Pork Belly Update- A Word before we go.

January 26, 2024

Dear Friends,


Off we go, along with our crew, to the HUGE Bike Expo and the exciting RAGBRAI Li Route Announcement Party in Des Moines!


Every year, the last Saturday in January is pure delight for us and our team. From morning to night, we catch up with old friends and get to know excited first-timers. All of us have the big loves in common--love of the outdoors, of human beings rolling across a new landscape under their own steam, a love of laughter, hardship, comfort, sweet corn, the good-ache in our muscles, and the sense of camaraderie that develops during another adventure. And another.


Please scroll through these RAGBRAI-related topics for what you may need, starting with our app! Don't ride without it!

Learn The Route

Via the Pork Belly FREE Mobile App

Two questions for you...


  • Do you have the Free Pork Belly Mobile App?


  • And if so, do you have our latest version, allowing you access to our most recent content?


Throughout the day tomorrow and into the evening, we'll be in touch with you via our mobile app, sharing photos, fun moments, and ultimately, the Route of RAGBRAI 2024!


Yes, tomorrow evening, Katy will be publishing in real time via our Mobile App the names of eight Iowa towns whose destiny we'll share in July!


Needless to say, you can find our FREE Pork Belly Mobile App at your App Store.


P.S. Pork Belly Ventures will send an update pretty soon--probably Monday. We will not share the route before then, EXCEPT on our APP!

ABOVE: See how easy Katy has made it to get the latest app version? Apple and Android users, tap these tabs in order to be ready for that 2024 route!



Your Status with PBV

Anyone and Everyone who applied during our pre-registration period (December 20 to January 10), and Anyone and Everyone who has registered since... is IN! You can login anytime to see your payment history, your services selected so far, and the balance that is due on or before May 15th.

Availability of PBV Services on RAGBRAI


Our Weeklong Support is 78% full.


Our Tent Service is 85% full.


Our Shuttles will become available late on Saturday night, but there's really no hurry. The shuttles don't tend to fill, and if one does (pretty rarely), it happens later in the season.


We will publish an update about all PBV Shuttles on Monday, and if you haven't travelled with us before, you might want to wait for that update, which will include all shuttle details and departure times.


We always say, "If you don't know what shuttle is best for your travel plans, please ask us!" We can save you time and money by advising you on shuttles.

Want to Guess the Route?

There may be a teeny bit of time left at RAGBRAI.com!

The Effect of the Route Announcement

We don't know and can't predict what effect the route announcement will have on PBV Availability, but here are some thoughts...


  • Since December 20, the rental tent service has been steadily filling. About 15% of our capacity remains, and the tent service always sells out first.


  • Since December 20, the Weeklong Support and Partial-Week Support have been filling steadily, and about 22% of our capacity is still available. Thank goodness we have not needed a lottery. There has been no need to rush anyone to sign up fast. However, we do not know what effect the route announcement will have on our numbers. Maybe none. We will fill eventually, but so far, so good!


  • This is the first year that we have opened our registration before the route was announced. We wonder if some folks just want to know the route before they sign up for a charter? If so, we could see a flurry of registrations tomorrow and in the next few days.


  • As we've said earlier, we will cap our numbers this year at about 200 fewer than last year.


  • Our shuttles don't normally fill up early or at all. Last year, two shuttles did sell out later in the season.

Our 2024 Invitation Letter

Here's that link again, for descriptions of our services, extras, shuttles, and much more!



To those traveling to or across Iowa, safe travels and see you tomorrow.


To everyone else, check the app for Pork News As It Happens, especially the route of RAGBRAI 2024! Let's find out where we're headed! We sure hope you're with us.

More to come...

Tammy and Pete  

Pork Belly Ventures LLC 

Tammy: 808-375-8921 c, tammy@pkbelly.com

Pete: 402-681-2613 c, pete@pkbelly.com