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For over 20 years, Pork Belly Ventures has been supporting riders on the Iowa ride (RAGBRAI), but we are relatively new to other events.

Our portable showers have served riders for several years.

We offer our tent service as well, which takes a lot of labor out of your weeklong bike ride.

Our air-conditioned PHAT Trailers can be rented for family reunions, sporting events, or any outdoor or multi-day event. Contact us to talk about your needs. The price of rental will vary, depending on the length of the rental, the location of the event, and other factors.

Porkbelly is proud to support the following events year after year:

Events Open for Registration

Title Event Code Event Start Event Ends Registration Starts Action
Big Bam 2018BAM20182018-06-182018-06-222017-09-12
MS150 Ride 2018 presented locally by C.H. RobinsonRobinsonMS15020182018-06-082018-06-102017-11-24
Tour de Nebraska 2018TourDeNE20182018-06-202018-06-242017-12-05
BRAN 2018BRAN20182018-06-022018-06-092016-12-02
RAGBRAI 2018RAGBRAI_20182018-07-222018-07-282018-01-28
Tent Service for Bicycling Around MinnesotaBicyclingAroundMinnesota20182018-08-092018-08-122018-01-27
Oklahoma Freewheel 2018Freewheel20182018-06-102018-06-162018-02-14
Big Bam on the Katy 2018BAMKATY20182018-10-072018-10-122018-02-19