Pork Belly Update-Friday EW shuttle Roster

July 6, 2024

 Over a few days, PBV is publishing

a short series of four updates

related to our pre-RAGBRAI shuttles. 

They contain bus rosters.

Before you scroll for your name,

READ THE FIRST LINES of the update.


If you're not using this particular shuttle,

by all means delete the update.   

Dear Friday E/W Shuttle Folks, 


This update is for those using our FRIDAY E/W Shuttle from Burlington to Glenwood on Friday, July 19.  


If you are using the Saturday E/W Shuttle or our Omaha/Glenwood Shuttle on July 20, please hang on. We hope to publish Saturday E/W rosters tomorrow and the Omaha rosters on Monday.


We published the Des Moines/Glenwood rosters earlier today. 

Friday E/W Shuttle

We will have 6 coaches for the Friday E/W Shuttle: 4 coaches at 1:00 PM, and 2 coaches at 3:00 PM. The Friday bus rosters appear below. 


To make bus assignments, we have used identical group names on applications. Dave Kennedy has taken on this task again this year.

How to Request Changes

to These Rosters


At this point, to request a change, you’ll need to write to dave@pkbelly.com. That’s the only way to change your assignment now. Don't bother adding a group name to your application or changing your departure preference on the application. We're past that. Write to Dave and request a change.


THANK YOU to Dave for handling all the bus assignments on the E/W Shuttle. 


For any details on our E/W Shuttle---our location in Burlington, the schedule, bike-loading, etc---please look to the comprehensive section on the E/W Shuttle in our June Letter, published yesterday.


Rosters appear below, including names and group names. Thank you for using our Friday E/W Shuttle to the start town. 




Tammy and Pete

Friday Bus Rosters

E/W Shuttle, Pork Belly Ventures

Burlington to Glenwood, July 19,

Friday Afternoon ONLY

Friday 1:00 PM Bus 1


1.   Allen, Charlie (teamCBC)

2.   Andresen, Max (Giant Squid)

3.   Andresen, Michael (Giant Squid)

4.   Annes, Nick (Chicago Southside Irish )

5.   Armstrong, Richard (Pedalmonium)

6.   ASHMUN, ROBERT (Jersey Boys)

7.   Barga, Mike (Roberts Riders)

8.   Bashaw, Stan (Team Mimosa)

9.   Belk, Donald (TeamCBC)

10. Berceau, Gina (Okay, Bye Now!)

11. Bergstrom, Tom (Seersucker Cyclists)

12. Bertsch, Jace

13. Bevis, Richard (Partypace)

14. Bishop, Robert (KCV)

15. Blodgett, James

16. Bock, Sonya

17. Boone, Daphnie (Team Low Expectations)

18. Bottineau, Steve

19. Brooks, Kelly (Seersucker )

20. Bunch, James (Simms)

21. Cannell, Doug

22. cho, yon (Jersey Boys)

23. Cookson, Anne

24. Cummins, Rick

25. Cusick, Mike (KCV)

26. Daggett, Dave (Simms)

27. Demopoulos, Greg (KCV)

28. Flood, Sean (Chicago Southside Irish)

29. Helfrich, Fred (KCV)

30. Hershberger, Troy (KCV)

31. Ketchman, Christopher (TeamCBC)

32. Krier, Joseph (jj riders)

33. Latham, Vaughan (KCV)

34. Leinbach, Daniel (TeamCBC)

35. LITTLE, BILL (Seersuckers)

36. Lundbeck, Jim (Seersucker Cyclist)

37. McVey, John (jj riders)

38. Naon, Ricardo (Chicago Southside Irish)

39. Renwick, Bradley (Pedalmonium)

40. Schroth, Lori (Pedalmonium)

41. Schroth, Stephen (Pedalmonium)

42. Seiple, Bob (Seersucker Cyclist)

43. Sitzes, Janice (JS2)

44. Stark, Darrell (none)

45. Strahle, Thomas (Hemstreet/Strahle)

46. Swartz, John (JS2)

47. Vanhie, Dianne (Partypace)

48. Walther, Gary (Jersey Boys)

49. Wogoman, Tom (KCV)



Friday 1:00 PM Bus 2


1.   Askew, Kenneth

2.   Bontrager, Warren (What day is it)

3.   Bontrager, Wesley (What day is it)

4.   Brenneman, Deb (What day is it)

5.   Caporaso, Ken (Hop Fueled Deplorables)

6.   Caslow, Carol (FKNBOB)

7.   Clayton, Michael

8.   Clousing, Mike (Team Squak)

9.   Cooper, Brently (BBB Adventures )

10. Cooper, Marybeth (BBB Adventures )

11. Curran, Christopher

12. Derr, Stephen (BBB Adventures)

13. DIGNAN, EDWARD (Camp Caroline Cyclists)

14. Dombrowski, David

15. Earl, Julian (DFW Friends)

16. Earl, Victoria (DFW Friends)

17. Elkin, Jane

18. Ewing, Beth (Ewing)

19. Ewing, John (Ewing)

20. Fenger, BoB (FKNBOB)

21. Findak, Christi (Pedalsaurus Rexes)

22. Flemming, Paul (SmellsLikeMiddleAgedSpirit)

23. Folk, Cristy (HershFolk)

24. Furse, Todd

25. Gardner, Robert

26. Garvey, Paul

27. Goodwin, Alan

28. Greene, Jenna (GHGs)

29. Gunter, Claude (Camp Caroline Campers)

30. Hagelberg , Frank (Ra-Cha-Cha-carolinecyclists)

31. Hall, Matthew

32. Hansen, Chris (Saratoga Renegades)

33. Hershbarger, Larry (Hersh) (HershFolk)

34. Jarman, Frank (Camp Caroline Cyclists)

35. Longhorn, Shelly (Team Squak)

36. Lynn, Barbara (Team Lynn)

37. Malatesta, Ronnie (Caroline Cyclist)

38. O'Dowd, Stephen (Hop Fueled Deplorables)

39. Richter, Derryll (FKNBOB)

40. Rittenhouse, Dennis (What day is it)

41. Ruhl, Lindsay (Pedalsaurus Rexes)

42. Schmid, John (What day is it)

43. Showalter , Bethany (What day is it )

44. Tebbe, Nova (GHGs)

45. Wofford, John (Camp Caroline Cyclists)

46. Woodworth, Diane (What Day Is It)

47. Woodworth, Todd (What Day Is It)

48. Yoder, Richard (What Day is it)



Friday 1:00 PM Bus 3


1.   Ashby, Todd

2.   Davis, Harrison (Jersey Boys)

3.   Dykema, Bill (Rend Fate)

4.   garton, robert (old blind dog)

5.   Grzyb, Anthony

6.   Hammonds, Daren (Whole Enchilada)

7.   Harris, Doug (Very Little de Fex)

8.   Hawken, Dana (Banana Banana)

9.   Henley, Blane (Rolling Bones)

10. Hoffman, Darcy (Whole Enchilada)

11. Hutchinson, Ken

12. Johnson, Frances (Banberry)

13. Johnson, Kent (Banana Banana)

14. Johnson, Ron (Banberry)

15. Kilmartin, Tim (Kalamazoo)

16. Knudsen, Charlie

17. Kundrik, Larry (Kundrik)

18. Lally, Kristina (Okay, Bye Now!)

19. Logan, Stella (Very Little de Fex)

20. Longo, Nick (old blind dog)

21. Menks, Kenneth (PedalHappy)

22. Metzger, Jay (BBB Adventures)

23. Miller, Jeri (Pteam Pterodactyl)

24. Miller, Lou

25. Miller, Tom

26. Mortimer, Keith (Keith Mortimer)

27. Murphy, Randall (Southern Indiana Wheelmen (Gutmann Group))

28. Ohr, Fred (old blind dog)

29. Olson, Kerry

30. Pengra, Dan (Rolling Bones)

31. Perry, Larry (LarryAndBill)

32. Pickar, Joel (Whole Enchilada)

33. Potvin, Paul (LapDogs)

34. Redmond, Michael

35. Reilly, John (Geared up for pie)

36. Ricard, Rob

37. Robinson, Matt (The Wolverines)

38. Shipley, Grant (Camp Caroline cyclists)

39. Shipman, Richard

40. Siebert, Judith (PedalHappy)

41. Slagle, Jimmy

42. Smith, Jeanette (Eye on the Pies)

43. Stahr, Jacki (Kalamazoo)

44. Tamblyn , Jon (LapDogs)

45. Wheeler, Pattie (Eye on the Pies)

46. Zvacek, Susan (Pteam Pterodactyl



Friday 1:00 PM Bus 4


1.   Anderson, David

2.   Arnold, Chris (Salt City Cyclists)

3.   Barker, Stephen (specialized)

4.   Bergmann, Jesse

5.   Caffrey, John

6.   Cooney, Eric

7.   Dale, John

8.   DeRoche, Christopher (specialized)

9.   Disch, Dorene (DD) (Fat Squirrels)

10. Escudero, Jean

11. Farley, Rodney (Rodney Farley)

12. gillespie, jim

13. Gimenez, Fernando

14. Gimenez, Sapphire

15. Gresham, Michelle

16. Hamilton, Jan (none)

17. Helle, Shad

18. Hildreth, Anke (Team Baja’s Ride)

19. Hildreth, Bruce (Team Baja’s Ride)

20. Hoover, Douglas

21. Howland, Charlene

22. Hoy, Bruce (Wauconda Forever)

23. Hoy, William (Wauconda Forever)

24. Kuester, Richard (Wauconda Forever)

25. Lotocky, Walter


27. matthews, wayne

28. May, Leslie (Pahaffey Riders)

29. May, Sam (Pahaffey Riders)

30. Nortman, Michael (Salt City Cyclists)

31. Padolsky, Harper

32. palkimas, michael

33. Pruitt, Belinda (Just Keep Cycling)

34. Pruitt, Patrick (Just Keep Cycling)

35. Sandness, Craig (Davidandderekdidit)

36. Slater, Bret (Virginia Fools)

37. Sullivan, Joe

38. Sullivan , Lincoln (S-Train)

39. Sullivan, Morgan (S-Train)

40. Sullivan, Ruston (S-Train)

41. Thomas, Stephen

42. Wiebusch, Dana (Pedalsaurus Rexes)

43. Wood, Eddy

44. Wrye, Chip

45. Zalewski, Bea

46. Zalewski, Greg



Friday 3:00 PM Bus 1


1.   Anderson, Jim (Richardson Rarin Riders)

2.   Aretz, Justin (Lil Bibbers)

3.   Arnott, Alex (DIA)

4.   Bell, Herman (ATW - Against the Wind)

5.   Belverud, Dylan (BPMM)

6.   Bonsignore, Curtis

7.   Bowers, R Neal

8.   Brokenshire, Mike (Lil Bibbers)

9.   Burleson, Alan (Richardson Rarin Riders)

10. Bushinski, Mark

11. Call, Byron

12. Chamberlain , JC (Virginia Fools)

13. Chamberlain , JC (Virginia Fools)

14. Chandler, Chris (Team Chicago Phoenix)

15. Cornelius, Donald

16. Dempsey, Stephanie (I spy pie!)

17. Ebert, George (Overly ordinary gentleman's association)

18. Ebert, Ronan (Overly ordinary gentleman's association)

19. Fox, Patrick (Lil bibbers)

20. Gemmel, Mark (Team Chicago Phoenix)

21. Godar, Mike (Banana Banana)

22. Goins, Grant (Oklahomies)

23. Gordon, Alan

24. Graling, Don (Virginia Fools)

25. GRISDELA, PHIL (Virginia Fools )

26. Harris, John

27. Hasselbring, Matthew (Pahaffey Riders)

28. Hokanson, Ali (BPMM)

29. HOLCOMB, Jon (Sheboygan M&Ms)

30. Johnson, Brent (Johnson Brothers)

31. Johnson, Greg (Johnson Brothers)

32. Johnson, Owen (Motobecane Riders)

33. Keen, Stephan (Richardson Rarin Riders)

34. kesterson, dale (Oh No)

35. Kruse, Randy (Fat Squirrels)

36. Marhoul, Joel (Team Chicago Phoenix)

37. McCain , Jim (ATW - Against the Wind)

38. McGill, Jim

39. Mehaffey, Kathryn (Pahaffey Riders)

40. Mehaffey, Ron (Pahaffey Riders)

41. Mehaffey, Russell (Pahaffey Riders)

42. Ok, Josh (DIA)

43. Opthof, Mike (DIA)

44. Papirnik, Matt (Team Chicago Phoenix)

45. Preston, Cal

46. Reisenauer, Margaret (Sheboygan M&Ms)

47. Roach, Ashley (Oklahomies)

48. Roach, Kody (Oklahomies)

49. Rosa Elgin, Haleigh

50. Zink, Marcia (Sheboygan M&Ms)



Friday 3:00 PM Bus 2


1.   Alschuler, Matthew

2.   Bonavita, Joseph

3.   Bonavita, Latasha

4.   Bontrager, Marie (What day is it)

5.   Borland, Mike

6.   Conway, Stephen

7.   geddes, jerry

8.   Gooding, Gord

9.   haase, Eugene

10. Jacobs, Benjamin

11. Kiefer, Matt (5 minute crew)

12. Knarr, Irene (Narrly)

13. Knarr, Peter (Narrly)

14. Koldeway, Jason

15. Kresse, Tyler

16. Loehrke, Shannon

17. MacTaggart , Scott

18. McErlean, Michael (Chicago Southside Irish)

19. McIntyre, JP (Tarheel Corn Shuckers)

20. McIntyre, Palmer (Tarheel Corn Shuckers)

21. McNamara, Kevin

22. Meulemans, Calvin (Floatin' Irish)

23. Miranda, Peter (Saratoga Renegades)

24. Moorhead, Ian (Desert Gators)

25. Moorhead, John (Desert Gators)

26. Moorhead, Molly (Desert Gators)

27. Mulka, Matthew (Floatin' Irish)

28. Murphy, Michael

29. Nissenson, David

30. O'Connell, Hugh (Shanty)

31. Oberlies, Hollis (Tarheel Corn Shuckers)

32. Oberlies, Nicholas (Tarheel Corn Shuckers)

33. Partin, Kara

34. Partin, Sara

35. Phoenix, Tarsha

36. Prendergast, Teresa

37. prosser, Terry

38. Ralph, Robert (Ralph)

39. SETZLER, HEATHER (Tarheel Corn Shuckers)

40. Stinton, Rebecca

41. Stob, Benjamin (STOB_FAMILY)

42. Stob, Hayden (STOB_FAMILY)

43. Swartzendruber, Christy (What day is it)

44. Tamayo, Marco

45. thielen, christopher (Cycle_Paths)

46. Tijunelis, Kim (Stray Dogs )

47. Weakley, Scott (shanty)

48. Weaver, Simon (What day is it)

49. Williamson, Rich

50. Woodburn, Sean (Ralph)

51. York, Craig

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