RAGBRAI 2019      

Pork Belly Update #13---Pork Apparel and Other Last Chances

July 9, 2018

Dear Porkers,


The good news is we have some cool new T-shirts and check out our cool new jerseys. For the first time, we have partnered with Primal for both their club cut jersey and Men's and Women's Henley style Jerseys. We are excited to improve our line of all garments this year. That's the good news.


The other (less good) news is that you have a SHORT TIME to order what you like and still receive it before RAGBRAI.


Pork Jersey styles from Primal and a bunch of Pork Shirts are pictured below. We even have a hat this year. We invite you to peruse this email for the apparel you like (with full descriptions), and then click HERE to place your order:




***You have until Friday, July 13th, to place pre-orders so that you receive the garments at check-in at the start of RAGBRAI in Onawa. This will be your only opportunity to order and receive for RAGBRAI. Pork Belly Ventures will not have extra garments on RAGBRAI. For a list of sizes and prices click the link above.


You can also opt to have the garments shipped directly to you, but we can't guarantee they'll make it before you leave home.


Note ALL jersey orders will be distributed at Onawa and not be shipped. We can't ship jerseys in time.

ABOVE: Our new cycling jersey from Primal features a cool sunrise design. Light across the shoulders and dark down the torso makes for a flattering silhouette.


BELOW: The men's and women's Henley-style jerseys, also from Primal, are versatile garments that can be worn on and off the bike. If you ride over to your favorite brewery, this is your go-to cycling/social jersey.

BELOW: It's the motto of Pork Belly Ventures... Live Like a Pig.

Lots of fun and NEW designs. A variety of colors.

Our new hat and a Stupidity shirt.

You'll find a few LAST-CHANCE TOPICS below, Porkers, and we'll be on your screens again in no time.


All our best,

Tammy and Pete




Last Chance to Choose Your Departure on the E/W Shuttle

Dave is hard at work on bus assignments for the E/W Shuttle. Sorry to say that, gosh, a hundred people or more have not given us their choice of departure. We'll publish the rosters this week with the names of those who completed their June Forms. Others will have to take the spaces that are left.


If you still want to choose your own departure, please login to your application. Click on the green tab, JUNE FORM, and provide us with your wristband number, your bike info (if we're transporting a bike for you), and your choice of departure day and time. If you will do that, we'll do our best to give you the departure you want.

Coming Up, Rosters

We are working furiously on bus assignments for all of our shuttles. At this time of year, we publish a series of updates which contain the rosters for each pre-RAGBRAI shuttle of PBV. If you're not on a particular shuttle, we welcome you to delete the update.


We can publish the Des Moines/Onawa Rosters real soon.


Next, as soon as possible, we'll publish the E/W Rosters (Davenport/Onawa).


The most complicated ones are the Omaha/Onawa Rosters, yet we hope they'll be out to you by the end of the week. Early departures will fill fast. Have you completed your June Form?


Last Chance for Hotel Stays

We have a few hotel rooms left on Tuesday and Wednesday, but we'll have to release any unclaimed rooms soon. Rates and details below. If you'd like a hotel stay, please write to Ann at ameastman@cox.net.

Tuesday, Ames

Ames Quality Inn

In town

1 person using room, including transfer:  $176.00

2 people using room, including transfer:  $98.00 per person

3 people using room, including transfer:  $85.00 per person       


Wednesday, Newton

Altoona Best Western Plus

25 minutes from camp

1 person using room, including transfer:  $215.00

2 people using room, including transfer:  $130.00 per person

3 people using room, including transfer:  $101.00 per person       

Sleeping in Air-Conditioning

It's been a wet summer so far, variably hot and cool. Like every year, our weather is anybody's guess. Not a bad idea to have an inexpensive alternative to camping.


On Saturday in Onawa and Tuesday in Ames, we can offer air-conditioned indoor sleeping very near our campsites for a donation of $15 per person.


On Thursday in Sigourney and Friday in Iowa City, we can offer air-conditioned indoor sleeping RIGHT IN our campsites! Just $15 per person.


Take a look below and write to Ann at ameastman@cox.net for your reservations.


Saturday, 7/21, Onawa, Free E-Church

·     $15 per person, payable in cash in Onawa upon check-in

·     Across the road from our campsite

·     Church volunteers will move baggage to the church building (limited hours)

·     PBV will load bags in front of the church on Sunday morning

·     One large air-conditioned room NOT QUITE FULL


Tuesday, 7/24, Ames, Hansen Agricultural Learning Center

·     $15 per person, payable in cash in Onawa upon check-in

·     Catty-corner and across a parking lot from our site

·     PBV will move baggage to the learning center (limited hours)

·     PBV will load bags in front of Hansen Ag on Wednesday morning

·     Two large classrooms and the large atrium NOT QUITE FULL 


Wednesday's Indoor Sleeping is FULL.



Thursday, 7/26, Sigourney, St. Mary’s Church ($15 per person)

·     $15 per person, payable in cash in Onawa upon check-in

·     Our host church—the Parish Hall and Church Basement on site

·     Riders move their own bags in and out

·     Available at 1:00: two classrooms in the parish hall FULL

·     Available at 8:00 pm, two dining halls after they are cleaned up NOT QUITEFULL

·     Available at 1:00: the basement of the church building (not air-conditioned but the upstairs is air-conditioned...cold air goes down)



Friday, 7/27, Iowa City, Southeast Junior High School 

·     $15 per person, payable in cash in Onawa upon check-in

·     Several large spaces in the school next door, adjacent to Tent City

·     Riders move their own bags in and out

·     Available at 1:00: Library and reading room (use front entrance) NOT QUITE FULL

·     Available at 1:00: Gym and multi-purpose rooms (use back entrance) NOT QUITE FULL

If you want all the details on our hotel stays or on indoor sleeping options, please see updates #8 and #11, respectively.