What is Weeklong Support?

What is Weeklong Support?

What all is included in PBV's Weeklong Support in? 

Here's a general list of inclusions to tell you what we do for Weeklong Porkers (and for those who prorate the week with us). A few items like massage and laundry are optional, reasonably priced, and extremely convenient to have available right in your campsite; however, most of the features listed below are simply included at no additional cost to you. There's nothing basic about it, but here's what you can expect with Pork Belly's "basic" Weeklong Support:


Before RAGBRAI: 

At the end of RAGBRAI: 

Do I need that much support? Well, you might like it. Most of our clients have grown to appreciate more support. They want to focus on enjoying each day's ride. They depend on us for the lively little Pork village that they can call home within the throng of RAGBRAI. Our Weeklong Support could mean the difference between a complicated, exhausting bike trip and a carefree athletic adventure. This is your vacation after all, and we hope we don't seem immodest when we say that the extra $200 you spend for our Weeklong Support (as opposed to a typical baggage service) could be the best money you spend all week.

We have clients of all ages, but we're particularly proud of those in their late sixties and their seventies, who regularly make RAGBRAI a part of their summer. These folks appreciate our level of support, as do our clients who are dealing with some kind of medical challenge. We can refrigerate medication. We have three licensed paramedics on our crew. We provide a comfortable (and legal) option for sagging on any given day of RAGBRAI. 

But maybe you actually don't need that much support, and hey, there are many great ways to do this ride. If price is the main consideration, you can find any number of good lower-priced options, though that will probably mean spending more of your afternoons and evenings scouting the overnight towns for things you need--your shower, a bike mechanic, a snack, a meal, a cold drink, a shady place to sit and meet other RAGBRAIers, an electrical outlet, a massage, perhaps some entertainment.