RAGBRAI 2019      

Pork Belly Update #6---Almost-May Miscellany

April 28, 2019

Dear Porkers,

Though the temps are chilly, it's vividly green in Iowa! Warmth is on the way. The guys are working hard out at the barn, finishing up projects before our May events begin. We hope to wind up scouting soon, and then the real work begins, planning all the details of our Week in the Corn.


RIGHT: Shawn at the PBV Welcome Supper in 2018. We'll be w0rking on menus, entertainment, and more during the month of May!


BELOW: This photo comes from our Keokuk hosts, Tom and AdriAnne, who rode your route a day or two ago. This is Montrose, your last town before Keokuk--beautiful!


Just a quick note on a few topics as May approaches....

We're THIS Close on Bike Shipping.

Although there are no real consequences to taking longer than we expected, we're sorry to have taken longer than we expected! We're close to being ready, having worked through many changes in bike-shipping for the coming year, such as adding tandem shipping. We'll be offering everything you've come to expect and more. We thank you for your patience. Please stand by a little longer. We hope for early May.

Long-term Parking and Other Services in Keokuk

Update #5 covered everything you need to know about parking in Keokuk before catching our E/W Shuttle on Friday 7/19 or Saturday 7/20. In case you missed it, click this link, please:


Update #5, Making Your Reservation in Keokuk

The Perfect RAGBRAI

Tune-Up Ride:

Big BAM!

This great June ride in Missouri is the perfect RAGBRAI tune-up. Pork Belly offers our tent service and (lower-prices) PHAT rooms on Big BAM, and the cheerful Pork Crew will be moving baggage every day and setting up the stage, shade canopies, and seating. Live music and craft beer during a weeklong bike ride? What better way to get in shape for the last week in July!


You can still get in. Click here:




P.S. Have we mentioned Arrow Rock, Missouri? Get a load of the historic boardwalk below. Arrow Rock is one of the beautiful towns on the Big BAM 2019 circle route. Park in Columbia, ride Big BAM, end up back at your car. So easy.

Coming Soon from RAGBRAI

If you signed up with RAGBRAI before the deadline of April 1, you'll be getting good news on or around May 1. It'll be nice to know you're all set for your Week in the Corn! (You are--don't worry.)


There's no need to email us your official six-digit RAGBRAI wristband number. In June, we'll be asking you to record it on your June Form.

Pork Availability

Tents are getting low. If you want the rental tent service of PBV, you should probably sign up soon. All other services of PBV are available. No shortages anywhere else.

May 15, Balances Due

We can be flexible on this, but we ask that everyone settle their balances by May 15th, please. We have other work to do in June and July!

RAGBRAI Wristbands

If you have one for sale or if you need to buy, write to Tammy@pkbelly.com. We'll begin introducing buyers to sellers in late May.

ABOVE and RIGHT: That's me and my husband Mike, during our Friday ride. We feel lucky to live near the Wabash Trace, a 64-mile trail to the border of Missouri. If we make it to Missouri, we'll let you know.


Feet on Pedals, Yes?

We may not be hitting it as hard as you are, but we're out there! Remember that it's easier to enjoy your Week in the Corn if you've got those miles under your belt. Not training yet? Start with 20 miles. Go to RAGBRAI.com and take a look at the training guide and blog. If you haven't started, get your butt in that saddle and your feet on those pedals! Every journey begins with some sore spots, but you got this.

Quick Trip

I, Tammy, will be away from home for a few days, and will have access to email only occasionally. I'll try to get on the laptop for a spell every evening. Home on May 1.

More to come, Porkers, as May gets underway. We'll be on your screens again soon, and until then we remain,


Your friends,


Tammy and Pete