Unbound 2024

Event dates: Thursday, May 30th, 2024 to Sunday, June 2nd, 2024

Event Registration Period: Monday, January 1st, 2024 to Sunday, June 2nd, 2024

                                                                                                                  GARMIN UNBOUND GRAVEL

Welcome, UNBOUND riders!

We are Pork Belly Ventures LLC, a small company offering comfort and convenience on bicycle events all over the Midwest.  We’re very excited to be part of your Unbound experience for 2024. We will locate our campsite—our friendly crew and our entire infrastructure--at the Lyon County Fairgrounds.  We’ll have a portable shower trailer, a phone-charging set up, our coffee trailer, a shady social zone with a canopy and chairs.  For lodging or camping, you can rent one of our air-conditioned rooms on a semi-trailer or use our rental tent service with an air-mattress for each sleeper.  If you’re bringing your RV or your own tent, you can choose our comfort package including showers, phone-charging, and morning coffee!   

The list below gives a brief description of each service. More comprehensive descriptions are available under tabs for each service option. 


PHAT Rooms (motel rooms on a semi-trailer)

$675 per room

Our PHAT rooms (Pretty Hot And Tempting) allow you to Glamp, not camp, at the fairgrounds in Emporia, just two miles from the start/finish of Unbound.  Using a room is the best way to enjoy the ride atmosphere, have a comfortable retreat, and importantly, get a great night's sleep in A/C. For those who rent a room for Unbound, we include our hot and private showers and our fresh-brewed morning coffee (included for three room occupants: available for purchase for fourth and fifth occupants.)  All linens, blankets, pillows provided. Convenient electrical outlets and switched lights in your room.  You can park your vehicle next to your trailer.  The optimum number of room occupants is 2 or 3, but rooms can sleep up to 5. Here's a video on our PHAT rooms:

We have two designs available, both 80 sf rooms: a twin-bunk design and a queen-bunk design.  Two queen bunks take more space in the room, but you can add a twin trundle bed on the floor.  The twin design—with two upper twins, a lower twin, a sofa/twin, and an optional twin trundle on the floor—allows more occupants to have their own berth and share the cost of the room. Each design, with photos, is listed as a separate selection in the service menu.

We have a limied number of rooms, and each room rents for $675 per room for the duration of the event.  This cost can be paid by a single occupant or shared by 2-5 occupants.  The number of occupants is up to you.  Your PHAT room will be available for your use from Thursday noon to Sunday noon.

Rental Tent and Set-Up Service

$140 per tent, single occupancy

$170 per tent, double occupancy

Our rental tent service will provide you with a 4-man tent (with duffels inside, it’s roomy for one and comfy for two) set up in the Lyon County Fairgrounds when you arrive on Thursday as early as noon and through Sunday at noon. The tent comes with air-mattresses and includes our comfort package.  That means tent occupants can enjoy our shower trailer, phone-charging trailer, and morning coffee on Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings, a value of $25 per person. 

PBV Comfort Package

$25 per person

If you arrange to tent camp or stay in your RV at the Lyon County Fairgrounds, you can still use our Comfort Package.  This package includes use of our shower trailers from noon Thursday to noon Sunday, and the use of our phone/device charging trailers for the same duration.  You’ll also get fresh-brewed morning coffee from our coffee trailer. We use Dunkin Donuts brand, and we have hot water for tea, if you prefer. 


Cancellation policy for UNBOUND PHAT rooms and Tents is this: If you cancel your room prior to the event we will make every effort to resell your room right up until the event. If we are able to do, you will receive a 90% refund for the room. (On a $675 room you would receive $607.50.) If we are not able to resell the room, we will make no refund. This means the earlier you cancel the greater the chance of getting a refund. Thanks for your understanding. Tents are subject to our normal 1 month policy. Before May 1nd we will offer 90% refund. After May 1nd we will make no refunds. 



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