Tire Swing Bicycle Tour-2021

Event dates: Friday, September 17th, 2021 to Sunday, September 19th, 2021

Event Registration period: Saturday, October 30th, 2021 to Thursday, September 30th, 2021

All About Tire Swing

The Dates: The majority of set-up will take place on Wednesday and Thursday, September 15 and 16.  Most riders will arrive on Thursday evening, September 16.  Cycling occurs on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning, September 17-19.  

The Vibe: Let's get together for a harvest of fresh air and camaraderie. Bring your best pals along. Our first annual fall ride will be a laid-back, all-inclusive tour, with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and beverages included, nightly entertainment, bonfires and marshmallows, a few surprises, and a lot of laughs packed into three days.

The Venue: Carsten's Farm is an 1880s farmstead preserved to celebrate Iowa's farm history. The shady site is about 25 miles from Omaha, high on a breezy hill, just 1.5 miles from I-80. The non-profit board of farmers is excited to partner with Pork Belly Ventures, and they are accustomed to welcoming crowds for their own event, Farm Days, where old tractors and threshing machines and even a sawmill are on display or used for demonstration. Old quilts, weaving, canning--everything about early farm life is celebrated at Farm Days--and we're hoping that you can learn a little of that history during your time with us at the farm.

The Cycling: We're keeping our promise of nothing over 40 miles, but you can double that if you want to. This is a clover-leaf ride, with home base at Carsten's Farm and a different cycling loop on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Each day, we'll offer a gravel loop under 40 miles and a paved-road loop under 40 miles. These routes will intersect at your refreshment stop. If you're feeling ambitious, ride both routes, one after the other for something close to 80 miles. Heck, bring two bikes if you like--one for paved roads and one for gravel.

The Options:

Ride Entry Fee for Rider or Non-Rider: $325 per person
More About Amenities:
Rental Tent with air-mattress, $125
Our rental tent service includes the use of our 63-square-foot tent, roomy for one, cozy for two, all set up and waiting for you at Carsten Farms.
PHAT Room, Twin Style, $595
PHAT Room, Queen Style, $595
Our PHAT Rooms give you a private, air-conditioned haven and a good night's sleep throughout your tour. PHAT riders enjoy their mattresses, linens, pillows, switched lighting at the head of each bed, fans, electrical outlets, convenient storage, knotty pine interiors with laminate flooring, and a little deck and couple of chairs for sitting out in the evening! We think 2 or 3 occupants is the optimum number, but as many as 5 may share a room and split the cost.

More to come on the menus, the bike routes, some special guests, and some great musicians on stage.