliCoasters

Clark, Tom          

Erbes, Tim          

Erskine, Frederic         Team Livestrong

Foddy, Brian          

Gerald , Tim          

GIESECKE, KATY          

Hagge, Kim          

Hall, Andy         The Halls

Hall, Julie         The Halls

Hall, Nicholas         The Halls


Hinsberger, John          

Iverson, Jeff         Volpe Group

Kling, Courtney         UncleEliCoasters

Kusner, Ted         TEDandCHERYL

Lamon, J          

Landeck, Cheryl         TEDandCHERYL

Larson, Nancy          

Lindgren, Cindy          

Marcus Wilbois, Susan          

Murray, Bob          

Paul, James          

Petricca, Tammy          

Phillips, Danielle          

Scaife, Richard          

Schmalle, Anne         Schmuckal

Schmalle, Verlynn         Schmuckal

Schmuckal, Diana         Schmuckal

Schmuckal, Robin         schmuckal

Stolp, Gregory          

Tiffany, Brenda         Team Tiffany

Tiffany, Doug         Team Tiffany

Volpe, Mike         Volpe

Votava, Greg         Team Tavacado

Votava, Tammy         Team Tavacado

Weber, Kim         Team EliptiGo

Williams, Makeiva