Riding Half of RAGBRAI with PBV--or Going Half Hog

Riding Half of RAGBRAI with PBV 
If you can't do the Whole Hog this year, meaning the full week of RAGBRAI, we have two Half Hog options to offer you, Porkers. For years, we have been prorating our Weeklong Support, and our day rate is $65 per day. On our online application, you can choose "Partial Week Support" and simply click on the (consecutive) days you will be with PBV.  You can also select shuttles to exit the ride midweek or enter the ride midweek (on Tuesday afternoon).

We offer mid-week transportation to or from the Des Moines airport Holiday Inn hotel. For those who fly or drive to Des Moines, we already offer transportation from Des Moines to the ride start on Saturday, July 23, and a return shuttle to Des Moines on Saturday, July 30. Here are two scenarios for you, including the pricing, if you're considering riding the first half or the last half of RAGBRAI 2015.

Option 1:  First-Half-Hog Package (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday)  

Our shuttle from the Des Moines airport Holiday Inn to Glenwood on July 23 is $95.  For just the first three days, our support would cost you $195, plus the $40 Leon-Des Moines shuttle, for a total round-trip cost of of $330.

You can use any means of getting to Glenwood at the beginning of RAGBRAI (we offer several shuttles), but our Des Moines/Glenwood shuttle may be convenient for those who drive and park a vehicle.  On Tuesday, July 26, in the late afternoon, our coach will depart from our Leon campsite and go directly to the Des Moines airport Holiday Inn hotel.  This trip is about one hour.  We will unload everybody in the hotel parking lot.  Hotel and long-term parking info below.  


Option 2:  Last-Half-Hog Package (Wednesday through Saturday) 

Our Last-Half Hog Shuttle from Des Moines to Leon is $41. If you prorate your four days, our support would cost you $260.  A shuttle from Muscatine to Des Moines is $105, for a total round-trip cost of of $406.

On Tuesday, July 21, in the very late afternoon, our coach will be available to board in the parking lot of the Des Moines airport Holiday Inn hotel.  From there, we will depart for our Tuesday night campsite in Leon, where Half-Hoggers will check in right away at our front desk (or set off to find your charter).  You may spend four days with us, pedaling into Muscatine on Saturday, the 30th.  From here, you can use our Muscatine/Des Moines Shuttle to return you to the Des Moines airport Holiday Inn by early evening.  (In fact, you can use any of our post-RAGBRAI shuttles.)

How To Reserve

You can select the First-Half Hog or Last-Half Hog transportation option to or from Leon on our online application.  You can also select partial-week support and choose the days you will spend with PBV.   Unfortunately, the tent service can't be prorated; however, some half-week riders have gone ahead and taken a tent for the full week.  Let us know, please, if you have questions about anything.

Des Moines Hotel and Parking for Half Hoggers 

On Tuesday, July 26, we have reserved a block of rooms at the Des Moines airport Holiday Inn at 6111 Fleur Drive.  To take advantage of our $95 rate, call (515) 287-2400 and mention Pork Belly Ventures for a reservation on Tuesday night, July 21.  If you call during business hours, ask for Janice. 

If you fly in and out, the hotel offers a free airport shuttle.  If you drive to/from Des Moines, there is a long-term parking facility across the street from the Holiday Inn offering parking at about $5 per day.  No need to reserve parking in advance.