RAGBRAI 2019      

Pork Belly Update #17---Omaha/Council Bluffs Shuttle Rosters

July 14, 2019


This weekend, PBV has published a series of updates

related to our pre-RAGBRAI shuttles.

They contain bus rosters, and this is the last one in the series.

Before you scroll for your name,

READ THE FIRST LINES of the update,

telling you which rosters follow.

Unassigned people appear at the bottom.  

If you're not using this particular shuttle,

by all means delete the update. 




Dear Porkers, 


This update is for those using our Omaha Shuttle from Omaha to Council Bluffs on Saturday, July 20th.


Other Rosters Published

We published Des Moines/ Council Bluffs Shuttle Rosters in Update #16 early today and our East/West Shuttle Rosters in Updates #14 (Friday departures) and #15 (Saturday departures) yesterday. 


Omaha to Council Bluffs, July 20

For complete information about this shuttle, see Your June Letter for details on all topics:


  • How It Works
  • Getting from Airport to Hotel Parking Lot
  • Valet Parking from PBV Designated Airport Hotels
  • Proximity of convenience stores and Subway
  • Perkins Restaurant next door to our hotels
  • much more


At this point in the season, you must read for answers. We know that most of you have already done so, and thank you.


Rosters are below.


Reminder: Saturday Breakfast at Best Western Plus

Do remember that if you are spending Friday night at Best Western Plus or at Candlewood Suites Hotels, you ARE entitled to breakfast at Best Western Plus on Saturday morning. If you are staying at some other hotel, no need to go into the breakfast room at the Best Western Plus. Join us in the back parking lot of Candlewood Suites where shuttles depart. Purchase breakfast items at the nearby convenience store. Buy your breakfast at the lovely Perkins restaurant. But you won't be entitled to the free breakfast from Best Western.


Space on Every Departure

For those flying in on Saturday, we have tried to assign folks to the earliest departure available after they arrive. If you feel more comfortable being assigned to a later departure, let us know and we'll move you. But we have space on every departure, and we have more flexibility this year than we usually do (simply because the ride starts just across the river).


Unassigned Folks

If you have not given us arrival information, you will find your name on the last list below. No blame, no guilt, but please complete your June Form asap. Your name will appear on our "manage bus departures" page, and I will assign you to a departure. For Omaha, there's no getting around the June Form. 


If you want a different assignment for any reason, we will gladly do our best for you. Just write to tammy@pkbelly.com.


Some of you have team members who are already assigned. We hope and believe it's possible to get you on the same coach. But write to us right away, and complete the June Form. 


Rosters Below

For everyone who gave us arrival information, we have pasted in nine rosters below so that there's no question about when you're climbing aboard. Please scan and locate yourselves to learn your bus departure times. In some cases we have given you a departure quite close to your requested time. 


We will be as flexible as we can on July 20th, but please don't assume that we'll have room for you any old time on Saturday. We'll definitely have room for you at your departure time.


Thanks, everyone, and stand by for our last couple of updates soon.


Tammy and Pete




PBV Shuttle from Omaha to Council Bluffs

Saturday, July 20


  • 7:30 bus


1.    Aurand, Tom (Prostate Posse)

2.   Barry, Jim (GREATDIVIDERS)

3.   Caraker, Brian

4.   Croker, Ginia

5.   DAVIS, CHARLES (team magnet)

6.   Dietz, Sidney

7.   Garretson, Jerry (prostate possee)

8.   Graham, Ann (ShrewsburyMA)

9.   Graham, Barry (ShrewsburyMA)

10. Hughes, James (Ty) (Thunder Dogs)

11. Jetton, Claud (BenSarah)

12. Merrifield, Jill (teriandjill)

13. Orr, Devan

14. Periconi, Darlene (Serenity Now)

15. Prud'homme, Sarah (BenSarah)

16. Robbins, Mason (GREATDIVIDERS)

17. Robbins, Remy (GREATDIVIDERS)

18. Rogers, Jeff

19. Russell, Scott (Pork Photographers)

20. Shecter, Teri (teriandjill)

21. Spriggs, Bill

22. Spurgin, Keith (Pork Photographer)

23. Storm, Michelle (Crash Test Bunnies)

24. Swift, Fred

25. Tobin, Jane

26. Walters, Gregg

27. Warrick, Brian (pork photographer)

28. YOUTZ, ERIC (Crash Test Bunnies)


  • 9:00 bus


1.    Albert, Cindy (Team Rowley)

2.   Armour, Tim (Mauka Makai)

3.   Brosig, Marian (ColoRideO)

4.   Davis, Mariellen

5.   Eliason, Heidi (Chuck's bucket list)

6.   Gerig, John T. (Team Rowley)

7.   Gisler, Phyllis (ColoRideO)

8.   Hemstreet, Gary (Hemstreet/Strahle)

9.   Idar, Edward

10. James, Dale (Dragon Ass)

11. Kim, Lynn (Buffalo Buddies)

12. Kohlenberger, Jim (Thunder Dogs)

13. Lea, Michael (Lea Family)

14. Lea, Teresa (Lea Family)

15. Lum, Arlene (Americanucks)

16. Marbach, Nick (Diablos Rojos)

17. Mathewson, Chris

18. Modersitzki, Frank (Rowley)

19. Murawski, Mark (Team Rowley)

20. Murawski, Tyler (Team Rowley)

21. Oliver, Paula (TXDebsnfriends)

22. Patterson, Wayne (Team Rowley)

23. Peckham, Rhoda (Americanucks)

24. Riggenbach, Stanley (CtoC)

25. Robinson, Charles (Rowley)

26. Roehm, JAMES (Doylestown Riders)

27. Rowley, Gregory (Rowley)

28. Rowley, Steven (Rowley)

29. Rubin, Lois (AmeriCanucks)

30. Small, Brian (Doylestown Riders)

31. Vick, Ann

32. Walker, Christopher (Buffalo Buddies)

33. wall, christopher (BEERHEADS )

34. Weirth, Jim (Chuck's bucket list)

35. Wolstenholme, James (Doylestown Riders)


  • 10:15 bus


1.    Bandy, Tom (Inglorious Bikers)

2.   Benton, Angela (Thunder Dogs)

3.   Benton, Jim (Thunder Dogs)

4.   Blackwell, Jocquese

5.   Bonfiglio, Greg (AMDG Cycling)

6.   Brown, Thomas

7.   Burt, Susan (Valyrian Steel Riders)

8.   Cavanaugh, Hilary (One Manassas)

9.   Cheng, Angel (Your Pace or Mine?)

10. Claymore, Richard (AMDG Cycling)


12. Deeley, Carl (GREATDIVIDERS)

13. Dixon, Roxanne

14. Dozier, Patrick (One Manassas)

15. Enzweiler, John

16. Giavedoni, Luis

17. Gilles, Erin

18. Grassi, John (AMDG Cycling)

19. Grassi, Kyle (AMDG Cycling)

20. harmon, adriana (GirlGang)

21. Kirkpatrick, Doug (KP's-Denver)

22. Kirkpatrick, Jean (KP's-Denver)

23. Kurt, Anne (Morette Madness)

24. Langon, Amber (Your Pace or Mine?)

25. Luna, Mari (Girl Gang)

26. Meyer, Erich (Riv'er Pigs)

27. Mills, Jana (Girl Gang)

28. Ngo, Thuy (Valyrian Steel Riders)

29. Pelkey, Jo (Pedaling Pookeys)

30. Poole, Liz (Pedaling Pookeys)

31. Randel, Janice (Girl Gang)

32. Spurlock, Jack

33. Straight, Scott (Morette Madness)

34. Wilson, Peter


  • 11:30 bus


1.    Alwerth, Dianna (Redlands Water Bottle Transit Company)

2.   Berris, Susan

3.   Boese, Elizabeth

4.   Bradley, Danielle (2girls2pugs)

5.   Coonen, Michael (Booze Travelers)

6.   Feller, Lincoln

7.   Frazier, Daniel (Tandemonium)

8.   Frazier, Whitney (Tandemonium)

9.   Ginsburg, Dan (McClelland/Campisano)

10. Green, Jacqueline (Team Rummy)

11. Griner, Tim

12. Gustafson, Thomas (PDX DuiZhu)

13. Harris, Mark (Buckeyes Roll Over Iowa)

14. Krueger, Andy

15. Krueger, Bob

16. Krueger, Kristin

17. Martin, Jim

18. McHugh, Christa (2girls2pugs)

19. Mendoza, John (Team - ME)

20. Morvant, Elise (TXDebsnfriends)

21. Nicklay, Denise

22. Pence, Debra (TXDebsnfriends)

23. Pennington, Rob

24. Perler, Jeanienne (Slothslayers)

25. Quering, Don (Redlands Water Bottle Transit Company)

26. Quirk, Margaret (Persistent Peddlers)

27. Quirk, Richard (Persistent Peddlers)

28. Rice, Paul (Gutmann)

29. Richards, Gay (Redlands Water Bottle)

30. Roghi, Philippe

31. Scaro, Chris

32. Schroeder, Katherine (PDX DuiZhu)

33. Schultz, Jeremy

34. Segale, Jeannette (Terry Bicycles)

35. Segale, Joe (Terry Bicycles)

36. Simons, Joe

37. Smith, Fletcher (Smith Brothers Cycling)

38. Smith, Jeffrey (Smith Brothers Cycling)

39. Snetsinger, Penny (slothslayers)

40. Steward, Erin (UBetShoreSweetAss)

41. Steward, Scott (UBetShoreSweetAss)

42. Swanwick, Kevin

43. Van Spronsen, James (Jekyll and Ride)

44. Van Spronsen, Karen (Jekyll and Ride)

45. Wiegand, Fred (Booze Travelers)

46. WILLIAMS, DAVID (wild and crazy)

47. Williams, Larry (Eldub&Squish)


  • 12:30 bus


1.    Baldwin, George (Baldwin Team)

2.   Baldwin, Mark (Baldwin Team)

3.   Carlson, Steve

4.   Crowder, Chris (DCFUN19)

5.   Doubek, James (The Doubeks)

6.   Doubek, Joey (The Doubeks)

7.   Duffy, Scott

8.   Flaherty, Molly

9.   Francone, Omar (Omar Francone)

10. goeke, joe (GoekesGroup)

11. Ives, Rob

12. Johnson, BMichelle (ORCAS)

13. Johnson, Debra (GoekesGroup)

14. Keller, Scott (Beer Run)

15. Kemnitz, Barbara (Ride Bikes...Drink Coffee)

16. Kemnitz, Craig (Ride Bikes...Drink Coffee)

17. LaShell , Burke (Gerke Group)

18. LaShell, Denise (Gerke Group)

19. McColloch-Lussier, Zan (ORCAS)

20. Palmer, Mickey (Ride Bikes...Drink Coffee)

21. Palmer, Phyllis (Ride Bikes...Drink Coffee)

22. Peterson, Quinn (Gears,Beers and Sagwagons)

23. Simmons, thomas

24. Stewart, Michael (Medicine Men)

25. Sulc, Brian (Misfits)

26. Thurman, Lara (ORCAS)

27. Widdicombe, Gerry (DCFUN19)

28. Wilken, Alan (Medicine Men)


  • 1:30 bus


1.    Allgood, Patrick

2.   anzalone, john (Mission Control)

3.   Cushing, Daniel (Slow Storm)

4.   Dietel, Doug (AmeriCanucks)

5.   Hamburger, Martin (Mission Control)

6.   Hamilton, Al (Beer Run)

7.   Hamilton, Scot (Beer Run)

8.   Holliday, John

9.   Jamison, Brian (Mt Vernon Trail Blazers)

10. Miller, Dan

11. Miller, Dawn

12. Parks, Thomas (VFD)

13. Rochester, Kenny (Grind my Gears)

14. Rochester, Ty (Grind my gears gang)

15. Ryder, Paul

16. Schmidt, Shari

17. Schreffler, Curt (CAS)

18. Turner, Mickey (Grind My Gears Gang)

19. Wolfson, Maureen (AmeriCanucks)


  • 2:45 bus


1.    Balestreri, Richard (Amdgcycling)

2.   Conley, Dennis (VFD)

3.   Davis, Jessica

4.   DeGraw, Jim (AMDG Cycling)

5.   Donahue, Alicia (AMDG Cycling)

6.   Dulabaum, Nevin (Breakfast Club)

7.   Dunlap, Gerry

8.   GAINEY, DIANNA (Team G.A.S., INC.)

9.   GAINEY, JOHN (Team G.A.S., INC.)

10. Galizdorfer, Leah (G.O.A.T. Gals)

11. Galvez, Matthew (DC Velo Team)

12. Grenoble, Creighton (Morette Madness)

13. Kerber, Mark (Old Slow Guys)

14. Kerr, David (Sweetwater All-Stars)

15. Ledbetter , Tim

16. Lerner, Michael (CAS)

17. Meade, Marissa

18. Mouw, Michael

19. Otto, Jessica (Zellweger-Otto)

20. Parker, Steve (Mt. Vernon Trail Blazers)

21. Pattinson , John (Somfandsambo)

22. Pelley, Christopher (Hodgson Bros)

23. Pelley, Mark (Hodgson Bros)

24. Pollack, Lisa (G.O.A.T. Gals)

25. Riiff, Steve (Sweetwater All-Stars)

26. Roth, Justina

27. Sampson, Sean (Somfandsambo)

28. SAUCHELLI, ANDREW A (Kokopelli Riders)

29. Schuetz, Erin (G.O.A.T. Gals)

30. Skluzacek, Paul (czecherd past)

31. Thull, Bryce (AMDG Cycling)

32. Wooden, Johanna (G.O.A.T. Gals)

33. Zellweger, Will (Zellweger-Otto)


  • 4:00 bus


1.    Alueta, Francis (Scott Scooters)

2.   Caux Harry, Rebecca

3.   Cline, Chad

4.   Coleman, Tim (CtoC)

5.   Danesh, Michael (Hart & Hoody)

6.   Emerson, Eric

7.   Emerson, Olivia

8.   Harry, Mark

9.   Hiivala, Eric

10. Jenkins, John (Seersucker Cycalist)

11. Knapp, Derrick

12. Lomax, Curt (hughes)

13. Markel, Nicholas (Morette Mad Men)

14. Maurer, Jennie (Hart & Hoody)

15. Melley , Jay (CtoC)

16. Schmitt, Katherine (Schmitt)

17. Winder, Steven (Legal Draftsmen)

18. Wolfson, Aron (Hart & Hoody)





Please complete your June Form right away. 


  • Unassigned


1.    Kavle, Justine (Capital City Cyclettes)

2.   Anderson, Carol (carol anderson)

3.   Bodaken, Michael

4.   Fletcher, Dave

5.   Foley, Francis (Gutmann)

6.   Foote, Steve (Inglorious Bikers)

7.   Frey, Jon (WhirledPeas)

8.   Fudge, Tom (No Pie Refused )

9.   Graves, John (Little Family and Friends)

10. Grossgold, Paul

11. Hackett, Louisa (Mashers)

12. Hanzel, David (California Rollers)

13. Hines, Blair (Hines)

14. Hoffman, Scott (wild and crazy)

15. Kangisser, Bruce

16. Keane, jennifer

17. LeMoine, Sara (Sara LeMoine)

18. Livingston, Robert

19. Lowry, Lynne (Kindness Crusade)

20. MacDonald, Tristin (Betty team)

21. Mackie, David

22. Magistrali, Mark (Magistrali)

23. McMonigle, Cecile (CBR IN IOWA)

24. Militello, Michael (Old Slow Guys)

25. Miller, Arlen

26. Murphy, Brian (Sara LeMoine)

27. Murray, Dan (Gutmann)

28. Nesbitt, Phil (NoVA Newbies)

29. Paper, Emily (crash test bunnies)

30. Power, William (Power Riders)

31. Power III, Bill (Power Riders)

32. Rezai, Mahmood (infosend)

33. Rhoderick, Kyle (CAS)

34. rosenberg, ellen

35. Ruedeman, David (David Ruedeman)

36. Saydah, Gary (Carol Anderson)

37. Scherwin, John

38. Shippey, John (Shippey Bros)

39. Shippey, Stuart (Shippey Bros)


41. States, Alan (Hines)

42. Toscano, Joseph (Mission Control)

43. Tweedy, David

44. Vogel, Randy (infosend)

45. Weil, Jonathan (infosend)

46. Woods, Amie (DCFUN19)

47. Young, Jim (Mashers)


** TO THOSE WHO HAVE NOT COMPLETED OR DO NOT COMPLETE THE JUNE FORM... If we have no RAGBRAI wristband number on your June Form, and if anything unfortunate happens during RAGBRAI, there will be limits to the way we can help you or take actions on your behalf. Also, please know that you must have your RAGBRAI wristband on your wrist in order to check in for our Weeklong or Partial-Week Support.