RAGBRAI 2019      

Pork Belly Update #11---Opportunities for Indoor Sleeping

July 3, 2018

Dear Porkers,


Sleeping inside for a good cause is a long tradition with Pork Belly Ventures. We have been arranging very quiet slumber parties for decades. So nice to have the option of shelter in case of heat or storms, not to mention the comfort of air-conditioning. 


This year, we have arranged indoor sleeping on five nights.

Indoor sleeping involves a $15 donation to the church or school offering their facility. (On Wednesday, at the lovely Arboretum Learning Center, where we have a shortage of space, the donation is $20.) 


On Saturday, July 21, in Onawa, Pork Belly Ventures collects the donation from each indoor sleeper. We keep none of it. One hundred percent goes to the organization hosting us on a given day.

These venues are either very near our sites or a slight distance from our sites—usually within view. Please notice that on three nights, we offer help to our indoor sleepers with moving baggage. We are still doing the logistics planning. We’ll publish the hours during which we can help with bags—we’ll probably make a certain number of trips during a few-hour window in the afternoon. We are happy to help, but please note that there are limits to this courtesy service. 


Below, you’ll find a brief description of what is available. Please read it all before you write to Ann at ameastman@cox.net to request sleeping space. You can reserve space for friends, but you must talk with them first.  

Remember, please, that Ann has other responsibilities and will reply to you as soon as she can. At this point in our season, we're not prepared for cancellations and switcheroos. In short, we're busy as the day is long. Help us by knowing what you (and perhaps your friends) want before you write to Ann.


See below. We'll be on your screens again in a jiffy. 


Thank you for rolling with PBV!


Tammy and Pete






We know that some of you like to take an occasional break from camping. Here's what we can offer you this year on a first-come-first-served basis...


Be Sure of Your Commitment 

Please read this entire description and decide whether to respond to Ann. By responding, you are committing to paying for these affordable opportunities at check-in in Onawa. We can only offer these opportunities to people who are using Pork Belly Ventures Weeklong Support or Partial Week Support. 


Say Thanks, Of Course

We hope that all indoor sleepers will take any opportunity to thank our hosts for the privilege of sleeping inside.

Game-Day Decisions

Some people look at these opportunities as a kind of insurance. If it's nice outside, they'd rather camp. But in case of heat or a storm in the evening forecast, they have reserved an indoor spot. They figure it's a small donation to a good cause, whether or not they end up using it.


RIGHT: Jenny, Father Charles, Shannon, and I walked the grounds of St. Mary's to see the indoor sleeping space they can offer. Your $15 donation helps St. Mary's in Sigourney.



Bear in mind the importance of courtesy to our hosts and to your fellow Porkers who will be sleeping indoors. IF YOU WANT TO GO TO STREET DANCES IN THESE OVERNIGHT TOWNS, PLEASE DON'T SIGN UP FOR INDOOR SLEEPING. You would wake your fellows when you come in late. These offers are for folks who hit the hay early, can be quiet, and who clean up after themselves. The only beverage that is appropriate in your sleeping room is a bottle of water with a lid. Bikes stay outside, locked in camp or near the venue. Dispose of any trash--don't leave it where you slept. Say thanks to our hosts. 


If you're okay with all that, we welcome you to write for reservations.  

Our 2018 Indoor Sleeping Opportunities


Saturday, 7/21, Onawa, Free E-Church

  • $15 per person, payable in cash in Onawa upon check-in
  • Across the road from our campsite
  • Church volunteers will move baggage to the church building (limited hours)
  • PBV will load bags in front of the church on Sunday morning
  • One large air-conditioned room


Tuesday, 7/24, Ames, Hansen Agricultural Learning Center of ISU

  • $15 per person, payable in cash in Onawa upon check-in
  • Catty-corner and across a parking lot from our site
  • PBV will move baggage to the learning center (limited hours)
  • PBV will load bags in front of Hansen Ag on Wednesday morning
  • Two large classrooms and the large atrium


Wednesday, 7/25, Newton, Arboretum Learning Center

  • $20 per person, payable in cash in Onawa upon check-in
  • At the park entrance, near our campsite
  • PBV will move baggage to the Arboretum learning center (limited hours)
  • PBV will load bags in front of the learning center on Thursday morning
  • A reception hall and a conference room


Thursday, 7/26, Sigourney, St. Mary’s Church ($15 per person)

  • $15 per person, payable in cash in Onawa upon check-in
  • Our host church—the Parish Hall and Church Basement on site
  • Riders move their own bags in and out
  • Available at 1:00: two classrooms in the parish hall
  • Available at 1:00: the basement of the church building (not air-conditioned but upstairs is air-conditioned
  • Available at 8:00 pm, two dining halls after they are cleaned up


Friday, 7/27, Iowa City, Southeast Junior High School 

  • $15 per person, payable in cash in Onawa upon check-in
  • Several large spaces in the school next door, adjacent to Tent City
  • Riders move their own bags in and out
  • Available at 1:00: Library and reading room (use front entrance)
  • Available at 1:00: Gym and multi-purpose rooms (use back entrance)